Dating One Direction

Dating One Direction; All five members of One Direction are head over heels for Kim who is looking for love again after a tragic loss of her fiance. They each agreed to go on a date with Kim and see who she will fall in love with. As they each take a turn to date Kim, she finds herself falling in love with ALL five of them. Someone will disagree and get hurt, someone will cry, someone will be scarred by hurtful words, someone's heart will he shattered, and someone will win.... who will she choose? Is it gonna be Zayn? Liam? Niall? Harry? Or Louis? Will this decision that Kim makes tore the group apart or will they all still remain friends at the end? Read on and find out who got the heart of Kim's.


4. 1.4

Kim: Well what should we watch?  

Zayn: I don't know, let's watch a romantic one? 

Kim: You want to watch a romantic one? 

Zayn: Yeah, I mean it's just me and you. 

Kim: Ok. *chuckles* A romantic one it is. *digs through her purse* 

Zayn: I got it. *takes out his wallet and buys the tickets* 

Kim: *sits next to zayn* 

Zayn: This should be fun. *winks* 

Kim: *smiles shy* 

Zayn: *puts his arms around kim* 

Kim: *leans on zayn* 

Zayn: *stares at kim* 

Kim: *stares at zayn and then kisses his neck* 

Zayn: *laughs* What are you doing? 

Kim: Don't worry. *gives zayn love bites* 

Zayn: *gets up to use the restroom* 

Kim: *sits alone and goes through her phone and sees a text from harry* 

Harry: I miss you... *sad face* 

Kim: *replies to harry* Miss you too. *makes a sad face and sends the text* 

Zayn: Dude, the love bite you gave me is huge! *tries not to laugh* 

Kim: *laughs* Really? *flashes her phone at zayn* 

Zayn: *sees harrys name on kims phone and gets hurt* 

Kim: *looks at her phone and locks it*  

Zayn: *hurt* You're talking to Harry? 

Kim: No, he just texted me that he missed me and I text him back the same thing, that was it. 

Zayn: You can read that text. 

Kim: Can I? 

Zayn: Yeah, I mean we're not together. You can even text him. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Ok. *reads harrys text* 

Harry: I want to see you and kiss you again. 

Kim: *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *watching the movie looking bored* 

Kim: *discards the text and puts her phone away* 

Zayn: *grabs the drink and sips on it* 

Kim: I love you Zayn. 

Zayn: *hears and looks at kim* 

Kim: *tries not to cry* 

Zayn: *puts his arms around kim* I love you too Kim. *smiles and kisses her forehead* 

Kim: *sitting in the car* I'm sorry about the text. 

Zayn: Why are you talking about that? I really don't care, it's not my business to know who you're texting.  

Kim: Yeah, but you seem mad, plus you haven't said a word since we left the theatre. 

Zayn: I'm not mad. 

Kim: Ok, well umm, I had a really great day with you. 

Zayn: Yeah me too. 

Kim: Zayn, I'm really sorry. 

Zayn: Kim, it's ok really. 

Kim: No, it's not ok because it was your date and I let Harry interfere. It wasn't fair to you I just know it. 

Zayn: *tries not to cry* Yeah it wasn't fair. 

Kim: I'm sorry, but I really hope to get to see you again soon. 

Zayn: Me too. *starts the engine* 

Kim: *gets out the car and looks back at zayn* I love you Zayn. 

Zayn: *rolls up the window and backs out the parking lot* 

Kim: *hurt with mix emotions* 

Liam: Hey, how was it? 

Zayn: *fakes a smile* It was great. 

Liam: How was ice skating? 

Zayn: We didn't do much, we both failed so we just went to eat lunch and then a good romantic movie to end our date. 

Liam: Yeah?  

Zayn: Yeah, look I'm tired. I'm gonna get to bed. 

Liam: It's only 7. 

Zayn: I had a long day. 

Liam: Goodnight. 

Zayn: Night. *goes into his room* 

Louis: Oh Zayn, you're home. 

Zayn: Goodnight. 

Louis: Hey you have a mark right there on your neck. 

Zayn: I said goodnight! 

Louis: Night? 

Zayn: *closes his door* 

Louis: What's wrong with him? 

Liam: I don't know, he seemed hurt about something. 

Louis: Why though? I mean they had sex didn't they?  

Liam: Yeah, but it's not our business. 

Louis: Yeah, what you making? 

Liam: Cookies, you want some? 

Louis: Yeah! *laughs* 

Liam: *laughs* 

(The Next Day) 

Zayn: *wakes up and looks in the mirror* Wow, this thing really needs to go away now. 

Niall: Zayn? You in there. 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Niall: Just asking where you were. 

