We're The Only Way

The hit girl band The Only Way, meets the hit boy band, One Direction. The girls all have boyfriends, but will the boys get in the way of that?



Louis' POV

“Hello?” I questioned as I answered my phone.

“Is this Louis Tomlinson?” A woman asked. I assumed she was some fan that somehow got my number.

“It is. How'd you get my number?”

“A young girl, Nicole Walzer, told me to call you. I'm Eliza Pollens, I'm a nurse at UCLA Medical Center.”

“Is everything all right?”

“I'm afraid not. Nicole said you were dating Ms. Bonsell. Is that correct?” Were. I almost dropped the phone and started crying. Did 'were' mean that she died?

“Yes. She's my girlfriend.”

“Does she have any immediate family that lives around here?”

“No, she's from Pennsylvania.”

“Ok, well Nicole was in a car accident. I'll explain more when you get here.”

“Alright. Thank you. I'm on my way now.”

“Louis! So for our show this weekend I think we should match!” Harry said laughing.

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” I said as I frantically looked for my keys.

“Mate, what's wrong?” Harry asked, noticing I was frantic.

“Nicole, she was in an accident and they won't tell me how bad it is!”

“Oh my God! Let me drive you mate.”

“Thanks.” I said as we ran out of our shared house.

We made our way to the hospital quickly, but safely. I was so worried about her. I really liked her, and I wasn't going to loose her that easily. If it weren't for fucking Josh, she wouldn't have been going to that stupid movie premier, and she wouldn't have had to get stitches. Damn! She was at the hospital earlier today too. When we arrived at the hospital I ran out into the ER while Harry parked the car.

“I'm here for Nicole Bonsell.” I said to the woman at the front desk.

“Her room is 439. She's in surgery right now.”

“But she's alive?”

“Yes.” She said with a small smile.

“Thank you!” I said before walking to the elevator. The doors opened and I saw Nic standing there.


“Nicole! Is she ok? What happened?”

“She's ok for now, still in surgery, I was actually coming down here to wait for you. And we were on our way to the movie premier and Richard, the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. And he drifted into the other lane, and Nicole screamed and it woke him up, but he turned the car, but we started spinning and the oncoming car hit right where Nicole was sitting.”

“Was anyone else hurt?”

“Virginia has some broken bones, but she'll be fine. Josh has a concussion, but he's ok and I just have some cuts and bruises. Nicole definitely got the worst of it.”

“Oh my God. What about the Son of a Bitch that caused this? Richard, you said?”

“Richard's fine, but he was obviously fired.”

“I wanna give that asshole a piece of my mind.”

“Louis, you have to calm down. Do it for Nicole.” She said placing her hand on my arm.

“What exactly is wrong with her?”

“Well she had a severe break in her wrist that needed surgery, and there was some internal bleeding that they needed to take care of. And a cracked rib.”

“But does it look positive?”

“From what they told me, she should be fine. And although she had internal bleeding, and a few brakes, she should heel faster than Virginia.”

“Wow....well what about the tour?”

“Well it looks like we might have to cancel a few shows.”

“That's sucks. What if you just didn't dance around and be your crazy selves?”

“I don't know. The girls and I will have to talk to each other and John.” John was their manager.

“Hey lad, what room?” Harry texted me.

“439.” I quickly responded.

“Mr. Tomlinson? Ms. Walzer?” A man tapped us on the shoulders dressed in scrubs. I assumed he was the doctor.

“Yes.” We said in unison.

“I'm Dr. Huges. I was the lead surgeon on Nicole today.”

“How is she?” I asked anxiously.

“She's stable. I believe she'll make a full recovery. Her bleeding wasn't as bad as it seemed, and her wrist should heal properly now, as long as she goes to Physical Therapy. And I noticed she already had surgery on her wrist, from the scar tissue it seemed to be about 5 or 6 years ago, so I'm sure she knows what she'll have to do to care for it.”

“Alright, is that all then?”

“Well she has a cracked rib, and I know she's a singer, but I don't know how soon she'll be able to sing again. Our lungs are very powerful and singing asks a lot from our lungs, but her rib needs to heal properly first. And something as simple as breathing will hurt.”


“I'm so sorry, but at least she's alive.”

“Thank you Doc.” I said as he shook my hand.

“She should be back in her room shortly.” He said before leaving.

“Thanks!” Nic said.

“I can't handle this.” I said sitting on a chair in her room.

“Louis, she'll be ok.”

“But what if she won't?”

“You can't think like that!”

“I don't know how not too.”

“Cry. Get it all out now. Because Nicole needs you to be here for her.”

“How are you so strong right now?” I asked looking up at her.

“Nicole gets hurt all the time. I'm so used to it. Literally she's always hurting herself. Like when I found out about the stitches I wasn't even surprised that it was from running into a door. She's tough Lou. And she'll be alright.”

“I sure hope so.”

“Lou!” Harry said walking into her room.


“Hello Nicole.” Harry said blushing a little.

“Oh, uh, hi Harry.” Nicole said blushing a lot.

“How are you?”

