Three Words

Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


13. A Fake and The Innocent

My finger crawled out from underneath the comforter and onto the lamp table next to the bed, slamming hard on the off button of my alarm clock. I groaned at the light that was turned on in my room. Michael was standing next to my bedroom door, looking over at me.

"You need to get up." he told me. I rolled out of bed and looked at him. Rolling my eyes, I whipped the comforter off of my body.

"Why are you here?" I asked him. He just looked at me.

"I'm your older brother and I care for you." he told me. I let out a sarcastic giggle, standing from my bed.

"You mean to tell me that you and dad are making sure that I don't talk to Zayn, right?"

"You can't talk to him. This is your punishment for leaving one day and coming home next day." I clenched my fists up, my eyes darting into his.

"I do that all the time with Jesse and Louis!" I quickened my tone from louder to quieter. Michael shook his head and sat on the end of my bed.

"They aren't Zayn." said Michael.

"What, so are you saying you know Zayn just by meeting him at dinner one night? He didn't even talk, Michael!"

"He still pulled you until you came home crying last year, Jordan!" he quickly sighed and looked away from me. His hands rested in his lap as he looked down at the floor.

"I just want you to be safe." he mumbled.

"Zayn made me safe in every way."

"You're not dating him, Jordan."

"I didn't say I was." I walked into the bathroom and began washing. Why was everything so complicated now? I can't even see Zayn because of something that had happened last year? Wow, what great family I have. They're so judgmental. I shrugged and hopped out of the shower, changing into a grey v-shirt with light blue skinny jeans and my navy blue high top converse. I kept my hair naturally wavy and down as I walked into my room to get my phone. Except, it wasn't in there. I made my way down the stairs to see Michael sitting on the coffee table with his keys in his hand.

"Where's my phone?" I asked him. He smiled.

"Dad told me to take it away from you so you wouldn't talk to Zayn." I rolled my eyes.

"Are you kidding me? I text Louis, Liam, and Jesse on that phone!"

"I texted Jesse that I was taking you to school."

"I can walk on my own, thank you very much." I grabbed my sweatshirt and as I was heading out the door, Michael followed me.

"Nope, I'm making sure you get into the school without meeting up with Zayn." he told me. I pushed him away from me and stared into his eyes.

"Michael, you're so stupid! He's my English partner in first period! I go to school every day and start on that assignment with him!" I lied. Well, it was a half lie. He shook his head.

"I'm going to make sure that I watch as you enter that building. If you're meeting up with him for a report, fine, but you better not be lying to me." he said as if he was the father.

"You know what, I'm sick of this bull shit."

"Jordan, language!" I sighed and sat in his car. Ugh, he aggravates me. As Michael drove down the street, I breathed in and watched the clouds out the window. I loved looking at them when I was younger. Except, that was with Michael. I don't want anything to do with him anymore. I remember the years we fought and I knew they were back. He's over-protective and to be honest, I don't think it's cute. Michael parked at the school minutes later, stepping out and over to my door. I opened mine and watched as he smiled.

"Are you for real?"

"As real as reality." he said, starting to walk me to the front doors. I could see Zayn looking around for me. A few seconds had gone and his eyes finally met mine, but they quickly looked away as he noticed Michael. I sighed and turned to Michael.

"I have to meet up with Zayn for the project. Can you please leave now?" I asked him. Michael smiled.

"I'm walking over to him and I'm watching you both walk in." he said. Oh my god, why is he doing this? He's insane. Not even a real person! We walked over to Zayn, who had a shy smile.

"Hello Zayn. I hear you both have an English project, yes?" Michael greeted with a question. Zayn nodded and smiled.

"Yes." he replied.

"That is the only thing I want you two to do for now." he mumbled, looking at us.

"Okay bye." I started walking with Zayn in the building with nothing to say. I couldn't say anything until we got into the building. My hand grabbed the knob and I pulled the door open for Zayn, who would not move.

"Zayn, really?" I smirked, trying to hide it.

