We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


5. Lucky

Cole's POV

“Oh shut up Josh.” I said to my best friend.

“Nicole give it up! You're so crushing on Louis!”

“Joshua Ryan Hutcherson!” I said playfully slapping his arm.

“That right there! The blushing is how I know I'm right.” He said smugly.

“Well aren't you cool shit.” I said laughing.

“I'm pretty damn cool actually.”

“Whatever, so how are you and what's her face?”

“What's her face? Thanks Nicole! That's only my girlfriend!”

“Eh. For now at least.”

“If I'm correct you and Mr. Nick aren't together!”

“Yes sweetheart, but we were together for six months! What's your record these days? An hour?”

“Why are we friends?”

“I ask myself that every single day we hang out.”

“Seems legit.”

“OBVI!” I said like a teenage white girl.

“I'm so embarrassed.”

“You love me.”

“I don't know why.”

“Because I'm pretty, I'm smart, I'm hilarious, I can sing, I can keep going if you'd like.” I said laughing.

“I think I get it!”

“But seriously how are you and WHAT IS HER NAME?”

“Ehh, I'll probably end it.”

“Face palm.”

“She just doesn't get me like you do!”

“Oh shut up.” I said laughing.

“But FOR REALZ. I just don't feel like we're going anywhere.”

“That's been your excuse for the past what 10 girls?”


“Josh...” I said glaring at him.

“I need help.”

“I'll hook you up! I love playing match making! I was Yente in our school production of Fiddler On The Roof!” I said laughing.

“Don't admit that.” He said laughing as well.

“Fine, you can continue to be a man whore.” I said getting up.

“No! I need you!” He pleaded.

“I know. And you just act like I'm nothing!” I said being fake hurt. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink when I heard my phone go off in the living room. “Can you get that Josh?”

“Yepp! It's Louis.”

“Don't read it!” I shouted.

“He says he misses your beautiful face!”

“You better not be reading that.”

“And he wants to hang out. Is 10 minutes ok? NO! I'm replying.”

“JOSHUA!” I said running back to the living room.

“I actually said, can't I'm in the shower, winky face.”

“If you said that, I swear I will-” I was cut off by my phone going off again. I looked to see what Josh said. He actually only said 'Sounds great (:'

“Yay! Be over in 10. Xx.”

“I hate you, and love you all at the same time.” I said to Josh.

“I know. But I'm going to get going, you can't hang out with Louis when you're looking like that. He's a prospective boyfrand!”

“You're so embarrassing.”

“Anyway! We'll hang out tomorrow? You'll give me some options?”

“Sure thing.” I said kissing his cheek. “Thank you.” I said smiling.

“For you, anything!” He said before getting up to leave.

“Love you!”

“Yeah, whatever.” He yelled back.

I ran upstairs to change my outfit. I put on my shirt with the anchor on it, on. I changed into jean shorts and pinned some of my hair back. I put on my superman necklace and changed my phone cover. I was very cute for not trying! I heard the doorbell rang and I ran downstairs.

“Coming!” I shouted from the stairs. “Hey.” I said smiling as I opened the door.

“Hello!” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Come in!”

“Thanks for letting me come over.”

“Why are we being so formal?” I said laughing.

“Honestly I have no idea.”

“Yeah, me either.” I said with a giggle.

“So how was your day?”

“It's still going.”

“Oh yeah.”

“So wanna watch a movie or something?” I said walking into the living room.


“Ok, well I have basically every good movie and then some, so pick whatever.” I said smiling.

“How about Grown Ups?”

“Good choice!” I said putting it in the DVD player.

We watched some of the movie, but it obviously turned into a make out session.

“Oh my god guys!” Virginia shouted.

“Sorry!” Louis quickly responded.

“V what's wrong?” I said looking at her red puffy eyes.

“Jake broke up with me.”

“What the hell? Why?”

“He said that my heart wasn't in it anymore.”

“That's bullshit!” I said standing up from the couch.

“Should I go?” Louis whispered.

“No. I'll take care of it, finish the movie.”


“What'd you say when he said that?” I said taking V into the kitchen.

“I said that I was madly in love with him, and I don't know why he thought my heart wasn't in it.”


“And he said that he just felt it.”

“V, I'm so sorry sweetheart.” I said hugging her. “At least it's not as bad as when you thought you threw away your wallet in Disney!” I said causing her to laugh a little. “There's the V we all know and LOVE!”

“Thanks. I'm gonna go up to my room.”

“Alright, if you need me, I'm down here.” I said squeezing her arm. She nodded.

“Everything ok?” Louis asked as I walked back into the living room.

“Yepp! We all have a lot of experience helping each other with break ups.”

“Same with the boys and I.”

“Yeah, it's something that comes with the job I guess.” I said laughing. “And by job I mean friendship.”

“Exactly. So when do I get to take you on a real date?”

“Whenever you ask me!” I said laughing.

“How about Friday?”

“Date Night!” I said smiling.

“Does it work?” He said laughing.

“Yes, it works.” I said also laughing.

“I really like you Nicole.” He said before kissing me.

“And I really like you Louis.” I said before kissing him.

“So where are we going to go?”

“I don't know! You're the man! You choose.” I said laughing.

“Ugh. That's so much work! I'll make Harry choose a place.”

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes with a laugh.

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