We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?


6. Lucky Cont.


Nicole's POV

Date night! Nic was going on a date with Chance tonight, even though I told her to end it and go for Harry. V was staying home tonight, even though Nic and I both told her to get out of the house and hang out with Cody or something.

We all had our best friends, Nic had Austin Mahone. I had Josh Hutcherson and V had Cody Simpson. Of course we had friends that weren't famous, but the boys understood what we went through as celebrities. I texted Cody and told him to go hang out at the house with V tonight, which he agreed to.

I was wearing a strapless black mini dress with gold glitter around the bust area. I wore my black stilettos and miscellaneous gold jewelry. When I was done with my hair and make up I went to check on V.

“Hey.” I said walking into her room.


“So I'm going out tonight.”

“I know, and your outfit screams two things. One, I'm going on a date. And two, I'll sleep with you if your nice to me.”

“This outfits so does not say that!” I said laughing.

“Oh you know it does.”

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes. “And invite someone over! You need to leave this room.”


“Shut up, but seriously, I invited Cody over for you. And he's coming.”

“Well at least I don't have to look nice for him.”

“True that. The other day when Josh was over he told me that I had to change before Louis got here, because he shouldn't see me in a t-shirt. I ended up wearing a tank top.” I said laughing.

“Don't we just love those boys?” She said with a smile.

“Exactly! So let Cody talk to you.”

“He can.”

“I mean really talk to you. About Jake.”

“I don't want to talk about Jake.”

“Well you need to. It's the only way you'll move on. And who knows? Maybe you can get a date with Niall soon?”

“Nicole!” She said throwing a pillow at me.

“I'm just saying... But anyway, Lou's here. Love you loser.”

“Love you too.”

When I walked downstairs I saw Louis talking to Nic.

“Hello!” I said when I reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Wow.” Louis said as he obviously checked me out.

“I know.” I said laughing.

“So are you, uh, ready to, uh, go?” He said causing me to laugh.

“Yes.” I said taking his hand. “So where are we going?”

“To dinner. We can talk and get to know each other more personally.”

“Sounds great!”

When we arrived at the restaurant there were paparazzi everywhere.

“What exactly happened between you and Nick?”

“Is she your rebound after Eleanor?”

“Are you each others rebounds?”

“Are you two official?”

“How long have you been a thing?”

We finally made it into the restaurant and got a table in the back.

“Joys of being famous right?” I said laughing.

“Very much so!”

“So I know you have two older brothers, you're 18, your birthday, Nov. 22, occasionally falls on Thanksgiving. The next time it's on Thanksgiving will be in 2018. And I could go on.”

“Interesting, but those are things any fan can figure out.”

“I've learned that fans can know almost anything.”

“Well fans don't know that I have a One Direction shrine in my room.” I said laughing.


“And some fans probably know this, but I worked in a movie theater in high school.”

“I love movie theaters!”

“Same! And I got to watch free movies, and while you work, you get free popcorn and drinks.”

“Sweet! Movie theater popcorn is delicious!”

“I know right! I guess there was this one guy who would come in like everyday and buy a large popcorn with extra butter because his pregnant wife was craving it!” I said laughing.

“That's great.”

“I know! But it was really fun.”

“I bet.”

Louis and I talked for a while before heading back to my house. He walked me to my door like a gentleman.

“I had a really great time tonight.” I said smiling.

“Me too. Let's do it again sometime soon.” He said before kissing me.

“I'd like that. Goodnight Louis Tomlinson.”

“Goodnight Nicole Bonsell.” He said before turning away. I was the luckiest girl in the entire world. Famous and dating Louis Tomlinson.

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