Dreams Come True

Three Girls who go to The One Direction in Sydney, But not only they watch them, Something amazing happens to all of the girls. Dreams do come true..


4. Chapter 1. Telling The Girls

Chapter 1. Telling The Girls

Ally's P.O.V

Oh My God! I just got tickets to the One Direction concert that's on Saturday!
Woohoo! I won 4 tickets, I'm only taking two people, Nikki and Summer!
I'll just sell it on ebay, More Money!! Sell it for $50! Anyway, Better ring The Girls.

*Ringing Summer*

Summer: Hello?

Ally: Hey Beautiful. I have awesome news! 

Summer: And what's that, Alz?

Ally: I got tickets to One Direction!!!


Ally: YEP! I'm taking you and Nikki! I got 4 but I'll sell the other one for money! 

Summer: THIS IS FRIGGEN AWESOME! When do we leave?

Ally: Tomorrow! 

Summer: Okay... Wait is it the concert in Sydney?

Ally: Yeah, Pack for the whole week! We are going to have a girls week! It's gonna be awesome!

Summer: YAY! Okay, Thank you so much! I love you!

Ally: I love you too! I better tell Nikki. See ya!

Summer: Alright, Bye... Yes! 

*Phone Call End*

I dialled Nikki's number in my phone and it started ringing.

*ringing Nikki*

Nikki: Hello?

Ally: Hey Nikki, Guess What?

Nikki: What?



Ally: I KNOW RIGHT!! Pack for the whole week, we are having a Girls Week. It's in Sydney. I'm
taking Summer too!

Nikki: Alright! OH MY GOD! Byeee!!

Ally: See Ya! 

*Phone call Ended*

I love their reactions! Haha 


Summer's P.O.V

So Ally just rang me and told me about how she got tickets to One Direction in Sydney and 
that we are having a Girls Week in Sydney! I'm so stoked! So happy! I'm packing now! Black
tank, black jeans, blue shorts, white shorts, red 1D top... What else... Oooh Vans! 
I'm so excited! I love Ally so much! She is awesome! I'm sure she has told Nikki by now...


Nikki's P.O.V

So Happy Right Now! So Pumped Right Now! Yaaay! Going to One Direction with my two best
friends! What should I pack? My Blue 1D top, My White Jeans, My Vans, My heels and... What else?
Hmm.. Other than that, Yeah I am so pumped! I love Ally So much! She's always doing things
for us! Taking us shopping, Taking us to Queensland for a week... She is the awesomest friend 
anyone can have! I'm so grateful! I finally get to see these boys in person... Well not face to face
but in front of me performing! This is friggen awesome! 


Ally's P.O.V

I told The Girls! They seem really happy, I'm glad I make them happy and excited. I guess that
means I'm a good friend. Now, time to pack. Purple Tank, Lakers Snapback, Ravens Snapback,
Monster Snapback...Yes you can say I'm into snapbacks... Black leather boots, my red vans, White
jeans, Black shorts... So many things!! Better Check My Facebook... Maybe Update My Status...
"Whooo! Going to The One Direction concert! with- Nikki Styles and Summerr Paynee". It is
obvious that Nikki loves Harry and Summer loves Liam... I'm in love Niall! So adorable!


Summer's P.O.V

Okay... Half my stuff packed. This is amazing! 

*Phone Ringing* 

Summer: Hello?

Mrs Bradford: So I hear your going to Sydney for a week?

Summer: Hi Mum. Yeah I am. To see 1D. How do you know?

Mrs Bradford: Ally's Status Update. Do you need any money, Summer?

Summer: Uh... How Much... Um... Would you give me?

Mrs Bradford: Is $1000 enough?

Summer: $1000 is more than enough mum! 

Mrs Bradford: Okay. Come by this afternoon and pick it up. Or do you want me to drop it off?

Summer: Uh... Well, I'm busy packing today, mum. Yeah can you drop it off?

Mrs Bradford: Sure. I will be there in 20 minutes. 

Summer: Thank you. See you then.

Mrs Bradford: I love you darling.

Summer: I-I love you too, mum. bye

*Phone call End*

I moved out 8 months ago. I got a place in Werrington County. Pretty nice place. Mum hated 
when I moved and we had a big fight, I think she realised that I wasn't a little girl anymore
and that she had to let me go and live in the world by myself. We made up about 3 months
ago, she rings me twice a week now. That was the third time. And it's thursday today. I love my
mum, but I think she is trying to get me back... wait buy me back with money. I don't need her
money, I need her love. She's giving me $1000 and I've got $1000 in my account, $2000. Yes!


Nikki's P.O.V 

Finished packing! Got $1000 out of my account and my sister gave me $250!  
I'm ready! Wait... I'm sure Ally will take a snapback or two, so I'll take my one. It's a 1D snapback. 
Yay! Can't wait for tomorrow!


Ally's P.O.V 

Done Packing! Got $1500 out of my account and scored $500 off my dad. So I've got $2050 ,
because I might sell the ticket for $50!
Woohoo! I'll text the girls how much I got. 

*texting girls* 

Ally: Okay, I got $1500 out and dad gave me $500, plus the $50 off the ticket.
That's $2050. What did you guys get?

Nikki: I got $1250. Summer?

Summer: I got $1000 off mum and $1000 out of my account. $2000.

Ally: So we've got $5300 all together. Yaaaay! 

Everything done! 

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