Fallen Brothers

Nathan was going to die until he was saved by the mysterious Novah. Novah saves Nathan by making them alike. You see, Novah is not like you and I. He is a fallen star or an Astral to be specific. He is not the only one either. When Nathan starts displaying powers similar to an Astral, Novah must bring him to the other Astral's and find out what exactly he has created. Could Nathan be the first ever human/star hybrid? What lengths will some people go to to get their hands on Nathan's powers? Most importantly, will Nathan choose the good side or will evil take him over? ©MindlessMatter


4. To Camp We Go

“Please Dad? It’s only for a week, ten days tops.” Nathan begged. His father, Shelby and Nathan were cleaning up after dinner on his third week in the house. He was officially on summer break and was trying to persuade his father to let him go to his ‘friend’ Reilly’s cabin. In reality there was no cabin and Reilly was some weird guy Nathan had never said two words too. It was his cover story for going with Novah to learn more about who he was now that he was half of a fallen star. Richard was firmly set against the discussion. He refused to even consider it.

“No Nathan. I don’t know this Reilly boy and this 'being in a cabin' business is malarkey. We all know you’ll all just end up drunk and in a river somewhere. The number of deaths by drowning has gone up by twenty per cent since the nineties.” He spluttered. Nathan knew he was making up these facts now. He always did that when he knew he was losing an argument.

“Dad you know I don’t like swimming. I haven’t since the beach that day, remember?” He reminded his father of the day he almost drowned. Richard turned beetroot red and suddenly became very interested in getting the gravy stains off the dinner plates.

“Come on Richie. He’s seventeen. I think he can handle a little cabin with a few friends. What if that Holly girl went? You like her right?” Shelby argued for Nathan’s case. He knew she was just trying to earn brownie points and he didn't like it but it seemed to work. Richard dropped the plate in the hot water and turned to his only son.

“If Holly is going then you can go. I trust you with her. She was always a sensible girl.” He said. It was certainly an improvement on not going at all but he couldn't ask Holly to come with them. He had explained to her what he was now and told her about Novah but she didn't exactly trust Novah. She seemed skeptical of the whole ‘fallen star’ thing but then he showed her the lightening thing and she believed him. The thing was, if he could produce lightening he could only imagine what full blown Astral’s could do. It wouldn't be safe for her. Yet somehow, here he was, agreeing to this road trip.


They left the next Wednesday. Holly came over to pick him up in her car. It had been a present from her stepfather for her previous birthday. He had even given her gas money. Nathan said goodbye to his father and nodded in Shelby’s general direction. Holly on the other hand gave both of them a huge hug. She had no qualms with Shelby and thought she was perfectly nice.

“Stay safe and ring me when you get there.” Richard said to his son. He was obviously worried.

“I’ll be fine Dad, I’ve got Holly remember?” He laughed and got in the car. Five minutes later, they were cruising down the main street and stopping to let Novah in the car.

“Thanks for doing this Holls.” Nathan said, placing a hand on hers. She blushed very slightly and said it was no problem. Novah greeted them both with his usual no nonsense style.

“Hello Holly Bowens. Hello again Nathan.” He said.

“You can just call me Nate, Novah.” He rolled his eyes. Novah wasn't familiar with the eye rolling gesture.

“So yesterday I was in a bar and a woman came to talk to me. I felt a most unusual sensation, my heart beat quickened and I felt my trousers-“ Novah started but got interrupted by Holly shouting “That’s enough of that picture!”.

“That one is attraction.” Nathan explained. He had been teaching his friend about emotions recently. So far they had gone through most of them but Novah had yet to experience them. He usually went out every night now and looked for situations where he could put his new emotions to the test. In return, Novah was teaching Nate about his skills. He had learnt to control his lightening well now and could let out small controlled bursts. He could travel easily by just thinking about a place and he had discovered by accident that he could bring recently deceased animals back to life. They had been in the park, practicing lightening, when he noticed a dead bird in his path. When he got close to the bird he was overcome with the desire to poke it. When he did, the bird just hopped up and it’s wings realigned and he shot up into the sky. Novah was in awe of his talent. He said no Astral had ever been able to raise the dead before.

“So I like this woman then? Should I go find her? I’ll ask her to marry me.” Novah said, stone faced. His expression made Holly and Nathan laugh.

“No mate. Better leave her alone. There’ll be plenty more girls to be attracted too.” Nate laughed. He caught a strange look off of Holly. “What?” He asked.

“It’s just strange, that’s all. You get on so well with him. You’re like brothers.” She stated and then turned toward the road again, obviously deep in thought. Nathan didn't think there was anything strange about Novah and his relationship. So they were friends? Who cared?

“Where are we going anyway? Or am I just going to keep heading out of town until we reach the ocean.” Holly asked sarcastically. She was being mean and Nate didn't like it. He would have said something but Novah didn't seem to notice.

“Keep heading north. The Astral’s are in Scotland. That’s where they set up camp when we first came to earth and since then, they all migrate there. I don’t know why but we are all drawn to it.”

"It's probably the Haggis." Nate joked with Holly who giggled in response. 

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