The unexpected summer

When 19 year old, Mandy goes on a summer holiday with two of her best friends, Eve and Tahlia, she doesn't expect to meet her celebrity crush. Will he love her back? Will this just be a summer romance or was it meant to be?


5. Chapter 5

Niall started leaning in closer and closer. I knew what he had in mind, but to be honest i just wasn't ready.

"Niall, I can't" I blurted out "I'm sorry"

"Oh it's ok" he said with a sad expression on his face.

"I do love you, I'm just not ready." I said.

"Let's go get some breakfast babe." He said starting to cheer up.

Once we had made our way down stairs and out side there was stack of pancakes on the table left with a note saying:


We have all gone shopping. Enjoy your time alone ;)

The lads, Eve and Tahls x

We didn't really pay much attention to the note because we were just stuffing our faces with food. Once we had devoured the stack of pancakes Niall turned to me and gave me a peck on the lips and said, "Do you want to go swimming?"

"Sure!" I replied.

I waited for Niall to get changed because i was already in my bikini. Once he came outside, all ready to go swimming, i almost melted. He was so damn hot! He has perfect abs and v-line.

"You like what you see?" He asked me. He had obviously caught me staring at him, how embarrassing.

"Ok, lets go then." i said, i could feel him staring at me all the way to the water.

For the rest of the day we just played in the water and talked, until the others got home.

We all had dinner and played guitar by the fire that we made on the beach.

This night was perfect.


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