"Ladies first." he smiled, holding onto the door. I walked in and as we saw the door shut, I wrapped my arms around him, smashing my lips onto his. He kissed back and smiled in between the kiss.

"I've missed you." he whispered, pulling away.

"He took my phone, so I couldn't text you this morning and he is just crazy. I don't know when he'll leave me alone. I hope it ends soon." I told him, intertwining my fingers with his, our hands together and closing the gap.

"I think the wait was worth it." he smiled, kissing my lips again. We walked into the cafeteria to see Liam, Louis, and Jesse all sitting at our table. When they noticed us, they were shocked. Utterly shocked to see my hand in his. Zayn smiled and looked at me.

"Hey, you mind if I go hang with my friends for a bit?" he asked me. I nodded and kissed his cheek. He shook his head.


"You missed. My lips are over here." he smirked, pressing his lips gently on mine, planting a soft kiss. I kissed back, placing my hands on his soft cheeks. When we both pulled away, I smiled. He smile too, but he looked really nervous. I rubbed his arm for him to loosen up, but he chuckled instead.

"Sorry." he smirked, grabbing my hand.

"It's alright. Now go run off to your little friends." I smirked, blowing him a kiss. He smiled and walked out of the lunch room to the lobby. As I sat next to Louis, I noticed their jaws were on the table, they were so wide. Each and every one of those eyes were widened and staring into mine.

"Are you guys...?" Jessie started.

"Dating?" Louis finished with a big smile. I shook my head.

"Not officially. My parents won't let us date." I told them. Liam patted my hand that had rested on the table.

"Parents don't understand. Just forget them for now, you know?" The bell had rang and we all rose from the chairs.

"So I guess I'll see you all at lunch?" I smiled, waving good bye. I made my way out of the cafeteria and over to the halls. They weren't as crowded, but they never really seem so empty either. I walked towards my locker and began decoding my locker until I heard a familiar and whiny laughter from behind me.

"Oh hey, Jordan!" Stacy smirked at me, stopping next to my locker.

"What do you want?" I opened my locker and put my bag inside.

"I just wanted to tell you that you're life is going to be an awful story yet again." she giggled. I rolled my eyes.

"You think you're going to make my life an 'awful story'? Good luck with that." My hand wandered through the binders until I grabbed my English.

"Well not just me. I have the help of Zayn." she smiled, looking at me.

"Zayn doesn't bully me anymore." is all I told her.

"Well obviously he does. We were hanging out last night." she winked, watching as I slowly reach for my book.

"What was he doing at your house?" I asked, a bit worried.

"What do you think happened?" she bit her lip. I slowly closed my locker and looked at her.

"That's not true. You're lying,." I muttered through my teeth. She giggled and smiled at me.

"I saw you guys kiss earlier. Look pretty staged to me..." she pushed me back and smiled. I slowly caught my balance on the lockers.

"It was real."

"You think he would ever like you? " she put her hand on my wrist. I pulled away.

"I have to go." I whispered, rushing off to the upstairs to English. Last minute, I made it in on time, looking over at my seat. Zayn sat perfectly in the seat next to mine, so I joined him.

"Hey, there's that beautiful princess of mine." I heard Zayn whisper in my ear as he kissed my cheek. I just looked at my notebook and took in a deep breath.

"Okay Class, we are all going to work on the projects with your partners I will be around to help you if you need some help." Ms. Hanson said as she wrote the date on the board. Great. I sighed and opened the notebook to a fresh, new page.

"Okay, how do you want to start it off?" Zayn asked.

"Where did you go last night after my house?" I asked without hesitation. Zayn chuckled at me.

"Okay, that's not what I meant." he smiled, grabbing a pencil and paper.

"Zayn, answer the question." I gave him a look. It was serious and angry, but not too angry. Zayn cleared his throat.

"I went home." he said.

"Did you go to Stacy's?" my voice began to become shaky. He just mesmerizing my face, not saying anything.

