Emily Potter, Year 1

I’m Emily Lily Potter. If you haven’t already guessed by the last name, I’m Harry Potter's sister. We’re both the same age, we’re twins. I look like our mother and he looks like our father, Weird huh? I don’t live with the all terrible Dursley’s and I sure as heck don’t live under the stairs! I have been living with my godfather (Remus Lupin) since I was about 5. My mother (Lily Potter) dropped me off at the home of some Muggles less than a day before she died. But the first 5 years of my life were worse than Harry’s, since I was painfully skinny and usually ended cut by broken glass (I had magical issues with the windows). But Lupin managed to locate me when I was 5 and it was a heck of a lot better after that. Anyway, I’m going to go to Hogwarts soon and that should be real fun, maybe I’ll even make some friends!


18. Septimus Night and a Three Days Detention

Emily's P.O.V.

I woke up with a start half my limbs dangling off of a couch and my Potions book folded across my chest. I groaned this wasn’t the most comfortable position. I growled and pulled myself off the couch. I was already dressed so I just yanked up the few books I had left about and chucked them into my bag going to breakfast… hooray! (note my sarcasm).

Seeing Pansy and her gang hanging about towards the wall (and seeing that most the food was gone…. I blame Ron.) I growled and turned around walking to… wherever. I really don’t want to deal with Parkinson today or for the rest of the year. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and met the eyes of Septimus Night.

I smiled at him and he walked alongside me. “Uh hi…” He said with a faint hiss yep vampire. “Vampire huh?”

“Half vampire, I don’t need to ssuck blood… Unlike my Dad he needss to do that what twice a day? Just the blood of a living mammal… Ussually ratss.” He replied and I nodded my head.

“You probably shouldn’t talk to me.” I muttered looking at him his eyes reminded me of melted metal… warm but dangerous. “Ah yess becausse I am a Dark Creature.” He replied with a faint smile “No course not, because your Slytherin! You know the BIG rivalry between Griffindor and Slytherin? It’s sort of a big deal and shit.” I replied slightly offended that he would think I wouldn’t talk to him because her was a dark creature. I mean Merlin I lived with a werewolf…. Course he wouldn’t know that

“I ssee. Sseemss ass though ssome of the rumorss are true.” He murmered and gave a short laugh. “What rumors?” I asked and he smiled “Mosst of the good oness… one of them being you worry about otherss before yoursself. And another being you are well your… you know.” He replied shrugging his shoulders

“No I don’t.”                                                            

“Well I shouldn’t say…”


He smiled and his fangs showed. “Friends?” he asked holding out his hand (Which was a little awkward considering we were walking down a hallway full of students.). I shook his hand all the same “Friends.”

“Oh and work on speaking without the hiss…. We are doing Vampires soon in DADA.”

“Thankss for the heads up.” With a bit of effort he managed to stop the slight hiss to his voice.

I nodded and found that I was yet again… lost. I loved being lost, but it was starting to get a tad bit obnoxious. I smiled though, I didn’t mind I would have to ask Lupin about Hogwarts, he knew how to get around better than…. I think anyone, except for maybe the Weasley Twins.

I walked my way about and such… I ended up outside. Then again I still had an hour until classes started. I found a tree and sat underneath it feeling warm sunshine across my face. I had some spare time…. Now’s as good a time as any to write Lupin, I wish he would reply more.

Hedwig happily landed beside me. (dropping a letter) “Speak of the Devil.” I muttered and picked the letter up smiling at Hedwig who puffed her chest proudly. “Thanks girl.” I smiled stroking her head a bit before she flew off back to The Owlery.

Dear Emily,

I would seriously appreciate it if you wrote more, I’m bored without someone to talk to… really bored. I’ve managed to keep a job for an entire week (I think that’s a record). I was of course fired because of my condition.

I’ve heard a bit about Mrs. Parkinson. Apparently she’s a Pureblood. From what you’ve described she acts like the majority of them… you know stuck up, full of herself, proud of her bloodline. Before you beat her up (I don’t think you have yet because I haven’t gotten an owl saying you’ve been suspended) I suggest that you don’t, and that you scare her off. If you can get her to stop irritating you then you won’t have a problem.

I haven’t done anything even remotely interesting. And I don’t feel in the mood to bore you. I will say that my Transformation was far more violent than expected. I’m not that badly hurt so don’t freak out. I haven’t broken anything, my Lycan immune system has not seized to amaze me, I honestly I thought I had broken something or at the very least fractured but no.

I just have a few deep gashes, painful and bloody but not as bad as it could be. So don’t be too worried. I will be writing to you again in like…. 2 hours maybe a day. That just proves how bored I am.

I really really miss you. Please write more.


Remus Lupin

I frowned, I hope he was okay. I mean he wrote the letter so he can’t be all that hurt…. Right? I mean he would be fine…… still I mean he must be in pain… like a lot of it to ADMIT that it hurt.

God-dammit where was my parchment. I quickly yanked out a quill and began to write very fast.

Dear Lupin,

Are you really okay???? I hate to say it but whenever you say stuff like “don’t worry” I worry and have very good reasons to. 99.9 percent of the time you say that you are in great pain and suffering greatly.

