Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


2. Cynthia Maya

hola my name is Cynthia

i love chocolate!!

im 18
im from LA but came to Arizona 5 years ago

favorite(s): Sport- volleyball
                      Color- red
                       Food- pasta
Movie(comedy/romance)- The Sitter, The Vow
                        Book- lol i dont read :)
                       Animal- Husky (dog)


Hobbies: piano( but nobody know but Becky and Jake)




hi so im really random but can be shy. i live with my best friend cause my drunk, abusive mom kicked me out of my house. im nice but can be a bitch (srry with the bad language) sometimes, I love ONE DIRECTION, especially Harry. Becky says shes not really a big fan.Ok so Becky has a talent she can sing but only me and her family know she says shes not that, she says she sucks but i think she is Amazayn (lol :P). Well bye!! 

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