Heart Breaker

Hi my name is Rebecca Carrol! I live in Mullingar in Ireland.
My best friend live here to Niall Horan.
We met when we were like new born and now we are 13! We dose not go in the same school because Niall's school is an all boy school so......
Now we have a Co-Author and it's Tiger99 :)


9. My job

Today I got up a earlier because I need to get a new phone. I walked into the bathroom and showered and then I put on ripped jean shorts a T-Shirt and black vans shoes my hair was curled a little.

Polyvore (her outfit) : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=88800576

I walked into starbucks.

Then I walked in on Apple Store and bought a new sim card and a white IPhone 5.

Then I walked to my job I didn't start in a hour so I started to setup my new phone.

When I was done with that I inported every file from my old phone to my new.

it was 20 minutes ago I started my work but no one has come yet..... I've finished all my other lessons so I'm just waiting for a new-comer.

*30 minutes later* 

*someone knocked on the door*

I got scared and think if it's Niall but

I walked over to the door and opened it anyway.....

There was my boss with a girl behind her....

"Hi Rebecca! I have a trainee here she is wants to try out singing and she is going to have a 'trial' month, you know, to see how things go. I think you two can be good friends" My boss Linda said 

"Hey I am Lottie" The girl said that was Lottie

"Hey I am Rebecca"   I said and stick out my hand so did she. Lottie looked about 16 ish. It's good, I suppose. I mean, it would be kind awkward teaching someone who's older than you.

"So I gonna leave you two alone now" Linda said and leaved.

"So what brings you here?" I asked and smiled

"My brother is a famous singer and my family would like me to have a job in music." Lottie said

"Can I ask who your brother are?" I said and still smiled. She's probably messing with me. Might as well, play along.

"Okay pleas don't freak out." She said

"I promise" I said. Weird? She's taking this game quite seriously.

"My brother is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction."She said

I got tears in my eye's but fighted to not cry and I succeed.

"Are something wrong?"She asked

"No it's just....I can't tell you now we need to know each other better okay?" I said and my voice cracked.

"Okay....." She said, looking at me suspiciously 

"So where are you from?" I asked 

"I am from Doncaster" I guess you are not a One Direction fan...."She said and we both laughed 

"Yeah I don't like them but I have nothing against them......" I said and thought just Niall.....

"It`s okay.......And where are you from?" She said I know she understood that I am from Ireland

"I am from Ireland.....As you maybe can hear...." I said 

"Yeah I hear that but where in Ireland?"She asked and winked

"I am from.....From......Mullingar in Ireland..."I said and holding back tears.

"Oh.....I understand why you don`t like One Direction..Is it something to do with Niall?" She said and hold back tears. Wow! That girl can work things out quickly!

"Yeah...."I said and tried to not cry...It was really really hard

"I din't mean....To make you cry....."She said sad

"It's not your fault.....It`s Niall's fault....."I said and tried to smile

"If you need something say it to me then and if you want to talk about it I will be listening and I promise you that I not gonna say it to someone..."She said and tried to smile. She crossed her hand over her heart. I suppose I could trust her. It's not as if she has a big mouth or anything.....right?

"Thank you" I said and smiled

"Do you want to eat dinner tonight with me I pay" she said and smiled

"I pay" I said and smiled

"Okay but I pay the lunch" She said and winked

"Okay" I said and winked

"Do you want my number?" She asked me

"I would love to" I said and winked

"okay is this your phone?" She said and picked up my old phone

"No that's my old one" I said 


"You have 10 missed calls and 20 text messages" She said scared

"OMG I hate him!Oh sorry Lottie" I said

"It`s okay" She said and smiled

"Here is my new phone be careful I bought it today" I said and smiled

"I promise I gonna be careful" She said and smiled

I took my phone and read the text`s

N: Please answer me! :( -Nialler

N:Please babe I can explain :( -Nialler

N: Please! :( -Nialler

N: Please! </3 :( -Nialler

N: I beg you! :( -Nialler

N: I know that you have  seen this :( -Nialler

N: I know you HATE ME but please just write something :( -Nialler

N: Please :( -Nialler

N: Please just something :( -Nialler

N: I don`t know what to do without you......But please write something just something...........anything! :( </3 -Nialler 

Well, he did say ANYTHING..........

Me: fuck off!

I smiled and Lottie came over to see what I smiled about and when she saw our conversation she just laughed

"I know I look kind of mean because I haven't told you the story yet but we can have a sleep over tonight if it work's for you?" I said

"You are  not mean and I would love to but we have to go home to me after lunch because I need to get my stuff" She said and winked

"Okay let's have lunch now and we can end our work for today" I said and winked

"But we haven't done something expect talk" She said 

"We need to get to know etch other before we work together" I said and winked

*After lunch outside her house"

"Okay I hope it's not too messy"She said and winked I didn't understand what she tried to say to me but I just smiled. I'm used to messy anyway..........when we were young, Niall wasn't really the neatest of all people.

"HELLO WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED HERE?!?!" She yelled and there come a Louis Tomlinson.....Oh fuck. He's hot.

"Shouldn't you work today?!" He asked shyly and weird.

"I had a short day today and I am not going to be home tonight....." She said and smiled

"Why?!" Louis asked sad

"Because I gonna go on a sleep over....." She smiled

"Who's sleep over?! He asked worried. Protective brother I see..........  

"Becca, who's this girl." she said and moved so he saw me and then he smiled really big

"BECCA?!?!" He said and fan over to me and hugged me tight.

"YES?!?!" I screamed in he`s ear

"I am sorry Becca" He said with tear in his eye's

"Why?" I said and looked him in the eye's. I loved that shade of blue. Almost like Niall's.

"Niall told me what happened. You know, he used to talk to about you everyday since we first became a band. I can't believe he cheated on you though....." He asked sad

"Yes, I know. He's crying in his bed and begged me to write- well text- something to him...."I said and just smiled...an evil smile

"WHAT?! Louis said

"Read by yourself the whole conversation THIS YEAR." I said and gave me my old phone 

"HAHAHAHA that`s what he deserve! Louis said and laughed.

"GUY'S COME ON IN BEFORE YOU KISS!!! Lottie screamed. Wow! Talk about awkward.

We just blushed....Wait did he LIKE me?!?!


Hey guys, I've just added the polyvore thing as well. Just in case if you wanted to see her outift so yh........


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