Zayn: *opens the door* 

Niall: Whoa! Is that a love bite? 

Zayn: Yeah, it's pretty big isn't it. 

Niall: That wasn't there yesterday when you came back. 

Zayn: No it wasn't, she gave it to me during the movies. 

Niall: Nice, how'd it go? 

Zayn: Um, ok I guess. 

Niall: Zayn, what happened? 

Zayn: Harry interfered. 

Niall: What?! 

Zayn: Yeah, but it's whatever now. *walks downstairs* 

Niall: You're hurt about it aren't you? 

Zayn: Niall, I'm ok. 

Niall: *stands in silence* 

Kim: *laying on her bed crying* 

Kelly: Honey, maybe he's not upset with you about that text, he's probably upset with Harry. 

Kim: I don't know why I would do that thought Kelly! I knew I texted Harry back and I should have known he was gonna reply. 

Kelly: It's gonna be a new day tomorrow, who are you going on a date with? 

Kim: I don't know, but I'm supposed to be at an arcade with one of the other three. 

Kelly: Well that's fun. 

Kim: Yeah, I know, but still. I screwed Zayn over on the last date Kelly! How could he ever forgive me? 

Kelly: He will, trust me Kim. 

Kim: *cries again* I'm such a horrible person. 

Kelly: Since you're not seeing anyone today, why don't you meet up with him or call or text him and tell him everything. 

Kim: I can't meet him, then they'll think it was a third date. 

Kelly: Well aren't you gonna have a last one with them? 

Kim: I don't know, it was really supposed to be only one, but... Harry! Gosh, why is everything on him. 

Kelly: *hugs kim* It's gonna be ok. 

Kim: I hope so too. *wipes her tears* 

Louis: Harry! Get down here, we have to get to rehearsals! 

Harry: *comes out of his room* I'm coming. 

Zayn: *looks at harry and then looks away* 

Harry: *walking down the stairs* What? 

Louis: I didn't say anything. 

Harry: Why did you look at me that way Zayn? 

Zayn: I'm just tired. 

Harry: *looks at zayns neck* Is that a love bite? 

Zayn: *covers it up and walks off* 

Harry: Tell me she didn't give you that! 

Zayn: It's none of your business!  

Louis: *grabs harrys arm* Let's go. 

Kim: *in class* 

Katie: So I heard you went on a date with Zayn. 

Kim: Yeah, I did Katie. 

Katie: What does Harry know about it. 

Kim: Everyone knows about it ok. Not just that, but I'll be seeing Niall, Liam, and Louis too, so therefore, shut your mouth until it's all over. 

Katie: *gasp and leaves* 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *sitting on the couch waiting* 

Liam: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Hey Liam. *fakes a smile* 

Liam: *smiles* Hi Kim, are you ready? 

Kim: *looks behind her* Yeah I am. 

Liam: *puts his arms out* Ok, let's go then. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and grabs liams arm* 

Liam: Well what do you want to do first? 

Kim: I really don't care Liam, it's up to you. *fakes a chuckle* 

Liam: Let's go against eachother on basketball shooting. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Liam: *puts in the tokens* Ready? 

Kim: Ready. *grabs the ball* 

Liam: *grabs the ball* Go! 

Kim: *shoots and misses a few and makes a few* 

Liam: *shoots and makes a lot and misses very little* 

Kim: *starts to laugh* 

Liam: *looks at kim while shooting baskets* Why are you laughing? *laughs* 

Kim: This round is too long. *laughing still* 

Liam: *wins* Yes! I won! *laughs in kims face* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Liam: You should choose the next round. 

Kim: Ok, let's play the balloon pop. 

Liam: It's on like Donkey Kong. 

Kim: May the best one win. *smiles and skips off* 

Liam: *catches up to kim* You ready? 

Kim: Oh I been Liam Payne. *smiles evil* 

Liam: *gives kim a weird look* 

Kim: Go! *starts popping the balloons and misses a few* 

Liam: Hey! *throws his darts and misses a few* 

Kim: *thinks about zayn while throwing her darts* 

Liam: *pops his last one* I won! 

Kim: *gets distracted* What? 

Liam: I won, it's over. *smiles big* 

Kim: *chuckles upset* I can't... Fine, let's play bowling then. 

Liam: It's ok. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and skips off again* 

Liam: *confused* 

Kim: *puts on her bowling shoes* 

Liam: *puts on his bowling shoes*  

Kim: I'm ready. 

Liam: Ready too. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Liam: *starts off first and knocks down 9 and gets a spare* 

Kim: *gasp* You want to play it that way. Fine! *bowls and hit 5 and then 2* 

Liam: *laughs and finishes off with the score of 135* 

Kim: *finishes with the score of 95* That wasn't fair! 

