dont let me go (larry stylinson)

Larry. It's more than a name. Thanks to the directioners Larry now has a meaning. It symbolises two mens love for eachother. Those men are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The rumours are going out of control and neither of them can handle it anymore. They just want to be happy....


14. larry?

harrys p.o.v


I gently knocked on Louis door and there was no reply. I felt really bad. he loves Eleanor, but he loves me more. I feel like its my fault. I gently pushed the door open to see Louis slumped on the floor with his head in his knees.

"come on boo, cheer up, its for the best" I said wrapping my arm around him. he looked at me with his puffy red eyes and a faint smile escaped his lips

"you know its not classed as cheating now" he said with a small smirk

"you're right, it's not" I replied before leaning in. I let my lips brush smoothly against his as the fireworks exploded in my mouth. it was a sensation that I had never experienced before and had been waiting what seemed like a lifetime to feel.

"I love you" I whispered in his ear

"I love you to" he replied in his sweet voice "but this seems wrong. I mean I love larry but I feel like we should tell the fans" he said. I nodded

"but first our familys" I said. this is what I was scared of. I know my family wouldn't care but I was still scared. coming out seems like a scary thing to do

"no boys first" he said and I agreed. we sat there and talked about the perfect plan, then it came to us


"guys we're going to get mcdonalds see you in a bit!" Louis yelled as we walked out the door

"and by the way, larry is real" I yelled and we both pegged it out to the car. Louis quickly drove away from the house and within seconds my phone was bombarded with messages


from liam: what? I mean if its true I have nothing against it but im just shocked


from niall: seriously. oh my god. I was right :) congrats boys. you have my support!


from zayn: really? oh great now I owe niall £50. haha oh well. I support ya :)


"they're okay with it" I said to Louis and he smiled

"I think I know why you like me harry" he replied

"why" I asked

"cuz im the oldest" he replied with a cheeky grin

"not funny!" I said but he just laughed. boys told. now family and fans





short update I know.

I would just like to say R.I.P  to my friend keane. only 7 years old and you didn't deserve to have your life taken away from you. I know that you're now the brightest star in the sky looking down on all of us and one day I hope to meet you up there.

R.I.P keane. ill miss you forever <3 xx

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