Her Smile

Faith Diamond Has Always Been An Average Girl , She Has normal Life Till Her Bestfreind Tabby Uploads A Video Of Faith Singing Her Life Will No Longer Be Normal Because What She Doesnt Know She Got Signed On To Same Label As One Direction And When She Meets Her Crush Niall Horan She Is Excited But Then One Someone Else In The Band Starts To Fall For Will That Ruin Everything? Or Will It Cause Chaos?


2. Big News

    Faith P.O.V

    After yesterday's awkwardness in my hotel room with Harry i decided to go to the park for a walk, its really beautiful to be out here so calm and rela- "ow" i say "watch were your going next ti-" OhMyGod i can't believe it its...its..."Austin Mahone im so sorry i should watch were im-" "its cool" he says i just sigh in relief " Hey your Faith Diamond Right?" ahh he knows who i am calm down faith "Yeah i am" put a little smile not to much just right "um so yeah faith want to go get a bite to eat or something" "sounds nice okay lets go" cant believe austin mahone asked me to go eat with him siked.

Austin's P.O.V

     Wow i never thought i'd actually meet Faith Diamond she even looks beautiful in person then anything but now that im face to face with her maybe i should tell her i have a thing for her or maybe not its to risky maybe after we eat "Hey faith were you wanna eat?" "anywhere would be delightful" her voice is like an angel speaking to me i have to tell her, so i grab her hands and look at her,when just at that moment the paparazzi come out of no where and start taking pictures "um austin?" i hear Faith say "yeah" "imma go through here you over there okay so they wont see us" "okay but hey one thing?" i say to her "yeah" he responds "you owe me a lunch date"  she smiles and nods her head at me and then leaves.

Faiths P.O.V

     *Ring *Ring* hello?" i answer "Faith get to the studio ASAP" 'Hangs up' oh well then that was simon he sounded very strict and demanding whats gotten into his pant ants i figured... but no i was wrong  once i got to the studio Simon ask how pictures of me and Austin hanging out at the park and him holding my hand were up on the internent, those devious,full of shitty lies reporters posted them up and made it seem like me and Austin had a thing for each other, 'Bing' Simon's phone goes off, he said turn to channel 53 Austin was on He was being interviewed then the lady asked a question i did not want to hear the response to it she asked him "Do you or Do you not like Faith Diamond?" Austin took a few thoughts Then He Answered with " Yess i do Have a crush on Faith, she is the most perfect, beautiful, girl i have ever met and when i first heard of her i was head over heels" he smiles and blushes austin has a crush on me oh god No... its not that i dont want him to its that Now i am confused, and the worst thing was that the boys were in the room at that time louis,liam,zayn cheered...but when i look at Niall he had a look that looked shocked beyond shocked, and Harry ran out of the room could it be that they too have likes for me because if they do im living in a world that will end up with crap.

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