I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


27. Chapter Twenty-six

We managed to get ready in the record time of half an hour: we washed ourselves in five minutes each, Irene wore the clothes she brought with her in order to change herself after our bath in the river, and we quickly put on some simple make up. The most important things were our One Direction t-shirts, we didn't need anything else!

I checked the content of my bag to make sure I had my concert ticket – something that was actually way more important than clothes – and we both ran outside after a quick goodbye to my parents, and jumped into my car, which was easier to park than Irene's. We were out of ourselves: we wanted to get there as soon as possible, 'cause we knew we would have to fight for a good spot inside the stadium! Being Udine, we hoped it wasn't much crowded and we should not have to wait too long to get inside but... It was still a show from One Direction! A huge crowd of fans would have always followed them anywhere, so we just hoped for the best and I kept driving like crazy; all that we were able to do was randomly scream and yell without expressing proper thoughts and complete sentences, and as we saw the stadium in the distance our squeals became ultrasound detectable by bats only.

There were many cars around already, so I parked quite far but couldn't care less, and we pretty much ran to the gates, where people were already starting to get inside: since there were no numbered seats inside, we both respected the queue but once we were inside we sprung like Olympic athletes and tried to get the closest we could, placing ourselves in what seemed to be the ninth or tenth row, promising each other we would not lose our position for the rest of the night.

I hugged Irene in an outburst of joy, and we both locked our eyes on stage, waiting for the magic to happen.






The sky was dark now, and its black blue blanket was above us, when we saw the stage lights moving and changing colours: nothing was happening but we all started screaming anyway, knowing the boys were appearing soon. I felt my heart pumping just inside my throat! I was nervous and anxious and overly happy I feared I might get a heart attack in the following ten minutes, while the wait was becoming more and more unbearable, and you could tell it from the way the screams were increasing their volume from one minute to the other.

Suddenly everything went dark, and I could barely hear one of the boys shouting “Hi Italy!” over the wild screams of everyone around me, and mine of course, as they all were running outside on stage, making my heart hurt like someone was beating it with punches.

As I saw Louis, all dressed in black and with an amused grin on his cheeky face, I felt like I was almost passing out and I quickly supported myself on Irene: it was like I had seen him for the first time ever, as if my brain had removed every memory I shared with him, and I was suddenly back in time when I still believed they were not real. But they were, and they were jumping around and waving at us, looking glad to be there.

“How's it going peopleeeee?” Harry asked, and we all replied with a huge uproar, making me think we would tear down the whole stadium, but when the first notes of 'Up All Night' began, the shrieks multiplied and covered everything, deafening and inciting me.

We all started jumping and shouting the lyrics along with the boys, who were pretty much unstoppable, each one of them moving from one side of the stage to the other so that we could see them all closer. Irene and I were on the right, and when Zayn approched to us, my friend started jumping higher and higher calling him, and he definitely noticed that crazy red-haired girl he knew well: he stopped and quickly winked at her, then went back where the others were, leaving my best friend with blushing cheeks and short breath.

I tried not to focus on Louis because I really wanted to enjoy the show and be able to see every little thing going on between them, but my eyes always fell on him, sometimes unconsciously and some other times it was my brain forcing me to do it: he seemed so confident up there, they all did actually, and it was so entertaining to observe him singing, not mentioning the fact his voice was like a clear blue sky to me, so beautiful and unique that gave me the sensation of warm caresses when he sang. Plus, he pulled faces and rarely looked like he was taking it seriously, which made everything even cuter and funnier!

A couple of songs had already gone by, but when 'More Than This' started, I held Irene's hand and completely concentrated on the music: I truly liked that song – well, it was easier to list the ones I didn't love, actually – and that time I felt it even deeper because my heart was now experiencing a whole new level of feelings that I thought I had forgotten, or hidden deep down inside.

When Louis came in with his part, I immediately had shivers all over my body, and I hardly avoided the urge I was having to lay on the ground and cry. He was heavenly, and I didn't know why in the world people would say that he couldn't sing.

