I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


36. Chapter Thirty-five

As I stepped into Irene's garden, a couple of minutes later, her barking dog welcomed me producing her usual loud noise, calming down as soon as she realised it was me, and I quickly caressed her before knocking on the door, trying to call my friend's name but being slightly nervous, so that the words didn't want to leave my mouth.
“There you are! Do you really think you can say those things to me? It's almost an hour that I' trying to guess what it is about!” she immediately reproached me, making me smile. She stepped outside on the porch where I was standing and locked her eyes on me, making it clear that she needed explanations.
“C'mon. You almost never say things like 'I've gotta tell you something', so I'm clearly curious”
“You're right... Well. Ok. Uhm...” I felt so strange knowing I was going to say that out loud, but it had to be done “Well. Louis went to see me today”
“WHAT!? HE... what? When? When were you planning to say that to me?” she yelled.
“I didn't tell you because there's something more. Something that occupied my mind the whole day, that's why... He asked me... To go to London with him” I paused looking at her, her warm brown eyes starting to change into a brighter colour “And after a while I... I decided I'll leave with him. Tonight” I concluded, no further words needed.
“Oh God are you serious? This isn't a joke??” she managed to say with an incredulous look on her face. I simply nodded with a half smile, and she immediately hugged me tight, and I wrapped my arms around her as well.
“Alice I'm so happy! I... saw how down you were this whole time without him and... I can't believe you can finally be fine now! This is... great!” she simply replied with excitement in her voice.
“I'm gonna miss you like mad Irene, you know that! We've never been apart for too long...”
“Don't worry about that.. Zayn is already talking about spending some time together in London around Christmas, so... Of course we'll get to see each other!”
“Awesome! I... don't know how things will go but I wanna try...” I smiled “My God can you believe it, my friend? One week ago we were just two obsessed fans and now...” I started.
“I know I know! Don't even say that 'cause I won't believe it even though it's all real!”
I laughed out loud and hugged her again, our giggles sounding as one, as usual.
“You're going to the airport right now then? Wow this is definitely what we call 'fast'”
“Yeah I'm terrified to be late, and Louis leaving without me...” I mumbled.
“Everything will be fine: this whole thing is going to be fine, Alice. All that happened clearly shows you what your way is, just take it”
“Have I already said that I'll miss you?” I joked, my heart as big as the moon.
“That's not true.. When I'll be with Zayn, I won't miss you at all” she stuck her tongue out.
“Goodbye then” I said pretending to leave, but she stopped me and caressed my arm, saying:
“I wanna hear from you every two days ok?”
“Ok I promise.. See you in a couple of months then!” I smiled and finally knew I was really ready to go. I waved her goodbye with my hand while I was exiting her garden, and ran to the car, feeling a little tear rolling down my cheek.
“Everything's ok?” my mum asked as I got inside.
“Yeah sure... it's just strange to say goodbye. It's the first time I'm doing this”
“As you said, this is just a goodbye, not a farewell, so just think of what's waiting for you”
I nodded and smiled, leaning my head on the headrest and concentrating on the road so that other anxious thoughts could hopefully disappear.






The trip was kinda quiet: my mum had put on some music – a Sara Bareilles' cd I made for her – avoiding to ask questions for what seemed to be an hour and a half.
We travelled fast through the highway, not many cars being around, and we experienced a wonderful sunset right in front of us, far down on the horizon: I thought of it as a sign, a sing telling me something was ending for me that day, but... every night brought a new day, that was for sure.
After a couple of minutes into my philosophical meditations, I realised what time it was.
Being summer, I knew that the sun disappeared quite late, so I checked on the car clock and gasped all at once: it was ten. IT WAS FUCKING TEN O'CLOCK!
I started touching my pockets looking for my cellphone looking like someone with spiders running on their skin, my heart racing wild: Louis asked me to text him around nine, and I was fucking late! How could I have been so idiot? I had one single task, for God's sake, and I missed it!
Calm down, Alice. He'll answer you anyway. It's nothing, they're probably not at the airport yet.
I couldn't listen to my own self, but I sent him a quick text, my hands shaking:
< Hey sorry I'm late! I'm on my way to Venice airport, be there in half an hour.. What about you? >
I put it back down and started breathing heavily, hoping it would have soon buzzed and that I could read Louis saying: 'Glad you decided to come with me! We'll wait for you then' or something reassuring like that, but I kept on yelling at myself inside my head.


Since I repeatedly controlled the time, I knew that ten minutes later I still had no reply.
I was nearly panicking. Thousands of dreadful scenarios started appearing inside my mind: they've already left, they
were on the plane and his cellphone was off... or it was just a joke.
Louis was a prankster afterall.

Stop stop stop STOP! Call him, you idiot.
I immediately dialled his number, hoping I could hear anything through the loud noise my blood was making inside my ears, but what I heard didn't help at all: it threw me into instant madness. Some robot-like voice was telling me 'the customer I was calling wasn't available at the moment'.
I almost crashed the phone against the dashboard. It was all my fault! This could only mean they were on the plane! Louis knew I had to text him, why would he leave his cellphone off? A sense of despair spread across me within two seconds, and I couldn't believe at my own stupidity when I suddenly realised I had Harry's number as well!
I called him holding my breath: he was my last hope, and I would have had no other ways to contact them. It seemed like it was ringing, and I felt the warmth inside my body again, waiting to hear Harry's deep voice answering me, but the rings suddenly stopped, as if the owner of the number suddenly had
blocked my call.
What the...?
I realised Harry could have deleted my number when he gave it to Louis. It was the only explanation. And now he wasn't answering to unknown numbers.
Fuck you Harry Styles fuck you fuck you fuck!
“M-mum I... Louis is not answering! I... what if I don't find him? Why did I... Shit!”
“He told you he was leaving at half past eleven, right?”
“Then why should he have changed that without letting you know?”
“Ok but what if I don't find him? What if they're already
on the plane and...?”
“The airport is a small one, if they're around you'll find them... Don't worry before the time has come! We'll be there in ten minutes... I'll park quick and let you go inside”
Ok... thanks” I hardly replied, my throat hurting as if someone punched it.
I kept being silent the whole time, biting my nails to alleviate the anxiety I was feeling, which actually increased as I saw the airport building in the distance.
“Here we are...” my mum whispered almost to herself as the car entered the big car park just in front of the main entrance;
she parked the car in one of the few free parking spots left and turned the engine off. I looked at her, conscious of the terrified expression I was wearing, but she put her hand on my shoulder:
“I'll be here if anything goes wrong, ok? Don't worry. Now go. Hope you won't be back within two minutes” she smiled and hugged me “Take care of yourself”
I'll be fine. I have Louis” I smiled before storming outside, almost falling on the ground for my legs were weaker than ever, but I had no time to realise things! I quickly dragged my luggage down and ran to the big glass door that led inside the building, my eyes crazily running everywhere.

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