Liam: Ok, how about one last one. 

Kim: You choose. 

Liam: Let's race. 

Kim: Ok if you lose, you get to climb the fish nets and get me a stuff animal and if I lose, I have to kiss you. 

Liam: Deal. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Liam: *gets in the car* 

Kim: *gets in the car* 

Liam: *drives off* 

Kim: *drives off and catches up to liam and then slows down* What the hell? *tries to speed off* 

Liam: *laughs at kim* 

Kim: *starts to pass up liam again* 

Liam: Hey! 

Kim: *finishes the race* 

Liam: *finishes next* That wasn't fair. 

Kim: *smiles evil* Ha! In your face Liam! *skips off* 

Liam: *runs and catches up to kim*  

Kim: Alright, seems like you have to climb some nets now. *smiles evil and then laughs* 

Liam: *gets kind of annoyed but laughs it off* 

Worker 2: Alright ready, set... go! 

Liam: *climbs the nets and fails* Shit!  

Kim: *gets upset* 

Liam: I want to go again. 

Worker 2: Ok, that'll be $10. 

Liam: *gives the worker $10 and climbs the nets again and fails* 

Kim: *in her head* Is he really doing this? Liam, you don't have to do it anymore. 

Liam: No, I want to. *gives the worker $10 and climbs and fails again* I want to go again. 

Worker 2: $10. 

Liam: *gives $10 and climbs and almost falls* 

Kim: *starts to feel bad* 

Liam: *pulls himself up and falls/gets mad*  

Worker 2: Give up? 

Liam: *pissed off* No! 

Kim: Liam! It's ok, look at your hands it's starting to dry up and get bruised. 

Liam: A deal is a deal, I have to give you what you wanted. 

Kim: *starts feeling really bad*  

Liam: *gives the worker $10* 

Kim: *grabs liams arm* Give that money back to him. 

Worker 2: *looks at liam*  

Liam: What are you doing? 

Kim: *starts to cry* Liam, you can't keep forcing and abusing yourself by doing this. I'm not punishing you, so please stop. Look at your hands for heaven sakes, they're all blistered. 

Liam: *looks at his hands* Keep the money. *grabs onto the nets* 

Kim: Liam! *gets upset and runs off crying* 

Liam: *holding the nets looking at kim run off and feels bad/angry at the same time* 

Worker 2: You can get down and get your money back. 

Liam: No, I want to do this. *climbs to the top and reaches and falls* Fucken shit! 

Kim: *sits at the diner table and cries in her arms* 

Liam: *gives another $10 and climbs half way and fails/gets really mad*  

Worker 2: No one's ever gotten that big one in 4 years. 

Liam: *gives the worker another $10* I'm gonna get it! *climbs and almost falls* Shit! *pulls himself up and climbs back up and almost falls again* I can do this! *hands starts to slip/pulls himself up and reaches to the top* Shit, how am I supposed to grab it? *puts his weight onto one side and flips back around* I got it. *gives one last push and reaches for the prize/grabs it and falls* 

Worker 2: And we got a winner! Now that's a winner everyone! 

Liam: *smiles in pain* 

Worker 2: Congrats, that prize is now yours.  

Liam: Here's another $10, keep for you. *walks off with the prize* 

Kim: *talking to kelly* Like Kelly, he's hurting himself over me. He's forcing himself to get to the top of that stupid net to get me my stuff animal that I always wanted when I was with Frank.  

Kelly: Why is he trying to get it? 

Kim: We made a... 

Liam: *puts the stuff animal in front of kims face from behind* 

Kim: *turns around and sees liam* 

Liam: *smiles* I got it for you. 

Kim: *touched with tears in her eyes* 

Liam: *stops smiling* What? 

Kim: *gets up and hugs liam in tears and then kisses him* 

Liam: *shocked* 

Kim: Why? Why did you do this? You didn't have to you idiot. 

Liam: A deals a deal right? 

Kim: No! We could have done something else. 

Liam: Well here's your monkey. *smiles and hands the monkey over to kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. *hugs liam again* 

Niall: You climbed that net! That 20 something net thing! 

Liam: Yeah just for Kim. 

Niall: Why! You could have hurted yourself Liam! 

Liam: I had to ok! If you want to win someone's love, you have to accomplish that goal and that's what I did. 

Niall: Wow, I can't believe you Liam. You seriously could have killed yourself. 

Liam: It's ok, it's already done, I'm exhausted, I'm gonna go to take a shower then to bed. *leaves* 

Kelly: *on the phone with kim* Aw, that is so sweet and cute Kim. What'd you name it? 