"Zayn, answer the damn question." he sighed.

"Yes, but-"

"Zayn, are you kidding me?" I started getting up from my desk but Zayn grabbed my arms.

"Look, let me explain-"

"No, Zayn! I don't want to here the details!" I muttered, trying to keep my voice low.

"That's not what happened." I ripped his arms away from me. He grabbed onto my wrist.

"Then what happened last night, Zayn? Did you just make me fall for you for a laugh? Were you laughing about my feelings to your little buddies this morning? To Stacy even?" I grabbed my stuff, but Zayn started tugging on my arms.

"No, please. You don't understand."

"I don't think you understand, Zayn!" I stood up and heard the exact words in my mind.

"Will you just listen to me? Nothing bad happened." Zayn stood up as well, raising his voice a bit. The class all glanced over at us.

"Did you guys kiss?" I asked in low tone. He just looked at me. Speechless. He didn't speak. He only look at my eyes. All I wanted to do was scream my lungs out, but that would be no use.

"Were you just trying to get me to care about you? Because you got what you want, Zayn." I could feel my eyes water, but I wouldn't nudge a tear. I just couldn't. I just looked at the door and rushed out and over to the bathroom. I sat in the farthest stall and waited to catch my breath. I couldn't even listen to what Zayn was going to say. I couldn't imagine the things he would of said. I went to reach my phone, but I couldn't get it. I got up and rushed out of the bathroom, down the hall, and  out of the school. I didn't care if anyone saw me. I rushed out and down the street. My house was far from here but it didn't even feel that far. I couldn't stay there, I needed to get home. When I reached the house, I slammed the door behind me and rushed upstairs.


Zayn's POV: It was lunch time and I still haven't seen Jordan. She hasn't heard the whole story and I know I am innocent. I looked around the cafeteria around her friends, but she wasn't there. That's when I heard an annoying voice from behind me.

"Hey babe! Last night was amazing." Stacy grabbed my arm and winked. My eyes widened. Oh my god.

"You!" I pulled her away.

"You really shouldn't kiss someone unpopular. That just makes you unpopular." Stacy smiled.

"You really shouldn't tell lies to someone. That just makes you a bitch." I gave her an evil glare.

"I only came over to get my sweatshirt and you threw yourself on me." I began to walk away but I felt her hand on my wrist.

"Don't walk away from me. Especially when we're dating again."

"You aren't my girlfriend!" I shouted, loud enough for people to look over.

"Stop being a bitch and ruining everything." I told her, walking away. I quickly rushed over to Louis, Liam, and Jesse.

"Have any of you gotten a hold of Jordan?" I asked, standing at the end of the table. Liam got up and stared at me.

"Have you come over to make us fall for you as well?" Louis crossed his arms. I shook my head, looking at Liam. He was making his way closer to me.

"What are you doing here, Malik?" Liam muttered under his breath.

"Look, I need to talk to Jordan." I told him.

"Haven't you talk to her enough?" Jesse asked me.

"It wasn't me! Stacy's the one who did it. I pushed her away as soon as she kissed me. I could never hurt her."

"You've hurt her in the past." Louis said.

"Yeah, how could we trust you?" Liam asked, pushing me a bit.

"Because I'm falling for your best friend and I can feel her slowly fading away. Only you guys can help me." I told them. Jesse laughed, obnoxiously.

"You want our help? How do we know you're not trying to fool us?" she asked me. I rolled my eyes, banging my fist against the table. There was no use of talking to them. I couldn't keep a conversation going without being judged.

"Forget it, I'll do it myself."

"Yeah, good luck with that." I walked over to an empty table and sat there, dialing up Jordan's number. It rang four times before going to voicemail. "Hey, It's Jordan. Leave a message." it spoke. I gave myself a shy smile at the sound of her voice, but it dimmed down.

"Princess we really need to talk. Please answer. I know you're there..." I sighed, looking out the window.

"...please call me back when you get this." I hung up, putting my head on the table.

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