It's Complicated

Zoey Tomlinson thinks her life is amazing before she finds out things she isn't supposed to. There are things she was never supposed to know. She wants to know more, but her 'dad' tells her to drop it. He's saying everything she hears is a lie. But something tells her differently.


8. Chapter Eight

Louis' P.O.V.

    At Starbucks, I parked my car and went inside. Harry and Zoey were talking in a corner booth. Zoey had tears on her cheeks and she looked really upset. I'm so stupid. Even if I was mad at her I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. I walked over and sat across from them. Zoey looked confused. "Harry can I please talk to Zoey?" I asked. He nodded and went to order something. Zoey just sat there and stared at her hands. I switched sides so I was sitting next to her. "Zoey, I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean to act that way." I said. "You still did." she whispered. "I know. I would do anything for you to forgive me. Please. There has to be something." I said. She looked up into my eyes. "I want you to believe me." she said. How could I? I don't know anything. "Zoey, I don't know anything about this though." I whispered. "Fine. Then leave me alone." she replied. "No, wait. I want to believe you. That would be amazing to have you as a sister. But I don't know anything about this." I said. "Louis, we look like twins. We get along. We like and dislike the same things. Those are just a few of the many facts. Plus, my folder says I have a brother named Louis Tomlinson and a mom named Jay Tomlinson. Our birthdays are both December twenty fourth. What other proof do you need?" she said. "My mom never mentioned a twin sister." I said. She looked hurt for a second. "I'll call her." I said and took out my phone.

(L-Louis, J-Jay)

J- Louis! How are you?

L- Fine. Can I ask you something?

J- Of course, baby! What is it?

L- Do I have a twin sister?
J- Um, no? Why are you asking this?

L- I just had a dream and wanted to know.

J- Ok, well I'll talk to you later, sweetie!

    I hung up and looked at Zoey. "She denied it." I said. "We can get a DNA test." she suggested. I nodded in agreement. I hugged her. "I'm really sorry, Zo." I whispered into her ear. "It's okay, Lou." she whispered back. "Can you come home, now?" I asked. "You kind of kicked me out." she said. "I didn't mean it." I said. "Yes. I'll come back." she said. I smiled and kissed her cheek. "Let's go. You look really tired." I said and waved Harry over. "We're leaving." I said. He nodded and we all went out to my car.

     We all went back home, and I decided to call the doctor's office to see if we could get a DNA test in. They said we can either go in and see them so they can take a few samples, or we can send some things in for them to test. I went to find Zoey. Her and Harry were watching the telly in his room. "Hey, I called the doctors. They said we could send in some stuff for them to see if our DNA matches, or we can go in, which do you want to do?" I asked. "We can just send stuff in. It will be easier." she replied. "Okay, well first we each need to get a piece of hair." I said and yanked one from my head. She did the same and gave it to me. I put it in a small bag and went back to complete the next thing we need; our tooth brushes. I put them in separate bags and added them to the collection. "Zoey!" I yelled trying to find out if she was still with Harry. "Still in here!" she yelled back. I took two cotton swabs and went to find her. "You need to lick this." I said. "Ew." she said. "You want to know or not?" I asked. She sighed and licked it. I took it and added it to our stuff. "I'm going to drop this off. I'll be back in like ten minutes." I said. They nodded and I headed for the door.

    I arrived at the office and went inside. "Hello." a nice man said at the desk. "Hi, I called about getting a DNA test and they said I could gather some things and bring them here." I said. "Oh, yes. Can I get your name, sir?" he asked. "Louis and Zoey Tomlinson." I said. "Okay, thank you. Now, I'll take the bags and we'll call you when the testing is done." he said. "Okay, do you know when that might be?" I asked. "Anywhere from a day to a week." he replied. "Okay, thank you." I said and left. Now, all we do is wait.


A/N: Sorry for not updating!! I'll go sit in the corner now! Hope you like the chapter! :)

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