As the song finished, I thought I could breathe for a while, and I let out my anguish with a loud applause, but the next song was 'Loved You First', and all my hopes were smashed: I loved that song so much too!

“Irene I don't think I'll survive this damn conceeeert!” I shouted to her, but she was into another world, her eyes almost turning into the shape of little hearts as she kept on observing her beloved one.


Luckily they took a break for their usual 'show into the show', and this time they suddenly decided it was a good idea to hold a jump challenge: well, not all of them, of course it was Louis, Niall and Liam partecipating. Niall ran up to the forth step and jumped, since it was all about who could jump the furthest, but Liam's strong legs took him a little further, so Louis climbed the stairs knowing he had to beat them all. He suddenly sprung like a frog – a cute one – but nearly fell on his soft bum, and Zayn and Harry, being the judges of the competition, stated that Liam and Louis were even, which only made Louis wanting to do it again, not being able to accept he wasn't the winner.

“Guys we got a show to perform, in case you forgot it!” Harry called them all back, and they finally went on with the setlist.

I sang along at every song, feeling excited as never before, and I could admire the talent those five lads truly had, they weren't just cute faces and funny jokes and pranks, they were amazing while singing, being able to perform every track perfectly, harmonising on each other's voices and always giving the impression they weren't even singing live!

I fought with tears many times, especially during Louis' solos, but one song totally pushed me over the edge, and I lost all of the control I had on myself: it was 'Moments', and when it began, Irene held me closer because she loved that song too, and we both stood there with heavy weights on our chests letting sighs out of our mouths almost together every once in a while.


Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face


Tears REALLY started to roll down on my cheeks, my sight got all blurred and I couldn't help but to sob violently: that part of the song, and the way he sang it, had always caused me big troubles in terms of controlling myself, but hearing the boy I loved so much singing it for real determined something into my soul that I didn't believe I could ever feel. A mixture of pain and joy, despair, gloom and who knows what else, I obviously wasn't even able to describe it to myself first.

Irene hugged me, and I thanked her with my eyes, wiping the tears away and then staring back at Louis: he was now on the right side of the stage, where we were, and he seemed to look at me for a while but there were so many people around me that I couldn't be totally sure of it.

When the song was finally over, I took a deep breath and tried to recollect the pieces of my self that were all scattered inside my body in a big mess, but I knew that my favourite song was getting closer, and even if 'Moments' probably affected me the most, I considered that one to be the most perfect one that the band had ever sung.

Finally, 'Over Again' started, and I let out a noisy scream to express my endless love for it: I adored every little thing about it, the verses, the melody pattern of the guitar, the way the chorus sounded so perfectly tangled up... I simply worshipped that song! I sang every single word, and yelled at Louis when he changed his lyrics as he always did, but enjoyed that moment as a mystical experience, knowing I was living the dream I always had since the first time I stepped over one of their earlier songs: seeing them live, and well... There I was, surrounded by people with the same passion as me, but feeling like the chosen one, the one that made her aspirations come true: such was the strength that their music and their entire existence were able to give me, and I wondered once again how could I have lived my life without knowing them. And now, how could I have lived my life without them, after all I got to see about them?

How could I go on without Louis?

I rejected that painful question and went back to reality, strongly forcing myself to focus on the show: I jumped and sang and danced with Irene during the following songs, the most 'party-like' ones, and we literally didn't stop the whole time, dancing with 'Kiss You', 'Live While We're Young' and the classic and wonderful 'What Makes You Beautiful', which always touched us in a particular way, since it was their first song ever.


The boys were up to all expectations, and I really admired them even more once the show ended, and they all 'wanted to say a massive thank you' to all of us before disappearing behind the stage.

“Alice let's go fast! Or we'll never get out of here because of the traffic!” Irene shouted, and I went after her in a hurry: I almost forgot we were meeting them at the hotel!

As we were running and trying not to hit anybody, I mentally attempted to prepare myself to the fact I was probably going to see Louis for the last time.

Hope they'll stay till tomorrow...

I'm not ready.

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