Lily Potter and the attacker from Tonsadore

I'm Lily Potter. Yep, Daughter of Harry Potter. This will be my first year of Hogwarts, along with my best friend, Hugo Weasley. My dad and mum never told me about why they were apparently 'Famous'... I had to find that out on my own... In more ways then one...


4. Note

Note One!!!!

So as you have most likely noticed, I haven't updated this movella in a while... I promise, I will update when I get 8 likes!! By the way, constructive criticism is highly appreciated. I do not focus on grammar and spelling btw. So please don't freak at me when I spell something wrong. I get more inspirations from comments!! And I might not realize when I get 8 likes, so feel free to nag!

Thanks for reading! And all Potter Heads, please check out my other 2 movellas (As both are harry potter fanfics.)

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