The Weird Stories (Extra Weird!)

This is a composition of stories that is created from improv circles, where you go around the circle saying one word at a time in order to create a story. I hope you enjoy them!


2. Story 2

   There once lived a shoelace named Bob Guggenheim who liked traveling on hot dogs with his sponge that spoke Pig Latin horribly. Together, they ate lots of televisions. One day another shoelace said "I am super good at chewing computers, we shall create superior shoelace technology." Bob said "I must not do anything that involves you. Ha! Come with my executioner, Benedict Arnold, so that he can exterminate you! My condolences will eat televisions without cable! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! Now I must open a package full of computers without internet so I can eat them." Then, Bob laughed forever.

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