True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


14. Everything is perfect...Or is it?...

It's been just over a week since my incident with Matt and somehow everything has been perfect with Charlie. I have walked with him and Tiffany to school every day with a smile on my face and couldn't help but wonder how my life could have turned upside down and back so quickly, one day I'm at a party talking with a couple of friends, the next taken away by my former best friend and the day after life is just perfect for me, let's just hope it stays that way. As I walked into the school gates Charlie gave me a quick peck on the cheek then walked off with his friends doing some weird guy handshake, something I will never understand. I linked my arm in Tiffany's and walked off to music, I went to the back and took a seat waiting for Mr Miller to arrive while I spoke to Tiffany, but I could feel Paige and Maddy's stare from the back of my head.

"Ignore them" Tiffany said, looking back at Paige with a dirty look causing her to turn around,

"Thanks" I replied smiling at her. Mr Miller walked into class and we had an ordinary class like every other. When the bell rang I picked up my books and told Tiffany I would meet her outside the classroom I just had to do something first, she cocked an eyebrow at me but just nodded and walked outside.

"Hi, um Mr Miller?" I asked hesitating whether I still wanted to do this or not but before I could back out he looked up at me,

"Hello Hayley, Is everything okay?" he asked with a smile,

I smiled back and nodded, "I was just wondering if me and Charlie Cambel could write our names down for the talent show, he isn't from this class though and we just need the sign up form if that's okay."

His smile widened and he was grinning from ear to ear, "That would be great, I'm sure that you guys will have a great shot at first place," He handed me a pink form saying "TALENT SHOW" on the front.

"Thank you sir," I said walking out of the classroom and linking my arm back in Tiffany's as she looked at me with wide eyes, "What?" I questioned,

"You? Haley Cove? My best friend that I have known my whole life, is going to enter the talent show and perform in front of over 900 people? The one that was afraid to say the morning notices in homeroom?" She said with a giggle. Charlie and I had been talking about the talent show for a while now but I just kept telling him I would never do it, yet somehow got his way (like he always does) and convinced me to do it, we're both playing guitar and singing we still haven't chosen a song yet because it's in a while but I need to practice as soon as possible because I really need it. I rolled my eyes at Tiff's comment (my nickname for her) and nudged her with my linked arm she opened her mouth to say something before someone barged in-between us, unlinked our arms and slid his hand into mine,

"How dare thy lay a single finger near ma lady?" Charlie said with a posh tone, I giggled at the little accent he had on,

"Your such an idiot, it's thee or thou, thy means my, yours, him or her" I told, he let his hand go of mine and slowly clapped his hands in mock before rolling his eyes and interlocking with fingers within mine again,

"We haven't even had English today and your already fixing my grammar?"

"Yep" I replied, popping the 'P' and walking off to second period with Charlie after giving Tiff a tight hug, with Charlie's hand still in my own, reluctant to let go.

The rest of the day went as normal and at lunch Tiffany sat on Charlie's lap since he wasn't letting her come near me, stating 'I'm his' and I couldn't help but burst into laughter at the two of them arguing over me, and I have to admit it, it felt nice. Before St. Divines I had always been the quiet, shy, lonesome girl. That girl who used to go to the bathrooms eating her recess and lunch waiting for the bell to ring so she could go next period and take down notes from the board. That girl who used to put her earphones in, volume up and ignore the cruel world surrounding her. That girl who would cry herself to sleep every single night wishing that somehow she could drown herself in her tears, that somehow the pain would end. Thankfully it did. Now I'm blessed with the sweetest friends who always have my back, of course they can be annoying losers at times but I love them for that, let's just say they mean a lot to me.

As Charlie gave me one last kiss and finally let go of my hand, I walked in the house locking the door behind me and throwing the keys on the bench behind me. I skipped up the stairs and into my room threw my bag onto the floor and headed for a warm shower. As I entered the shower I let the hot droplets land on my skin one after the other causing some kind of burning sensation that I didn't mind. I wrapped a towel around me and walked back into my room, about to grab my clothes when I heard my phone vibrate on the bedside table. I shuffled over to where it was and looked at a text from Charlie.

From Charbear

You might wanna close your curtain but you don't have to if you don't want to ;)

I looked out the window only to see a smirking Charlie outside, I gave him the middle finger and closed the curtains with one hand, with the other holding the towel around me.

To Charbear


I put the phone down and turned around to pick up my clothes when I saw a small envelope on my pillow I picked it up and read the front to myself,



My fingers instantly began shaking and I hesitated to open the envelope but I told myself I had to, or else the curiosity in me would kill me. I slowly lifted the corner of it not knowing what to be prepared for.

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