Forbidden Love

Alex Garcia Monroe is falling hard for the high school bad boy named Justin. One day, Justin and her hook up and begin to date but her mother doesn't approve. She really loves Justin but she loves her mom too. Will she run away? Will she stay?


9. Showtime


As I was in makeup, I was thinking about Justin and the kisses we shared in rehearsals. I was also thinking and hoping that Justin would feel the same about me. Mackenzie was doing my makeup and she said, "What are you thinking about?"

"Justin" I answered feeling guilty.

"What about him?"

"I think I might be falling in love with him" Mackenzie stopped and laughed.

"Oh my gosh Alex you scared me for a sec there!" she laughed. She saw how serious my face looked and she knew that I was serious. I felt bad because I thought about what Sarah told me about how he just finds a good looking girl, bangs her and then never calls her again. I didn't want to be next but I love Justin... A LOT.


I was finished getting dressed in my costume and that's when I went to makeup department not only to make sure I look good, but to see Alex and what she looked like. Man, I hope she's beautiful. I've never felt this way about any girl before. Even if me and Alex were together, I'm still gonna be that bad boy that all the girls want but they can't have. I walked in and I saw Alex was looking over her lines when she looked up, she saw me through the mirror and turned around. I gave her a slight smile, and she smiled back. "Maybe she's just doing this because of the play" I thought. I shook it off and went straight to my chair to get the finishing touches. I couldn't stop looking at Alex the whole time because she looks amazing and I can't believe that she is the one I'm going to kiss one last time... EVER. Mrs. Westly called everyone and gave us this long ass speech on how good we need to look and then... SHOWTIME!

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