I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


21. Chapter Twenty

Irene and I both stopped right before the water, knowing it was impossible to run into it like that: it was the coldest water one could ever experience; in a hypothetical classification of deadly cold things it would have placed itself right before a bath into a pool full of ice cubes. Of course we didn't mind to make sure the guys should stop too, and we just stood there and waited to see their reactions.

“Oh fuck this is COLD!” Niall yelled as he re-emerged from the water, while the others clearly seemed to be regretting their cocky behaviour. I burst out laughing and Irene joined me.

“You girls are evil! Why didn't you tell us?” Harry asked, and we hardly managed to end our amused squeals and answer:

“We told you it was cold!” I shouted.

“No you didn't!” Louis intervened “And now you'll have to pay for that”.

He quickly went out of the water and Zayn followed him, both having a wicked light in their eyes.

“W-what do you think you're doing...?” I stuttered, but Louis' wet arms were already tight around me. I heard Irene screaming and the next thing I was aware of was that I had no ground beneath my feet, then a painful and almost burning sensation of cold spread on my entire skin, and my lungs did not receive any air for a while. I realised Louis had thrown me in the water so I turned around looking for the surface, where the sunlight was coming from, and I moved my legs to reach for it and breath again.

“Fuck you Louis!” I yelled rubbing my eyes so that I could open them and address my insults to a specified subject.


Louis and Zayn were right in front of us, bent over holding their bellies because of laughters, and the other three were giggling as well.

Regardless of the fact I wasn't strong enough, I threw myself on Louis' back, trying to bring him down into the water with me; of course it was like David fighting Goliath: Louis did not even lose his balance for a while and easily lifted me up, grabbing me from my waist, so that I was completely leaning on his strong shoulder like a dead weight.

“No! Please don't throw me into the water again or I'll have a heart attack!” I begged him.

“Louis you're such a pain in the ass” Liam commented, and Louis showed him his middle finger, but decided to show some mercy and gently put me back down.

“Thank you” I mumbled, and he gazed at me with such an intensity that almost scared me. I loved and hated that kind of look he sometimes gave me, when his turquoise blue eyes became hypnotic, causing me to almost lose myself into them.

Suddenly a cold spurt of water hit us both, and I turned around to see Harry wearing a satisfied smile on his cute face, then he said:

“No lovebirds allowed in here”

This only made things worse: Louis of course could not take that offence without replying, so he answered spraying Harry back, but in doing it he accidentally hit Zayn too, who immediately did the same, so a huge water fight started out of nowhere. No teams, just a global fighting where everyone was against everyone else, sprinkling all people around regardless of who it actually was.

After a while I couldn't see anything at all: I was soaked with water dripping from my hair on my face, and nobody wanted to stop. I tried to shout to the one attacking me, who seemed to be Niall but I couldn't be sure of that, but I almost suffocated myself 'cause Louis joined my enemy's attack and started splashing me with water too.

I recalled all of my strength and firmly went to face him: I blocked his arms and pushed him backwards with all the power I was able to. He looked at me in surprise but managed to grab my shoulders right before falling down, and brought me down into the water with him.

His warm body was right against mine, and the sensation of floating made me wish that we could have stayed like that for the following hours, not lovebirds but lovefish, swimming around with no need to breathe and intertwining our bodies with easiness like there was no gravity holding us back.


Louis interrupted my thoughts by carrying be up with him, looked at me with an amused grin and asked:

“Are you okay?”

“Yep I am. Thanks for almost drowning me”

“You're welcome babe” he replied with a cheeky smile, and we went back where the others now were; the war was already over, and Harry and Liam were swimming around, while Niall had taken possession of the inflatable and was all spread on it like butter on toasted bread.

“Me and Zayn are sunbathing now... You wanna come out with us?” Irene asked, holding hands with the dark-haired boy.

“I'd like to swim a little... I know that I won't be back in the water once I'm out!” I replied.

“Me too... Go on without us, you two won't get bored anyway” Louis stated in his usual sassy tone, but Zayn did not even care about sending him to hell, while I smacked his arm in reproach.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled innocently at me, then at my friend.

“What? What did I say?”

I raised my eyebrows pretending to be annoyed by his silly behaviour and got back into the water, slowly starting to swim towards the deepest point of the riverbed.

As soon as I realised that Louis was right behind me, I started to swim faster, avoiding a collision with Niall and his inflatable, and getting further from the coast.

It didn't take too long for Louis to reach me, and he managed to stop my right leg seizing my ankle, pulling me backwards and then surrounding me in a tight hold.

“Louis I can't stand with my feet on the ground here, it's too deep... We're going down if you don't let me go”

“Don't worry I can carry you. Why do you run away from me?”

“I wasn't running away, I just like to swim, you silly boy” I replied with a smile, slowly turning around to look into his eyes. I felt some warmth spreading inside my chest, realising that Louis wanted me near him so much.

“You're mine, you're not allowed to go around if I'm not less than a few inches away from you, you understand that?” he said lowly.

A big grin appeared on my face, and I held him close too: my eyes ran unconsciously from his shining eyes to his thin lips, then from his jaw to his wet hair, but they decided to finally stop and I just placed my head against his neck, perceiving the smell of his skin, almost unable to bear his stunning beauty.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing... it's just that... You're unbearably gorgeous, Louis, and I can't handle that” I admitted.

“You do say some shit sometimes, you know that?” he giggled, and I looked back into his eyes.

He seemed to think about what to say, then he finally added:

“It's not me, it's you seeing me like that”

“No Louis, it's objectively proved that you are handsome. I know you always hear compliments like these ones, but this thing is truly painful for me” I smiled again.

“Oh now I get it!” I suddenly exclaimed.


“You're saying this so that I'm forced to kiss you because that's the only way to convince you to shut your mouth, am I right?”

“Again with your brilliant deductions! Louis you're just...”

He shut my mouth with his lips, and it was like we kissed for the first time again: my intestines were all tangled up, and my heart seemed to pop out from my chest. He started with a slow and deep kiss, running his fingers along the borders of my bikini, almost causing me painful cramps in my stomach when he moved from my hips to the upper part, being so soft with his touch that it seemed I was just imagining him doing that. I caressed his chest, tracing the shape of his pectoral and abs with both hands, then grabbing him and pulling his waist close to mine.

He speeded up the kiss and blocked my head in position, not wanting me to interrupt this, but stopping that kiss was the last thing on my mind of course.

All of a sudden Louis stopped, and gazed at something behind me with a slightly worried look on his face.

“I think it's better that we stop now. There are... ehm. The boys are...”

I slowly turned my head and recognised Harry and Liam standing beside their towels, clearly observing us. When they noticed me and Louis looking at them, they both started to clap hands and howl like idiots.

“Sorry I should know they're like that” Louis apologized. I laughed and assured him it was ok, but my heart was still racing like crazy, so I took a deep breath, and held Louis' arm so that he could carry me back to the coast.

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