It's Complicated

Zoey Tomlinson thinks her life is amazing before she finds out things she isn't supposed to. There are things she was never supposed to know. She wants to know more, but her 'dad' tells her to drop it. He's saying everything she hears is a lie. But something tells her differently.


5. Chapter Five

Zoey's P.O.V.

    We went back inside and got Harry. He gave me a hug to comfort me and then we left. When we got home, I sat on the couch to think about how I'm going to figure this out. I can't just stay at Louis' house forever. "What are you thinking about?" Harry asked as he sat next to me. "Nothing." I said. "I know it's something. C'mon. Tell me." he said. "I just don't know what to do. The hospital won't give me answers and I'm just completely out of ideas. I can't just stay here forever." I said. "Why not?" Harry asked. "It's Louis' house. Not mine. That's too much to ask." I said. "Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. Lou and I are buying an apartment and moving out of here soon. There's a spare room. I'm sure Louis wouldn't mind you moving with us?" he said. "I can't do that, Harry. You're giving me way too much." I said. "Well, what if you paid a small portion?" he said. "That might be able to work." I agreed. "Cool, so I'll talk to Louis later, okay?" he said. I nodded. "Thanks, Harry." I said. He hugged me. "You're welcome." he said.

    Louis soon came in the room. "Guys, my aunt got sick and tomorrow my mother and I are to fly to New York to help her and just clean her house and feed her cat." he said. "Okay." Harry said. "So we'll be gone about two weeks, will you both be okay here?" he asked. Harry and I nodded. "Cool, well I need to go pack. We're leaving really early, so about twelve thirty tonight." he said. "Wow, that is really early. We'll just stay up to say goodbye." Harry said. I agreed. "Alright, well don't sit here bored if you want to go out it's fine by me. I have to pack." Louis said. "Okay." we said and he went to his room. "Want to go somewhere?" Harry asked. "Where?" I asked. "I don't know. There's this ice cream shop around the corner called Maggie Moo's. Want to go there?" he asked. Great. That's where I caught Tyler cheating on me. Not that exact one of course, but I think maybe I want to avoid all Maggie Moo's. "Um, is there a different ice cream place?" I asked. "Yeah, do you not like Maggie Moo's?" he asked. "No, it's a different reason I don't want to go there, but I don't really want to talk about it." I said. "Okay, well whenever you want to talk about it, you can I'm always here for you." he said. I nodded. "Thanks." I said. He nodded. "Okay, well how about we go to this place called Steak n' Shake? It's really good. You can get a burger or steak and a shake." he said. "Sounds good." I said. "Cool. Let's go." he said and grabbed his keys. We got in the car and talked the whole way there.

    At the restaurant, Harry asked the women for a table. Well, all she did was want a picture and a ton of things signed. He took a picture and signed to things, as she piled more papers and objects for him to sign. "Excuse me, miss? I'm very sorry, but I'm here on a date. I don't have time to sign all these. Can we have our table now?" he asked very politely. "Yes. I guess I didn't realize this. I'm very sorry." she said and showed us our table, then walked off to help the next person. "A date, huh?" I said. "I was just saying that." he said and blushed. "It can be a date, if you want it to be." I said. He smiled. "It can't be." he said. I know why. I heard Louis talking to him. "I heard Louis talking to you. I know he thinks I'll get hurt, but it will be my fault if I do." I said. "I wouldn't ever hurt you." Harry said. "I know. And I trust you, so that's why I'm disagreeing with Louis." I said. He smiled. "He's my best friend, though. I can't just ignore him." he said. "Well, then I guess this won't be a date if you don't want it to be." I said. "No. We can just keep secret, right?" he said. I nodded. "I won't tell." I said. He nodded. Then our waiter came over. "Hello, my name is Jason and I will be your server today. Can I start you off with drinks?" he said. "Sure, I'll have a Pepsi please." I said. "I'll have the same please." Harry said. Jason nodded and walked off with our order. I noticed he kept eyeing me every so often. "He's getting annoying." Harry said. "What?" I asked. "Jason. He's eyeing you every two minutes." He said. I chuckled. "Well I'm not interested." I said.  "So, what do you know about your real family?" Harry asked. "I have a brother. His name is Lewis or something similar. Carrie didn't know if that was his actual name, she only knew it was like it. My actual mother's name is Jay, and she didn't know anything about my father." I said. "Hm. Wait, you never told us your last name." He said. "Tomlinson." I replied. "Woah. That's weird. That's Louis' last name. And his mom's name is Jay." he said. I shrugged. "Coincidence." I said. He nodded. The rest of the meal we kept talking and having a good time. At the end, Jason brought us the check. There was a little piece of paper attached. I laughed when I saw it. It said;

Hey, cutie. ;) Call me: 702-688-2344

(A/N: I have no clue who's number that is. It's random lol)

   Harry rolled his eyes. "Whatever. How much does it say?" he said and reached for the check. "I'll get it." I said. He raised his eyebrows. "You really think that I'm going to let you?" he asked. "You really think I'm not paying?" I asked. "Fine. How about you pay half, I'll pay half?" he suggested. "Ugh. Fine. We each owe fifteen dollars." I said. He nodded and got out his money. The waiter came to collect it, but he grabbed it and gave Jason thirty dollars instead of his fifteen and my fifteen. Jason took the money and left. "Harry!" I said. "I'm not letting you pay. Get used to it if were going to be hanging out a lot." he said. I rolled my eyes. "C'mon. Louis is probably wondering where we are." he said. I nodded and he led me to his car.

