I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


17. Chapter Seventeen

As soon as we were inside, I wrapped him in an infinite hug, my arms tight around him, my head resting against his neck; he held me close with his arms across my back, one hand moving up and stroking my hair every once in a while. I really felt like I needed him, I needed him to be close to me, but not in the same way I wanted him during our hot kisses up in the castle: this was the kind of sensation that was miles away from that type of need. Simply it was my heart needing him, this time.

“I'm relieved that you... are here with me” I managed to say, trying not to be too sentimental.

“I thought you might have yelled at me, but... I'm glad to be here too” he replied when we finally divided, then looked down at my naked legs, completely changing his tone:

“You should get some pants, don't you think?”

“Why? You've already seen my panties during my gate climbing, so... there's no point in it” I smiled, knowing I could have easily teased him about this.

“Ok you're right, but I won't hug you if you're cold tonight, got it?” he pointed out in the most annoying tone ever.

“Shut up Mr Tomlinson, the idea of you in my bed will keep me quite warm, don't worry”

Louis widened his eyes in astonishment:

“When are you going to stop these sincerity outbursts please?”

“I love to see how shocked you are every single time...” I laughed, then went on:

“Ok, so... you're staying with me tonight? What are your plans? You wanna jump onto me in my sleep?”

Louis smiled at my stupid joke, but suddenly went a little more serious, and he seemed to be looking for words, almost causing me to over react again, then he finally replied:

“I don't want you to think that I'm here only to... have what I did not have before”

“Louis you don't need to explain anything to me, you're a free man and you can do whatever you want”

“No Alice I wanna make it clear: I'm not the kind of person that hides the truth, I'm used to expressing what I feel, so this won't make any exception” he firmly said.

“Ok, sorry for interrupting you. I just don't want you to feel like you are duty bound to behave with me...”

“I say things 'cause I feel like saying them, that's how it mostly work” he smiled.

I nodded and encouraged him to go on, starting to feel really curious about what he was going to say:

“As I said, I'm not here to finish what we started, that's not what brought me here... I just realised I wanted to sleep with you... Like, sleeping for real, not just a metaphor. I wanna have a good rest with you by my side. That's all” Louis finally admitted, then mumbled almost to himself “I know it may sound a little sugary but... I really mean it”

I was so overwhelmed by his sweetness and sincerity that I started feeling my throat hurting, because tears were fighting to exit my eyes and moisten my cheeks, but I firmly decided I wasn't going to let them win me.

I hugged Louis again instead: my heart was almost exploding with all the happiness his few words had caused me, and I realised that was the thing I wanted most too, an intimate and tender sleep with the most amazing boy I could ever have.

“Just like old couples, ha? Sleep, and only sleep..” I pretended to mock him, but feeling thankful for the fact he still let me be the one to decide when and where it was the right time for other things.

“I hate it when you spoil my moment for jokes with yours, Alice... You're terrible” Louis said laughing, but he finally seemed to be the light hearted and nice guy he is again, now that everything had been let out.



“I'll put on something more comfy, ok?” he said, and approached himself to the coat hanger, looking for the right clothes for the night.

In the meantime I went to bed, loving the sensation of fresh sheets on my skin, and feeling the tiredness coming onto me all at once like a waterfall. I laid on the right side of bed, turning to observe Louis' movements, staring at him with an adoring look on my face.

I literally could have stared at him for hours without getting bored: he was so cute with every single thing he did, and he acted so naturally with me around, which I totally loved.

As he started to undress himself, I doubted that the whole 'doing nothing but sleep' thing would have worked: he took off his jumper, then unbuttoned the white shirt, and his tattoos finally showing for the first time caused me to swallow and blink my eyes several times. He looked so damn hot with them, his right arm almost entirely covered with them should have been classified as an improper weapon; not mentioning his chest tattoo, and after a while of me observing it I suddenly realise I was already picturing myself kissing his chest around it.

Louis lifted his eyes to me and giggled, obviously noticing the craving expression I had, and decided to male things easier for me taking off his jeans too, standing right in front of me just with light grey Calvin Klein boxers, acting like it was a completely normal situation.

“Louis, could you please stop?”

“Stop doing what?” He asked cheekily, interrupting his clothes changing activities and turning to look at me.

“Stop being so hot!” I angrily replied, turning my back to him with a bounce on the mattress, that was meant to underline the dramatic feelings I was having, then I crawled like a worm to the other side of the bed, distancing myself from him and almost covering my head with sheets. I was having Louis feels in 'real life', that's to say with Louis right there: my God that was hard.

Sometimes the fan inside of me still went out and was uncontrollable, making me look like a teenager, which I no longer was.

After a while of heavy breathing, I felt the mattress moving, then a warm body was right against mine. Louis kissed me on the shoulder and moved away, so I turned to look at him.

I widened my eyes when I realised he still had just his boxers on, and he laughed at my shocked face, then pulled me close saying:

“Come here babe, hug me...”

I slid next to him, he put an arm around me and I placed my hand on his chest, resting my head on his shoulder, feeling at peace. No urge to jump onto him, and having him so sweet, soft and beautiful against me was the best sensation I've ever felt.


We didn't talk at all: it would have been the perfect time to, I kinda felt more honest and brave late at night, when it was up to confess things, and we were there in complete tranquillity, but our bodies already communicated with touch. I closed my eyes and caressed his chest and abs, breathing his good smell in, moving a little closer to better fit onto him, like a bird in its nest.

He sank his hand into my hair, rolling up some locks around his fingers and causing me to relax even more: I wouldn't have been able to sleep without him. Too many things were going on in my brain, now that I could rethink at my day - like I was unfortunately used to doing before sleeping -, but his presence alone reassured me about any doubts or worries I could have.

I opened my eyes and stretched a little to reach his jaw, I kissed it and went down on his neck, still softly placing my lips on his smooth skin, no desire or thirst driving me, just thankfulness.

He looked down at me and we briefly shared a kiss, then he whispered:

“Goodnight babe, and sleep tight...”

“I surely will... goodnight Louis” I lowly replied, resting on him again, his slow heartbeat already carrying me gently into sleep.

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