True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


10. Stay strong...

He replied back within seconds

From Charbear ♡  "Everybody makes mistakes, but the strongest people are those who can truly get past those mistakes and see their honest apology." - Charlie ♡

To Charbear ♡ "Sometimes It can be too tough. Things can push you over the edge. Yeah it might not be intentional but it's hard and painful. - Hayley"

From Charbear ♡ "God gives the toughest wars to the strongest soldiers." - Charlie ♡ And you babe are the strongest soldier I know. I'm sorry, I really am. I was coming to sit next to you but Paige just smacked her disgusting lips on mine and I pushed her off of me straight away and that's what I wanted to tell you but you ran so fast that I wasn't able to catch up to you. Oh and P.S don't you dare slack off in sport and tell me you can't run cause you sure as hell can my friend. I'm sorry Haley I know your hurt and I never intended to put you in any pain, but you have to trust me I like you and you only. Trust me as your boyfriend and your best friend.  ♡ I giggled to myself and wiped the last of my tears away, his story seemed to be honest and I guess it wasn't his fault, plus I didn't want to lose what we had, friendship or relationship.

To Charbear ♡ " Forgiveness is the final form of love" it's okay. I guess all the negative thoughts just flooded into my head. But i guess you just have a way with words aye? I'm sorry for being so hard on you. Now come over I have to tell you what happened in music today. I'm pretty sure my social life is finished. ♡

From Charbear ♡ I see, we're stealing quotes now. -___- haha what did u do this time doofus? To Charbear ♡ Haha shut up loser, just come over, I'm home alone and I need a cuddle buddy ;) oh and wear your pjs I can't be bothered dressing up fancy. ♡

From Charbear ♡ See you in 5! CUDDLE BUDDY TO THE RESCUE!!! ♡

I couldn't wait to see him spending nearly a whole day without talking to him and holding a grudge against him was hard. I know that may sound a bit needy but he wasn't only my boyfriend he was my best friend too. We all needed them.  I tied my hair up into a quick messy bun swiped a bit of lip gloss on then got dressed into my pjs which were shorts and a singlet top that had Elmo on it saying 'I love being right' then on the back it says 'especially since I'm so good at it.' I heard a knock at the door and ran down the stairs to answer it. I swung the door open and there he was. Charlie in his navy blue hoodie and pants then when you look a little farther you see his bright pink fluffy socks, but besides all that those perfect hazel/brown eyes were what pulled me in. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist kissing him passionately and he kissed me back, he slid his tongue into my mouth and I let out a slight moan making him smirk. He put me down not breaking our kiss once. When he finally did I hugged him tightly, "Well someone missed me" he said chuckling.

I blushed scarlet and let go of him telling him to go choose a movie while I get the popcorn. I turned around to walk to the kitchen before I heard him mumble something, "Especially since I'm so good at it" he chuckled "alright Haley" he said with a wink. I backed up and slammed into him, "Ow what was that for?!" He asked

"Sorry I guess I must have slipped" I said mimicking his wink

"Oh so we're playing that game are we? You'll see Haley cove, ill win"

"Oh I'm so scared now" I rolled my eyes and pointed upstairs to my room, "Movie. Choose. Now." I said and walked to the kitchen. I could hear him intentionally stomp his feet up the stairs loud enough for me to hear.  I smiled to myself before taking out the popcorn and waiting for it to pop in the microwave. I took it out, poured it into one big bowl and seasoned it before stomping my feet up the stairs impersonating Charlie. I walked in and placed the bowl of popcorn on the bedside table but I couldn't see Charlie anywhere I was about to call out his name when he tackled me onto the bed pinning my hands above my head and kissing me,

"Told you I'd win" he said with a smirk.  He let go of me and got comfortable in the bed under the covers. I slid into the bed pushing him off and seeing him pop his head up from the side, his hair messy and his hoodie on. I couldn't help but burst out laughing and when I finally calmed down all I managed to say was,

"Haley cove doesn't back down that easily." Giving him one of his all too famous smirks before asking him to play the movie he clicked play and the title 'The notebook' came up, in all movies he could have chosen he had to choose the one that made me cry every time. He got back in bed and I sat beside him laying my head onto his chest as he leans his head onto mine, pressing play and seeing a beautiful lake appear on the screen.

Btw guys it means so much to me that you read/comment/vote thank you so much. I'm open to story lines :) like suggestions of what you think may happen :) thank you all so much you don't know how happy I get xx

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