I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


2. Chapter Two

At first we were speechless: the fact Harry Styles was standing in front of us was too overwhelming for every kind of reaction. I tried to answer but as I opened my mouth a weird suffocated sound was all I was able to produce.

Harry noticed our mental blackout and smiled, trying to break the silence by saying:

“Sorry to bother you girls but... Nobody understands us here”.

The 'us' he used threw me and Irene in total panic: who the heck was Harry with? Dealing just with one of boys was too much already. Harry went on, looking sincerely worried “It's been twenty minutes that Liam and I are tying to get the bartender to understand what we're asking for without results”. WHAT? Liam was there too? Irene and I looked at each other with wide-opened eyes as we heard his name.

I finally had all my brain connections working again, so I said: “Well... of course we don't mind” and tried to sound calm: I didn't want to start screaming and crying and rolling on the floor in fetal position, even though controlling myself that time was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced. Nevertheless, my voice sounded a bit shaky.


Suddenly another guy came out from the toilette and Harry turned to him:

“Finally you're out! Did you have a shower in there? That's why it took you so long?” Harry addressed himself to him in a sarcastic tone.

“Shut up Harry!” Liam answered in his thick accent, looking offended. He then smiled and looked at us, probably wondering why was Harry standing that close to our table.

I couldn't help but to look at my friend: she always felt so much affection for Liam, having some strong Liam feels from time to time, and I undeniably recognised the powerful emotions she was feeling at Liam's sight. Yes, Zayn was her dream boyfriend, but Liam... could have been her best male friend.

The situation was even worse now, but a voice in my head shouted to me I shouldn't spoil the amazing chance we were having: and, again, was this fucking real? We used to talk about meeting them for months and now... No way I was screwing this up.

“D-do you wanna sit down?” I barely said, hoping they would accept.

Harry and Liam looked at each other: I actually thought they were going to refuse, not wanting to be bothered by two girls who were obviously One Direction fans.

Harry instead turned to us and said happily “Well... why not?”


As they sat down, I quickly squeezed Irene's hand, and she squeezed it back, just to confirm we were fine. Well, 'fine' is too much: let's say we were barely okay.

“From your reactions, I oughtta say you are the only ones in here who know who we are...” Liam said, and asked “What are your names?”

“I'm Alice, and.... she's Irene” I managed to answer, finding it hard to look into Liam' and Harry's eyes: they were so... perfect. I felt so intimidated like never before, and I could tell Irene was feeling the exact same way since she hardly said a word since the boys appeared.

They both smiled as they noticed our reactions, and Liam chose to make us feel a little more comfortable and asked: “So, you girls seem to be fans, an I right? Who's your favourite then?”

As Harry heard that, he winked at us in a cheeky way and then put on a big smile, followed by Liam's curious expression.

Irene giggled and I followed her: we couldn't believe they were asking that!

We looked at each other: our eyes were shining with incredible happiness. The little laugh, the fact I wasn't alone and my friend was feeling the same, helped me feeling a little more courageous, so I decided to quit my shy behaviour and try to normally talk to them.

“First of all, I must specify we're not fans. We're obsessed fans” I stated “We... we just... we love you ok?” I surprised myself by admitting this but I've always imagined me telling it to the boys once in my life: why not right now? There was no point in acting cool: I wasn't worried about my dignity because I lost it all the moment I started liking the most famous boyband in the world.

Irene must have thought the same thing, and she went on “We listened to one of your songs, started watching videos about you, download- I mean, bought your albums and... now we are here instead of being at school because we are too excited about tomorrow's show. I'm sorry but it's totally true...”Oh God what were we saying?


The boys seemed to find our sincereness funny, or maybe they were thinking we both were kinda strange, 'cause they both had a little laugh. Harry then put a little frown on his face and asked:

“Can I ask you something?” We nodded and he went on “Ehm... how old are you?”

Now it was our turn to laugh, and we literally had a noisy one, especially because Harry seemed to take that information seriously.

“You are right. We could be considered too old for boybands, but we try not to care... We're 21 by the way” Irene answered.

“Age is just a number” I added trying to support our position.

“Oh ok, I just asked 'cause you really don't look like typical directioners” Harry explained.