    We got home and Louis was watching TV. "Hey guys. Where did you go?" he asked. "Steak n' Shake." Harry replied. "Yum! We'll have to go when I get back. Zoey, while I'm gone promise me you won't be worrying about finding out who your family is, okay? I want you to have fun and I'll help you when I get back." I said. I nodded to make him feel better. Of course I won't forget about it. I can't just stay with them forever. "By the way Lou, I was talking to her, and would it be okay if she lived in the extra room in our apartment?" Harry asked nervously. "That's a great idea!" Louis exclaimed. "Cool. I'll probably take Zoey by on sometime while you're gone." he said. Louis nodded and we watched TV with him until he had to leave.

    They were taking a cab, so Harry and I just stayed home. "Bye Zoey. Call me everyday okay?" Louis said and hugged me. "Okay. I will. Bye, Louis." I said. He went and hugged Harry. "Take care of her." Louis said. "Of course." Harry replied. "Bye guys!" he said and closed the door. "So, what do you want to do?" Harry asked. "Um, its kind of late... why don't we go to bed?" I suggested. You know, since it was twelve thirty in the morning. Harry chuckled. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea." he said. I nodded and we went upstairs. "Goodnight." I said. "Goodnight." Harry replied. I went to my room and laid down, soon falling fast asleep.

    I was awoken by someone talking. Was someone in the house? I quietly got up and peeked through my door. No one was around, but I heard talking again. It sounded like Harry. I went to his door and cracked it to look in. He was talking in his sleep. "No! Don't hurt her! Please!" he said. I frowned and went in. "Zoey, don't listen to him! Leave her alone!" he said. Was he dreaming about me? "Please. I love her." I completely froze. I know he's dreaming, but even in a dream? I walked over and gently shook him. He looked so peaceful before, but now he's having a nightmare, he looks terrified. A second later he opened his eyes. "Zoey?!" he exclaimed. "Yes?" I said. "You're okay!" he said. "You were dreaming, Harry..." I said. He smiled. "You're okay!" he said happily. "Yes, Harry. I'm fine, just worried. Are you alright?" I asked. "I'm just fine! I had a dream, and a guy um, killed you..." he trailed. "Well that's nice to know." I said. He chuckled. "Sorry." he said. "I could just crash here if you want?" I suggested. "Yeah, thanks for waking me that was a really bad dream." he said. "You're welcome. I guess we're even now." I said. He nodded as I crawled and laid down next to him. His arms immediately wrapped around me and we fell back to sleep.

    I felt someone gently shaking me and saying my name. I opened my eyes. It was still dark. What's going on? "Harry?" I asked. "We were only asleep for like twenty minutes and you started crying and screaming in your sleep." he said. I then remembered. I had another dream about that guy from the hotel. A tear snuck down my cheek. "Hey, you're okay." Harry said calmly and wiped the tear. I sat up and hugged him. He hugged back when I completely melted in his arms. I don't normally do this, but it felt really good. He held me and whispered soothing words until I stopped myself. I sat back and wiped my eyes. "You okay?" he asked. "I don't know. I'm really scared. I had another dream about the hotel. What if I keep having them?" I said as I started tearing up again. "Hey, it's okay. I'm here. I'll keep you safe." he said and hugged me again. "Can I ask you something?" I asked. "Of course!" he said. "What happened in your dream when I came in here?" I asked. He looked down. "A guy came for you and he held a knife to your neck about something. I don't remember but I didn't listen, I just wanted you safe but he killed you right in front of me. Then, Louis came back and you were dead and he blamed me because he told me to take care of you and you were murdered." he said. "When I came in here, you were talking and I heard you say something." I said. "What?" he looked nervous. "You know what? I'm really tired. Can we just go back to sleep now?" I asked. "Me too." he said and we laid down, this time I faced towards him and put my arms around him as he put his around me. He was felt so warm and safe. If Louis won't let us be together, if we ever do want to be together, then we're going to have problems.


A/N: Sorry, I was supposed to update yesterday, but I made this chapter kind of long so I have a reason not to. Hope you liked the chapter. I really like Zoey and Harry, who else? Too bad Louis doesn't...

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