dont let me go (larry stylinson)

Larry. It's more than a name. Thanks to the directioners Larry now has a meaning. It symbolises two mens love for eachother. Those men are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The rumours are going out of control and neither of them can handle it anymore. They just want to be happy....


19. telling the world

Louis p.o.v


I went onto my twitter and immediately regretted it. There it was, top trend.... #IsEleanorDead? Nobody knew. Why would they. I guess now was time to tell the world. I took a picture of Eleanor who was currently sleeping. She was so beautiful. A day old and already the most perfect child on earth.

@Louis_Tomlinson: My beautiful daughter Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson. R.I.P to Eleanor Jane Calder. You will be dearly missed. I know you're up there watching over our beautiful baby girl x

The tweet immediately got millions of retweets and my mentions blew up with mentions. They were either messages of condolence or messages of congratulations. I replied to a few, I mean its only polite. I heard a cry come from my room and i immediately rushed in there. I stared in shock at the empty cot. I heard faint singing coming from Harrys room. I went in there to find him gently rocking Eleanor back and forth. He was singing isn't she lovely. I felt the tears spring to my eyes at the thought of Harry singing to my baby girl. I crept out the room and left him to it. I went into my room and went back to sleep



"Louis please choose" Eleanor pleaded

"yes Louis, choose" harry said. I noticed he was holding my daughter

"give me my daughter" Eleanor yelled

"you might be her birth mother but im going to raise her as my own" harry replied

"guys stop" i yelled and they both stared at me

"Choose then" They said in unison

"Fine, i choose....."

*end of dream*


i woke up to find Harry standing over me.

"are you okay Boo?" he asked and i nodded. I stood up and gave him a hug.

"I choose you" I said

"what?" he asked. i lightly shook my head

"All you need to know is i choose you" i said and gave him a smile. I chose him. I chose Harry. It was time to let Eleanor go. Her memory would live on in our daughter but other than that I've moved on.


*the end*


thanks for reading this book guys. i'll do a sequal :) its not going to be about larry although larry is a part of it. its about baby eleanor when she grows up. Thanks guys and i love you all xx

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