All You Needed to Say Was "Hello"

Not everyone liked Katie. Katie was an only child and had lost her father at the age of 10 due to a car crash. She had hardly any friends except for Jack. Jack and Katie had met when she had to move next door due to her mothers job promotion at the hospital. Jack spends more time with Katie and he devolves a crush for her, but will Katie feel the same way, or will she just be the girl next door?


1. "Hello, I'm Jack."

Katie's Point of View

"Hurry up Katie! If we don't leave now we will be late for sure!" "Hold your horses mom! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I glance around my now empty room and let out a sigh. It is sad leaving my childhood home, but it is for the best. Since dad died in the car crash things haven't been the same. When mom got the call she fell out of the wagon. She isolated herself for weeks, during those weeks I felt alone and like I had no one to talk to. No brothers or sisters to talk to about dad and all the memories. Mom soon got her life back together getting her job back and even getting a promotion. That's why we are leaving, driving all the way from Vermont to Maryland. I'm not totally crushed that we have to leave, I really had no friends. A 17 year old girl with no friends who would have thought! My personality was different. Not a lot of people liked me and the ones that did just quietly sat with me at lunch not saying a word. 7 years ago I had many friends but I had to be with mom missing many weeks of school. I made a promise to myself that when we move I will make friends and be as nice as I can be! I grab my backpack and run down to the U-Haul. My mom had planned out the whole trip from hotels, meals, and when we stop for gasoline. That is the one of the many things I love about my mom, she has to map this out and be on a schedule. I pull out my iPad and start to listen to Private Eyes by Hall and Oates thinking to myself 'This will be the best trip ever.' 

 * * * 

After 7 long days of traveling we finally get to our new home. It is a fairly big house in walking distance from the hospital and the High School. "Here we are, honey! You go look inside while I start to unpack boxes." I nod my head and run inside. The living room was huge, and the kitchen was beautiful. I go up stairs to find 3 rooms, the first looked like an office, the second was a bedroom with a double door closet, the third was amazing, a built in bunk bed and a  balcony. I calmed the third room by placing my bad on the structure of the bunk bed. I run outside to help my mom with the boxes. My mom was talking to a rather tall boy, he looked about my ago. " Oh, and this is my daughter Katie!" The boy turned around and he had beautiful eyes, they were a blue and green combination of cuteness. "Hello, I'm Jack." He stuck out his hand assuming I would shake it. I freeze out of pure amazement and look in his eyes, man I am a sucker for eyes. He looked at me in a strange way, I had just realized that he wanted my to shake his hand. "Hello, Jack. I'm Katie." I shook his hand. "Katie, such a pretty name for such a pretty girl." I could feel myself blush. I almost forgot that my mom was there but when I turned to tell her she should check out the house she was already god. "I live next door and thought you would need some help unpacking." "Well thank you, Jack! I could use all the help I can get!"  I grab two boxes and hand them to Jack. " My room is the second door on the right." He gives me and quick smile and walks into my house. I think I am in love. 













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