I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


16. Chapter Sixteen

Our return trip was a quite one: Harry, Niall and Louis were with me again, but the so-called noisy ones weren't that noisy anymore; they quietly chatted at the beginning, but after a couple of minutes a deep silence fell inside my car, and as I checked the back seats on my rear view mirror, I smiled seeing Niall resting his head on Harry's shoulder – who was a perfect support, being the tallest – both with eyes closed, maybe already asleep: they surely had a tiring day, travelling by night all the way down from Austria, and they didn't spare energy that night, that's for sure.

Louis was right next to me, and he seemed to be in a pensive mood, looking out of the window, supporting his chin with his hand; I wasn't sure about interrupting him or asking him something, but I didn't want him to be sad, or just worried, I wanted him to be happy more than anything else.

I chose not to say anything but I instead stretched my hand to him and caressed his arm: he turned to gaze me and slightly smiled, his eyes not reflecting the light of his grin as usual.

“What's wrong cutie?” I whispered.

“I guess I'm just... tired. Thanks for worrying, but there's no need for it, I'm ok” he replied.

I went back to look at the road, not completely convinced about his answer but not wanting to stress him. We finally reached the hotel, but Irene went parking behind the building, so that we could easily leave in the morning, and so did I.

As I stopped the engine, the guys all started stretching, probably longing to get off and go to bed.

“Here we are girls... let's find a room for you” Zayn said while we were all stepping inside the hotel reception, and Irene and I followed the boys inside the big elevators: the hotel was a really nice one, not too pretentious but well-furnished and decorated, with low lights still on everywhere, covered in super modern designed lampshades.

A tall bodyguard welcomed us when we finally reached the boys' floor, looking not so friendly but not much hostile too, and briefly questioned the guys about their night out: how many photos did they have to take, how many paparazzi they met, how many glasses they broke.

The boys, mainly Liam and Zayn – 'cause Harry and Niall were probably the ones who drank the most, replied and explained our plans for the following day, and the tall man finally noticed Irene and me but kept interacting just with the boys, who mainly assured him they would have been totally safe with us and would surely be on time for the show.

I wasn't much worried about him not letting the boys free to go wherever they wanted, my thoughts were all focused on the fact we were sleeping there, Irene and I were sleeping with the boys. In different rooms, of course.... or, at least that's what I thought I had understood earlier.

After a while, the man seemed to be fine with the whole plan, insisted a little that they should have to talk about it to some more people too, but finally let us go: Niall silently exulted, and Zayn wore an annoyed expression as soon as he passed by the bodyguard, causing us to smile.


“This one only has our clothes for tomorrow in it, so you can definitely sleep in here...” Liam informed us, and added “You can pick one of our oversize tees and... sleep with it”

“Thank you so much Liam” I smiled at that tremendously kind boy “Thank you all for letting us stay here, you're... the best”

“Don't say that, we had a really good evening thanks to you, this is the least we can do” Liam replied, followed by Harry smiling and noticing “It all started by accident, ha? It's unbelievable!”

We all smiled, but it really was time to rest, so we all waved goodbye to each other and wished good night, agreeing to wake up at 8 o'clock, which made just five hours or so to sleep but none of us cared much.

Irene and I went into our room: it was quite big, with a large white double bed against the wall on the right, in the middle of the room, and a long coat stand in front of us where a lot of clothes were hanging. It also had a little bathroom of its own, but we both were too tired for any shower or bath: it had been the most amazing day of our lives, we didn't even know if we would have been able to sleep! Not only we met the boyband we loved, we also had the chance to spend some time with them, but this was just a part of it: we both were with the guys we liked most on Earth! I mentally noted down that I should thank Harry, 'cause he was the one who came up with telling Zayn and Louis the truth about who we liked most, and now... for God's sake I was almost shaking remembering when Louis approached to me in the club, the way I kissed him and then he... I forced myself to stop 'cause my thoughts were starting floating around like crazy.

Irene and I looked at each other: she was having the same thoughts I was, and I hugged her tight, longing for some girl talk before sleeping, I needed to let my considerations out, otherwise I wouldn't sleep at all, but all of a sudden we heard a knock on the door.

We stared at it with a terrified look on our faces: who the heck could that be?

“Alice t-they knocked...” Irene whispered.

“Yeah I heard it too”

“What if it's someone that should not find two girls in here?”

I thought about it for a minute, then replied:

“It's not our fault, the boys brought us here so.. If any trouble happens, we'll wake 'em up”

“Ok guess you're right... I'll take it then”

Irene slowly reached the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

On the other side, still wearing his night out outfit, there was Zayn.




He stared at Irene for a while, then at me, then looked at Irene again: a serious look could be traced in his eyes, and there was no way to understand what he was going to say or do.

He suddenly offered his right hand to my friend, who was standing motionless in front of him the whole time, and asked:

“Wanna come with me?”

Irene was completely speechless. She turned to me with a questioning look in her eyes, and I smiled trying to let her know that I wanted her to do what she really felt like doing, not worrying about anything else: I was fine with her leaving with Zayn, and I would have been fine with her staying with me too. She nodded in silent agreement, and after a while she took Zayn's hand, waving at me with the other and closing the door behind her.

I immediately started giggling like a fool, all alone, covering my mouth with both hands in order not to wake up everybody, but I was way too excited for her! Zayn had been so crazily hot and irresistible asking her to go with him the way he did, no girl could have said no to something like that. I hoped my friend could have the time of her life that night!

I went back to reality and realised I missed Louis: we didn't kiss each other goodnight, and I started getting worried he might lose interest in me. I mean, he almost had it all but I didn't let him go to the final base – let's call it like that, and that could totally be something most boys would not appreciate. Plus, he had that strange and quiet behaviour in the car, and...

Stop Alice, stop it. You're overthinking as always. He's not an asshole, you should know it by now.

I tried to relax and went to look for a t-shirt to sleep with: my dress wasn't much comfortable, and I just wanted to have five – now four and a half – hours of good rest, no useless things bothering me.

I noticed a white band t-shirt with 'The Who' written on it, the one Louis used to wear during shows, so I took it and changed myself, undoing my bra too and finally feeling much better: the tee wasn't much long, it just covered my thigh gap, but nights were still quite warm, plus there were several blankets on the bed so I knew I couldn't be cold.

I was lifting the sheets to finally get myself between them when I heard another knock on the door, and this time my blood froze for real, 'cause I was completely alone now.

At first I hoped it was Irene who forgot something, but realised she would have tried to let me know it was her, so I went to face whoever it was, taking deep breaths while walking on the soft white wall-to-wall carpet.

I slowly opened the door, bending over the edge so that my naked legs couldn't be seen, and I caught my breath when I saw Louis' face appearing from behind it, a little smile on his face.

“Sorry babe but... I heard Zayn and your friend leaving a while ago and... thought you might not want to sleep alone...” he explained “because I don't want to”

My lips unconsciously opened in a big smile, while my heart was filled with joy. He read my mind, that fucking boy could read my mind! I was scared and happy at the same time.

I took his hand and dragged him inside, silently closing the door behind us.

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