And Moony I swear to Merlin if you don’t tell the truth I will storm back home and hex you!

Anywho… Since you’ve managed to make me worried I might as well do the same.

The nightmares started again… so I am now both flustered and sleeping in the common room. And I am going to beat up Parkinson if she comes any closer than she already is.

Harry showed me some weird mirror that showed my hearts greatest desire… It was one weird mirror. Anywho!

I can’t write much more because she’s coming over with a stupid smirk. So I am going to sort this out and probably get a week’s detention.

I miss you too!!!


Emily Potter

I quickly handed the letter to Panther who raced off (hopefully to The Owlery) I placed Lupin’s letter in a book and placed it in my bag… I had what 3 maybe 4 books in there?

Parkinson was marching up to me with about 5 stupid sheep girls behind her. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my wand. I stood up and walked over to Parkinson. “What the hell do you want Parkinson?” I hissed glaring at her

Well… let’s cut to the chase. I beat 4 of the girls with magic and I gave Parkinson a really good bloody nose and several livid bruises by hand. 3 of the girls had a full body bind curse on them…

While I took a short breather and had Pansy tackle me. (I kept trying to roll her off of me and was failing).  That other girl took my bag. Pansy willingly came off of me and jumped on my arm causing it to break, (I’m no Lycan people my bones are brittle).

While I sat on the ground grasping my arm tightly. I felt very pissed off. “You shouldn’t play with things that don’t belong to you Parkinson. Didn’t your parents tell you that?” I snarled

“I would ask you the same question but I know the answer to that.” Pansy replied and began rummaging through my bag. Calm… stay calm…. You don’t want IT to happen again…..

She dumped my things onto the ground, and I growled. She picked up a book I had borrowed from the library. “Lycanthropy? What the fuck is that?” she asked me flipping through the pages. “Maybe if you read more you wouldn’t be so fucking stupid.” I replied and she flipped through it chucking it behind her bored.

I felt my muscles tense and I forced myself not to tackle her. God dammit stay out of my stuff! If she does any damage I swear to Merlin-

“Well what do we have here?” She asked pulling out Lupin’s letter from my Potions book. Her eyes read over the book and I felt my face go Griffindor red…. Yes that a color.

“I really really miss you.” She mocked “I’m guessing this is from your what uncle?” she snickered “God father, and at least I have someone who loves me.” I snarled (Dammit I shouldn’t have said that)

“What?” she asked stubbornly crumpling the letter and throwing it on the ground. (You’ll regret that!) “Lets see you have two fucking parents, Your mum pays no attention to you whatsoever your dad has been gone for the past 2 years.” I snarled

*Authors note, I honestly know nothing about Pansy’s parents and am too lazy to look it up on Wiki and stuff so just roll with me*

She hissed some kind of weak excuse and I just slipped my way around her with serpentine grace. “Excuses, someone who makes excuses is good for little else.” I murmured into her ear and continued to twist around her.

My full body bind curse had worn off on the girls. She threw my Potions book to a friend “Keep away!” She called. I hate that game. “Give me that back!” I hissed running about.

“Keep away!” Avery called chucking Panther over to Erin by the scruff of his neck ignoring his mews of fear and pain. “PUT HIM DOWN YOUR HURTING HIM!” I screamed running about trying to grab my only friend out of the rough cruel hands of my “older sibling”.

She removed her hands from the scruff of his neck and held him up by his tail. “PLEASE STOP! I’M SORRY! JUST PUT HIM DOWN!” I cried hearing screeches of pain hurt myself.

She had chucked him to Avery and after a few goes I for the first time struck Erin. My nails dug into her cheek and actually made her bleed. I yanked Panther off the ground and raced out of the house… I spent the night in the forest. And when I returned I-I-I-

“Give that back God-dammit!” I howled racing about having flash backs to my childhood. Pansy absent mindedly chucked my book to her friends. “I told you to give it back!” I snarled and felt my hair turn into flame and forced a wave of magic to stay under my control.

“Please! I wasn’t bothering you!” I hissed and I ran about and got annoyed by the pain in my hand, which was caused by punching Parkinson in the face. “Why do you write in this thing anyway?” She asked flipping through it and chucking it back to another girl.

“I DIDN’T HAVE ANY PARCHEMENT!” I howled and raised my fist before a certain Potion’s Master cut in….

“Mrs. Parkinson may you please stop wasting time and get studying like I asked you? If you’re going to pass Potions with anything even close to a passing grade then I suggest you stop harassing Griffindors and get to work.” He hissed at Pansy who bowed her head mumbling an apology she handed me my book and shot me a “I’ll get you bitch” glare that she was oh so famous for.

“And next time Mrs. Potter I suggest you find a better way to spend your time then firing up Mrs. Parkinson. Detention for three days starting tomorrow be at the Potions classroom at 12:00 am. And not a minute later.” He hissed and whisked around heading back inside Hogwarts.

I swear to Merlin he almost stammered wen he said “Mrs. Potter”. What is his deal? It’s none of my business… And I got my first detention…. Not sure if I should be happy or worried about that…. Could’ve been worse I could have gotten stuck with Filch!

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