dont let me go (larry stylinson)

Larry. It's more than a name. Thanks to the directioners Larry now has a meaning. It symbolises two mens love for eachother. Those men are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The rumours are going out of control and neither of them can handle it anymore. They just want to be happy....


6. finding you

Louis p.o.v


me and the boys walked into the flat. it was quite quiet. eerie in fact. we went into the kitchen. there were a load of envelopes on the kitchen side. each had a different persons name on but they were all in harrys writing. I found the one that said louis and opened it


dear boobear,

it hurts me to write this. I know you're going to be upset but its for the best. im gonna miss you boo. i'll wait for you up there. don't you dare join me before your time. just because im gone doesn't mean you have to be. its not fair on you. look after the boys for me. especially niall. he will need it most and remember that liam isn't as strong as he looks. I love you boobear. don't miss me too much

your hazzabear xx


I stared at the note in confusion. it seemed like some sort of suicide note. no it cant be. I rushed up to harrys room and hammered on the door. no aswer. the boys had all read their letters by now and followed me. I think they were all thinking the same thing as me. I took a few steps back ready to run at the door

"wait lou ill go get the key" liam said

"theres no time" I shouted before running at the door. I hit my shoulder pretty hard and the pain was excruciating but I ran in the room anyway. I saw little drops of red coming off the bed. I ran and saw harry there, pale and lifeless

"no" I screamed as liam ran up to me. he restrained me as I tried to run to the bed. niall rang an ambulance whilst zayn checked for a pulse

"theres still ne there, its really faint though. if the ambulance don't get here soon he'll be gone" I screamed even louder when he said that. I don't want harry to leave me. he cant. its not fair. niall ran downstairs, probably to let the ambulance in. by now I had given up restraining. I let my whole body slump to the floor. I watched as the paramedics came in and took harry into the ambulance. I stared at the ceiling as liam picked me up and carried me to the car. he did my seatbelt and then gotin the drivers seat. I stared blankly out the window at the bright  streetlights. none of them were as bright as the star that was burning out though. none of them as bright as the star that was dying right now. I remained as imp and lifeless as harry when liam picked me up and carried me into the hospital. he placed me on a chair and sat besides me. him niall and zayn started talking. but I wasn't interested in the words they were producing. I only wanted to here one voice

"are you here for mr styles?" a doctor asked after what seemed like eternity

"yes" liam replied "is he okay" I stared at the doctors face. my vision was blurry yet not clouded with tears. no matter how hard I tried the tears wouldn't escape.

"mr styles Is....."



duh duh duh... cliffhanger :p ill update again tomorrow :) love you all xx


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