“A little sore, but I'll be ok.”

“You were in the accident too?!” He said shockingly.

“Yeah, Josh, Cole, V and I.”

“Does Niall know about V?” Harry asked with concern.

“Probably not. I mean they never really went on a date so...” I clarified.

“Well we should tell him before he sees it on the news or something.”

“Ok? Why don't you go call him?” I said.

“Ok. I'll be right back.”

“Sounds good.”

“Why don't we watch something on the TV to get our minds off this?” Nic suggested.

“Ok!” I turned on the channel, but of course it was on a local news channel.

“Stars Josh Hutcherson, Virginia Hillman, Nicole Walzer and Nicole Bonsell were in a bad car accident tonight. All we know at this time is that there were no fatalities. Reports tell us that the driver, Richard Cartwright, fell asleep on the wheel. He then drifted into the other lane where a car was coming head on. Richard apparently woke up and cut the wheel causing the car to spin out of control. The oncoming car then hit the limo. We aren't sure who has what injuries, but we do know that one of the celebrities is in surgery. Let's hope for the best there. The driver was fired, but no news on how he is doing. As soon as we have more information we'll be sure to let you all know.” 

“So much for distracting us.” I said with a small laugh. Just then Nicole was wheeled into the room. “Nicole!” I said rushing to her side.

“She's going to be unconscious for a little bit sir. It's completely normal.”

“Alright thank you. Hey Nicole. How's my lovely girlfriend? I'm so sorry about fighting earlier. And I need you to be ok. I need it. I need you. I promise to visit you every chance I get. And I'd like to say I won't be jealous of Josh, but now I'll probably be even more jealous of every second he gets with you, that I don't. And I just want you to know, that I really like you. I don't want to rush anything with you though. We can be perfect together, and I won't push you into doing anything. We won't say 'I love you' until we know that we absolutely mean it. We're going to make this last. Nicole, I promise to be the perfect boyfriend to you. I can't promise to never have fights, but I do promise to make the moments we have together count. And babe, for all of this to happen, you have to wake up. And you have to be mine. Nicole, I need you. And as much as I want to say 'I love you' I won't because I don't know that I mean it. But I do know that I care about you more than I've cared about anyone. So please, I'm begging you, wake up. I know you can do it!”

“Louis! Stop it!” Nicole said through tears. “Now I'm crying!” She said with a small laugh.

“I am too! It's ok!” I said flashing her a smile.

“Our sources tell us it was Nicole Bonsell who needed the surgery. We're still not entirely sure why, but it seems she is out now. Josh Hutcherson has a concussion, Virginia Hillman has multiple broken bones, and it seems Nicole Walzer walked out for the most part, perfectly fine. So now the real question, what happens for TOW's tour? Will they cancel? Will they postpone? Stay tuned for more information.” The news caster said.

“This is bullshit!” I yelled. “Whoever is here at this hospital giving them information needs to knock it the fuck off!” I yelled into the hallway.

“Sir, there's nothing we can do about it. We just have to accept it.”

“I'm Louis FUCKING Tomlinson! I don't have to fucking accept anything! I want to know who is releasing information to the news!” I screamed.

“Sir, there's no way for us to know who is doing that. The only one who would know that is the news crew.”

“Ok, well just FYI if any of you is the one doing it, I'll have you fired. And I'm pretty sure that's a HIPA A violation, which can result in losing your license. So I suggest knocking it the fuck off.”

“Louis, would you please quiet down.” Nicole. Nicole said that. Not Nic, but Cole. My baby!

“Nicole! You're awake!”

“Isn't that what you begged me to do?” She said smiling a little.

“How are you feeling love?”

“Sore, and in pain.”

“I'll see what I can do for you baby. I'm so happy you're awake!” I said before giving her a gentle kiss.


“Dr. Huges?” I said catching him before he turned a corner. “Nicole's awake!” I said happily.

“Good, I'll be in to check on her in just a moment.”

“Thank you!” I said before turning to walk away.

“Hello? Channel 6? Yes, this is Nicole's doctor. She's awake. She had surgery for a broken wrist, and some internal bleeding. She also has a cracked rib. Yepp. Thank you. Goodbye.”

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” I shouted to the Doctor.

“Excuse me?”



“Call security, because I have my own security!” I shouted back.

“Listen, it's not everyday you get a celebrity as your patient. Granted it's LA, so it happens enough, but I've never had a celebrity as famous as Nicole.”

“That doesn't justify it.”

“You don't understand because you're famous, but if you were me you would completely understand why I had to do this.”

“Oh I completely understand.” I said before walking away. I completely understand that this man is going to be fired. I pulled out my phone. “Hello?”

“Louis! How are you mate?”

“Not too good. Uncle Si, I need you to report someone, I don't know how or I would do it myself.”“Who and for what?”

“Someone named Dr. Huges, he works at the UCLA medical center, and for violating HIPPA.”

“Louis this is a serious offense.”

“I know, but he told a news channel everything that happened with Nicole. He doesn't have the right.”

“I'll make the call.”

“Thanks Uncle Si!” 

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