True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


7. One step at a time....

As I walk to class Paige is looking at me the way she did every day, the same hatred in her eyes, the same revenge seeking in her mind, but I ignored it I’m used to it now and have had it going for over 3 months. Paige was one of the ‘popular’ girls, but also one of the mean, arrogant and dominant girls. She threw her bag in front of me and I stumbled as she smirked and whispered something to Maddy sitting on the table next to her. I ignored them sat in my seat put my hoodie up and began to read, but as I opened my book, Mr Miller walked in. He was the hottest teacher out (although it may sound paedophilic it’s not) he had golden hair and the bluest eyes, and I forgot to mention the best sense in style. But he was my music teacher and although he was my music teacher I enjoyed music and really liked it so had to focus. He told us each to grab a guitar and play the chords for ‘One Step at a time - Jordin Sparks’ and I had practised at home before the party, I always grab my guitar sit in my room and just play, most of the time I would sing along but no one has ever heard me and I don’t intend on them doing so. Once I play guitar and once I begin singing it’s like I’m in my own little world, nothing around me matters, nothing around me can take me out of my zone… I’m lost… but I’m free. Once we grab our guitars I start tuning it and once it’s finally on key I begin to play one note at a time, closing my eyes, and entering my world, I couldn’t care less that the people around me were talking, laughing, playing off key, because I just zoned them out. Problem was when I opened my eyes I had recognised that I was the only one in the whole class still playing and I was the only one singing, everyone was staring at me as my voice cut to a halt and my cheeks flushed a bright pink, and just then when I had lost all possible hope of gaining friends ever again and obtaining a social life… people started clapping. People started clapping, cheering (everyone except Paige and her group) and I just sat there looking to my left seeing Tiffany eyes wide mouth open clapping her heart out and on my right the hottest teacher possible clapping and smiling at me in unison with the rest of the class. When the clapping stops, the room falls silent and I place the guitar to the side slip back into my seat and begin to speak, ‘I- I’m sorry I kinda zoned into another world and never recognised we stopped.’

Mr Miller just looked at me smiling and saying ‘Your voice is angelic; you should sign up for this year’s talent show, you’re sure to win!’

‘Thank you, but no one is supposed to hear me sing and I’m still humiliated for the fact that you all did. But thank you anyway.’

‘It’s okay, but if you change your mind just grab the form from me.’

‘Okay.’ I replied trying to change the topic as fast as possible. After that we just continued class like every other day, but on my way to second period as Tiffany walked beside me, talking about how amazing my voice is and asking why she had never heard it before, I felt this constant stare at me from all angles. It felt like the whole school was staring at me and I wasn’t sure if it was because of what happened in music or If word had gotten out about the other day, but I was hoping it was just me, because I really wasn’t in the mood for people to harass me or ask me questions, but at least soon it was going to be recess and I was going to see Charlie, I could get lost in his eyes and forget about my awful day because he could make me smile no matter the situation, friendship and relationship. But when I walk over to the old worn out lunch table that is specifically reserved for Tiffany, Charlie and I, I only see Tiffany sitting there…alone, no sign of Charlie anywhere. I turn around frantically not knowing where he could possibly be, looking in all corners of the cafeteria but still not a single sight of Charlie. Where could he have possibly gone? He didn’t leave… did he? I’ve never seen him ditch class or school because he is a goody goody… isn’t he?

I quickly turn straight to Tiffany thinking she might know where he is but by the look on her face I could see she’s just as confused as I am. I decide that he was probably just kept in for class for some reason and I just take a seat next to Tiffany and pick at me food looking up every time someone walked past with a glimpse of hope that it was Charlie but every time I was discouraged by another unfamiliar face. As the end of recess bell rings I gather my books and head off to class, I’ve lost all hope that Charlie is still at school but when I go to art and see him sitting on the edge of Paige’s desk, saying something that makes her laugh as she flicks her auburn curls behind her shoulder giving me a quick smirk before looking up at Charlie and acting as if she is listening intently I ignore them both and walk off and sit at the back of the room in my usual spot open my book and start reading. A minute later I feel someone come from behind me, slide my hoodie down and kiss me on the cheek and I instantly knew that it was Charlie because his touch gave my warm tingles again.

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