Not Only in Class-complete

When Niall leaves for the X-factor and leaves behind his secretly pregnant girlfriend will they ever make up or will love blossom?


5. Getting ready


Madison and Niall go to the ultrasound and find out they have two girls and a boy, Liam and Emily find out they are having a boy, and Zayn and savannah find they have two girls.

Niall's Pov.

After the ultrasound I get ready for the kids I get three rooms and put names on them marking I already had these rooms for Liam and Zayn and they did the same. I went to the store and bought everything I needed. I came home and painted Mirabelles room lavender with wooden floors, I then put her light brown crib with Mirabelle engraved in it. I put her high chair in the corner by her bed and her dresser in the far corner I put her toys and clothes up. I then installed baby cameras in the room and put down a carpet that was striped with and M on it  I put her striped cover in the crib and put a light purple stiped rocking chair and put shelves with books, pictures that arent filled and scrapbooks. I put her diaper changeling station by her bed and put the diapers in the cabinets underneath and out her purple blanket down to make it soft. I then went to Sam's room and painted it baby blue I put the same flooring down and put his crib in the far corner. I put his football cover down and engraved Sam in navy blue on his white crib and put the carpet shaped like a foot ball down. I put the dresser and high chair by the door and put bookshelves up w hitch held toys, books and diapers. I put the Orange rocking chair down and put the diaper changing station down and put the orange blanket in. I went in Brees room and painted it light pink. I put her dark brown crib down and engraved in hot pink Bree. I put a polka dot cover on the crib and installed monitors I put her dresser in the conner by the and her pink rocker and shelves in the far corner and I carpet that was pink and polka dotted that had a B on it.

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