city to the country

syd is 16 yrs old and friends with zz. syd has a crush but hes a country boy so she goes through alot of pain trying to get liam to fall in love with her. the day she finds out his secret and that zz is laims....will it be thee end of their love??


5. the party

Zz POV- "hey this party is amazing" kat said

"thanks, have u seen kit any where" i ask

"no im getting worried" kat said

then i heard a knock on the door "hey ill talk to u later" i say to kat

"bye"kat said

i open the door and i see liam "not trying to be mean but i thought u wherent coming" i said 

"i no, but i came to talk to u about some thing"liam asked

"sure come in" i asked

"mean like some where quiet"liam says to me

"oh"i say

as we walk together i get a little nerves.

"well i was woundering if u, u no go out with me" liam ask

"well u see Syd has a crush on u and" i start to say

then right in the middle of wat i was saying he looks me in the eye  

and kisses me. i look up and smile

"so will u go out with me" liam asked

"yes but lets not tell syd she will take it the wrong way" i say


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