“Being honest, we generally don't even listen to pop music... we have completely different musical tastes, but... we consider you guys much more than a boyband” I firmly said: don't even know why I was saying all of this though, I guess I was trying not to stop and think about the fact we had Harry Styles and Liam Payne just in front of us.

“You are more like... friends. Famous friends who are unaware of our existence” Irene bravely explained.

“We are now aware” said Liam smiling and looking at Irene with his soft brown eyes, which were even more charming when he smiled. I looked at my friend and saw some red colour floating on her cheeks as she returned Liam's smile.

I decided to ask something “How come you are like this? You're so generous and kind with fans, and you are now wasting time listening to our meaningless confessions”

Harry thought about it for a while and easily said “We are just like that... we always try to ourselves” as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“You have beautiful selves then... I know you heard this a thousand times before, but... You and the others are so unbelievably true and nice and fun I don't even think you're humans” I said without taking a single breath.

Liam said “We like to talk to our fans, we just don't have much time, and you are so many” he smiled and added “plus you seem to be super nice girls so I'm enjoying this”

I felt my heart melting, and looked at Irene again, who almost had tears in her eyes.

“Since we arrived in Udine this morning, we had a really quiet time 'cause there still seems to be no fans around – well, except for you girls – so Liam and I decided to have a look around the town, saw this pub and came into it because of the Guinness sign outside: the only familiar thing around” Harry explained.

I immediately suggested: “If you guys need any help in Udine, like looking for places, buying stuff or just having free interpreters, you can count on us, ok?”

They both laughed at my suggestion, so Irene said:

“Hey we're damn serious here! We can work for you for free! No wait... we are gonna pay you”

They laughed even harder and we just stared at those guys' beauty for a while: they were beyond gorgeous and we felt so lucky.

We didn't even care they weren't our favourite ones: meeting them was the biggest thing it could have happened to us.


As they stopped laughing, Liam went serious and hesitated a while before saying: “Actually, we should ask you a favor... and it's the reason why Harry tried to talk to the bartender without success”

“Yeah you're right Liam! I was almost forgetting this!”

“Yes, anything!” Irene exclaimed.

“Well, we told you we chose this pub, right? To be honest, we... we got lost. We don't remember where our hotel is...” Liam explained.

“If you know where 'Hotel Roma' is, would you mind explaining us how to get back there, or draw a map if you like” Harry asked.

“What about taking you there ourselves?” I asked “It would be easier and you won't get lost again”

“It would be great! We don't wanna call anyone for help or they'll laugh at us..” Harry said.

“We are so happy to help you, this is nothing!” Irene said smiling.

“Ok thanks... we could leave now so the guys won't worry” Liam wisely said “but you first must answer to my question...” he added.

I looked confused towards them and then at Irene, who had the same puzzled face I had.

“Don't act like you don't remember... Who do you like most in the band?” Harry asked eagerly.

I instantly felt really embarrassed: I found it so awkward telling the guys 'cause they were his bandmates. This was my only occasion though.

“Mine is... it's Zayn” Irene hardly managed to say. The guys smiled in satisfaction 'cause we finally spit that out.

“Uh uh so you like my friend Zayn 'beautiful cheekbones' Malik, ha?” Harry grinned. We laughed and Irene nodded her head with a big smile.

“What about you, brunette?” Harry asked looking into my eyes with a half smile: he probably had noticed I stared at him several times, and suspected something. The fact is he was so attractive in person, ten times more than in pictures, and I couldn't have helped noticing that.

But my heart and mind belonged to someone else.

“I... like Louis” I said with a brighter light in my eyes: his name alone already meant so much to me.

“Oh so you got the wrong boyband members here” Liam noticed, pretending to be sad.

“You're right Liam, let's go”

“We can't go anywhere without them teaching us the road though” Liam pointed out.

We laughed and Irene quickly replied “You're my second one Liam, c'mon! Don't be sad”

Liam seemed to feel a little better, or at least he still was putting up a scene like before.

“Ok girls, we can go now! Thanks again for this, we won't forget it” Harry said as he stood up.

“No problem guys! We are the ones who should thank you for existing, actually” I said, in another impulse of honesty.

“Here we go then!” Liam exclaimed as he headed for the door, followed by his bandmate and two ordinary and excited girls behind.


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