Forbidden Love

Alex Garcia Monroe is falling hard for the high school bad boy named Justin. One day, Justin and her hook up and begin to date but her mother doesn't approve. She really loves Justin but she loves her mom too. Will she run away? Will she stay?


2. The Meeting


When I finally get to school, I see a whole bunch of cars are parked in the parking lot. I think to myself "We'll this is great" luckily I found the perfect parking spot and I made my way in the building. I walked straight into the main office to get my information on the locker and my classes. Once all of that is done, I go to my locker and settled in. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see 4 boys walking towards me. "This is trouble" I muttered to myself. 



Me and the boys step into the long hallway. "I missed this place!" Yelled Ryan. 

"Dude what were you smokin'?!" I yelled. Then I see a girl and I'm liking what I'm seeing... A LOT. "Fellas look." I said while motioning my head towards her. " DAMN!" said Ryan. 

"Yeah. Look at that ass!" said Chaz. 

"Let's go talk her up." said Christian. We start walking towards her and I think she noticed because that's when she started hurrying to put her stuff in her locker. 


I saw that the boys were staring and walking a little faster, that's when I really started to settle, I got my books ready as fast as I could but it wasn't fast enough because the boys surrounded me. "Hey shawty." said one of them. He had spiked hair and he was wearing all black with red shoes. Typical. 

"Hi" I said nervously. I was scared because I thought they might do something to me. 

"Don't be scared girl. You too fine to look scared." said another. He was wearing a shirt that had a whole bunch of pictures of cameras. Maybe he's a photographer. 

"I wouldn't be so scared if you tell me who the hell you are!" I raised my voice. 

"Ooh feisty. I like 'me like that. I'm Justin and this is Ryan, Chaz and Christian." Justin said. I closed my locker and pushed Ryan out of my way and headed to my first class. Apparently, what I didn't know was that the boys were following me and I didn't know what was going on in their twisted minds but I had a feeling it was something bad. 

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