Mistaken Identity

I've loved him. But from the side of the street, or the back of the classroom. I just wanted to feel him. His kiss, his hands up my waist, him whispering in my ear. But there was one tiny fault: his skank. The girl who only cared about having Harry under her every command. She didn't care about his feelings or his heart like I did. She had a mistaken identity that he still needed to find out.


9. chapter eight

I got up and walked, well waddled home. When I finally arrived I lay on my bed in awe. In just a day I got everything I wanted, then lost it all in a second. Ugh. I looked around for my phone, but it's at Harry's. Great. I'll be buying a new phone, he's never going to talk to me again. I don't care. I don't need boys in my life...


"Haiden! What the hell. I've been calling you non stop. Why won't you answer?" Adam asked

"Well, I left my phone at Harry's."

"Why where you there?" 

"I don't know. He came over after the party, then we ended up just going back to his house."

"So you guys had sex?"

"What? No we did not have sex the night of your party." I laughed. At least it wasn't a lie. We had sex the day after it.

"Whatever. I gotta get to class see you later, Hay!" He said walking off

"Bye Adam." I smiled.

"Haiden. Hey." I heard a voice. Harry.

"Hey, Harry. What's up?"

"You left your phone at my place."

"Yeah, I did. Thanks!"

"No problem. But I want to talk to you."

"What about?"

"Not here though. Meet me at the park on west side after school, OK?"

"But that's all the way across town, and I don't have a car."

"Fine. Meet me here then. Can you do that?"

"In fact, I can."


Harry POV

I waited under the tree for Haiden to appear. How was I supposed to tell her this? I still had feelings for Sabrina. I couldn't help myself. She walked up and sat on the bench, so her back was facing me. I got up and sat next to her. She looked at me and smiled. 

"Hey Haiden." I smiled

"Hey Harry. I think we need to talk." She sounded serious


"I-I think I'm pr-preg-pregnant." 


"Yeah. I mean I'm supposed to be bleeding about this time of the month and I'm not, and Alicia got me a test and I took both and they both came out positive." She started crying and I hugged her. What am I supposed to do. We're not even dating, I'm dating Sabrina. I couldn't so this.

"Well, calm down. It's going to be OK. I promise."

"But Harry. I'm pregnant!" She whisper- shouted

"But that's not the worst part." I mumbled

"Then what is?" She questiooned

"I'm dating Sabrina again."

She stood up and ran away, still crying. Oh no. What have I done?

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