The unexpected summer

When 19 year old, Mandy goes on a summer holiday with two of her best friends, Eve and Tahlia, she doesn't expect to meet her celebrity crush. Will he love her back? Will this just be a summer romance or was it meant to be?


6. Chapter 6


I tookLiam back to the mansion after he had gotten his bathing suit on. I opened the front door and ran upstairs and I was throwing on my bathing suit as I heard Liam coming up stairs. I quickly tied my strap and grabbed a towel. I opened the door and I saw Liam with a white rose. "here you go love!" he smile. "oh  um thanks !" I said  . then he picked  me up and ran out side a carried me out to the water. he dropped me when we got to a sand bar. then he sat in the shallow water next to me. I love Fiji. its amazing here. I dove under water. it was warm then I saw Liam come under I smiled trying not to let water in my mouth. then I felt more air and I closed my eyes. it was Liam. he was kissing me. I quickly pulled away and swam to a sand bar far away. I just cant.


why why dosent she love me. I got in the car and drove to nandos. "perrie perrie chickin please to go." I threw a 50 dolloer bill at the lady and the chicken went back to the house. as I pulled up I saw eve crying with her back pack on going across the strret back to there manshion she unlocked the door and ran inside

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