Kim: *stares at the monkey* I always wanted to name it Frank the money, but you know... Now that I'm looking at it again and thinking about it; his name is Liam.  

Kelly: Why's that? *smiles* 

Kim: Because Liam is a monkey and he climbed and climbed until he reached the top and he did it.  

Kelly: Wow didn't that hurt him though when he fell? 

Kim: He's not call Liam Payne for no reason. *smiles* 

Kelly: Kim, I think Liam's the one for you. 

Kim: Really? 

Kelly: He fought over and over again to win you something that no one's ever gotten in four years. 

Kim: *starts to get sad again* I don't know Kelly, I don't feel any sparks with him when I kissed him. 

Kelly: Maybe it's almost there, maybe tomorrow could be it. 

Kim: Yeah, maybe. 

Kelly: Get some sleep tomorrow's gonna be a fun day for you. 

Kim: *chuckles* Ok, goodnight. 

Kelly: Night. *hangs up* 

Kim: *turns off the lights and goes to sleep* 

Liam: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Hey my spider money. *smiles* 

Liam: Spider monkey? 

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* 

Liam: *smiles big* Are you ready for round two of our date? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Liam: Alright, let's go. 

Kim: *closes the door and locks it* 

Liam: Guess where were going today? 

Kim: Well maybe the club? Dinner? Movie, I don't know, it's dark. *chuckles* 

Liam: We're gonna go for a walk at the park today. 

Kim: Yeah, that's great, a good work out. *fakes a smile* 

Liam: *chuckles* 

Kim: *walking with liam* 

Liam: Go hide, I'll find you. 

Kim: What? It's dark, are you crazy! *chuckles* 

Liam: Just don't go out far. 

Kim: No! Liam! 

Liam: *closes his eyes and counts* One, two, three... 

Kim: *runs and hide behind the tree* 

Liam: Nineteen, twenty, ready or not, here I come. *looks for him* 

Kim: *closes her eyes* 

Liam: *finds kim and puts his hands above kims shoulder* 

Kim: *opens her eyes and sees liam and screams* 

Liam: *smiles/laughs* I found you.  

Kim: Liam! You... 

Liam: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *stares at liam* 

Liam: *lifts kim up against the tree and makes out with her* 

Kim: *stops kissing liam* 

Liam: *puts kim down* 

Kim: *smiles shy* 

Liam: *grabs kims hand and walks to the swing* 

Kim: *sits on the swing* 

Liam: *sits on the swing next to kim and grabs her hand* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Liam: Doesn't the weather feel good tonight? 

Kim: Yeah, it does. 

Liam: Do you want to lie on the grass and look at the stars? 

Kim: I don't want to lay on the grass, it's dirty. 

Liam: It's fine, we can lie on the slide then. 

Kim: *smiles* Like it'll fit us both 

Liam: You can lay on me.  

Kim: *chuckles* Ok. 

Liam: *gets up and holds kims hand* 

Kim: *swings their hands* 

Liam: *lays on the slide* 

Kim: *lays on top of liam* 

Liam: *talking to kim* 

Kim: *closes her eyes and listens to liams heartbeat* 

Liam: Look! A shooting star!  

Kim: Where!? *turns and looks* 

Liam: *closes his eyes and makes a wish* 

Kim: *makes a wish* 

Liam: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *opens her eyes and sees liam staring at her* 

Liam: *chuckles* What'd you wish for? 

Kim: I can't tell you, then it won't come true, why what'd you wish for? 

Liam: I can't tell you neither. 

Kim: *makes a mad face and lays her head liams chest again* 

Liam: *wraps his arms around kim*  

Kim: *hears liams heart beating faster* 

Liam: Kim. 

Kim: Yeah? 

Liam: I think I love you. 

Kim: *looks at liam* Really? You love... me? 

Liam: I don't know what it is about you, but I love you. I'm not in love with you, but I love you Kim. Like as if we've already been together for a long time kind of love. 

Kim: *stares at liam in silent* 

Liam: Kim? Say something. 

Kim: *scoots up to reach liams lips and kisses him softly* 

Liam: *puts his arm over kims head and kisses her* 

Kim: *gets out of the car* I really enjoyed this night with you. *smiles* 

Liam: I did too Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *bites her lips and stares at liam* 

Liam: *takes off his seatbelt and gets out the car and kisses kim*  

Kim: *smiles*  

Liam: I love you Kim. *smiles shy* 

Kim: *smiles sad* I love you too Liam. 

Liam: Goodnight. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Goodnight Liam. *walks to her house* 

Liam: *gets back in the car and takes off* 

Kim: *lays on her bed and thinks about all her dates starting with harry to liam*

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