I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


7. Chapter Seven

We heard some voices approaching from the inside and placed our eyes on the glass door, when they finally stepped outside, laughing like crazy and looking so happy and amused being all together.

The scene Irene and I were forced to face was worthy of thousand photographs, Renaissance portraits and Greek sculptures as well: the boys were unbelievably gorgeous. We stared at them for a while before actually saying hello, our mouths unable to answer our brains' commands.


Niall was wearing a tight dark blue polo, perfectly matching his eyes, with a pair of white jeans and his white sneakers; he also had a grey hoodie that fitted him really well, and his blonde fringe covered his forehead a little. He smiled at us, his clear blue eyes shining. Harry was next to him, and waved at us with his hand and his magnetic smile: he had a blue t-shirt with a low cut, showing his chest tattoos – which was already something kinda hard to avoid staring at –, a grey blazer and a pair of dark skinny jeans, along with his inseparable brown suede shoes.

Liam was wearing a white shirt that definitely showed his perfectly sculpted body, and a pair of dark grey jeans: he was laughing at something Louis probably had said or done, and had that sweet and tender smile of his. Zayn was close to him and laughing as well, a tight black shirt with rolled sleeves and a pair of dark jeans on, along with black suede shoes, looking amazingly handsome with that rather simple – but totally effective – outfit. Plus, he had no quiff: his soft charcoal black hair were almost natural, a little hair gel just to style his fringe, and he looked particularly attractive.
I could totally hear Irene holding her breath when she noticed it as well.

Louis completed the triad behind, but my eyes spotted him in the very moment they appeared: I wanted to cry. He had his typical messy hair, which I loved, and wore a light grey sweater with sleeves rolled up a little, a white collar showing from its circular cut, and a pair of light blue jeans with white shoes; I always loved the way he dressed, he was amazing looking like a college student as well as when he wore skater clothes, and I couldn't say I preferred him one way or the other.


“University girls gone wild, ha?” Harry said grinning and looking at us from head to toe. I felt pretty uncomfortable at first, but I forced myself to look confident and smiled at the boys.

“You look... you look quite good” I said right before laughing at my own sentence.

“Quite good? That's all!?” Harry pretended to be shocked “Ok guys let's go find someone who likes us more”

We laughed out loud and Irene said “C'mon Harry, just kidding! You guys are perfect, believe me” she admitted blushing.

“That's much better” Harry finally nodded “now we can go”

“Can I smoke a cigarette before leaving?” Zayn asked, clearly addressing to Irene, who quickly nodded, surprised by that.

We briefly described the club to the boys, who wanted to know how it was like and what kind of music did they play, and they laughed when we explained that no other girl would probably bother them because we were the older fans in Udine for sure. They all seemed excited about the night out: well, of course they had been to cooler places and met cooler people than the two of us, but the fact they could go out by themselves in a very little town like that was probably the reason why they were so cheerful, and started to get noisy as well. As their impatience grew, Louis and Liam teamed up to spoil Harry's hair, who had to fight them back and started running around to escape their hold, while Niall was supporting him with loud choruses and claps; Zayn stared at the scene with an amused look on his face. I felt like being in the middle of a school break, with little kids running and screaming, and it was great to see how they were still silly boys like everyone else, not posing or playing it cool like one could expect: well, I knew they were amazing especially for this reason, but seeing it with my own eyes really filled my heart with love and thankfulness for their existence. My friend was completely absorbed by the scene of Zayn smoking, turning to look away every time his eyes met hers, but couldn't avoid to place them back there again: it was a definitely hard time for her, plus Zayn really seemed to treat her differently than he treated me. Of course he was always nice but I noticed a sudden new expression when he looked at her; I would have been the happiest girl on Earth if my best friend could have got to know Zayn a little better, just by talking with him: I was convinced he was an interesting person to speak to, and Irene of course was totally into him, as I was for Louis.


Zayn threw his ended cigarette down and we crossed the road to reach for our cars, with Harry trying to repair the damages his hair received, and Niall who couldn't help laughing and didn't seem to be able to stop.

“Ok, so... here we are. How do we divide into groups?” Irene asked as soon as we arrived to the parking spot.

“I don't wanna go with Louis 'cause he's annoying” Zayn stated with a cheeky smile, staring at Louis, who answered with a “Fuck you pal” and showed his middle finger.

“Why don't we go with the redhead, ha?” Liam asked addressing to Zayn, and they both looked at my friend “so we can avoid the noisy ones...”

“Ok Liam I'm in, what's your car sweetie?” Zayn said looking at Irene, who pointed at her dark blue Volkswagen, then she gave me an eloquent look that meant 'Zayn in my car oh dear God save me', I silently laughed and waved her goodbye as they disappeared into her car.

Anyway why did they not use our names instead of cute nicknames? Screw them.


“Seems like you'll have to deal with us” Niall said laughing, and the three of them got into my car.

Louis forced the other two to place themselves on the back seats, so that he could be more comfortable, acting like a cute little bastard. I plugged my phone into the car radio as I always did before starting the engine, realising after a second or two that the boys would probably cover every song with their loud laughters and chats but doing it anyway, then I started the car and drove behind Irene's one.

Louis was right next to me, and as he saw me plugging the phone he asked:

“Would you mind if I take a look at your music and choose it?”

“No Alice no! He'll end up putting on terrible shit!” Harry shouted

“Hey sorry but my music is no shit” I stared at Harry on the rear view mirror with a fake furious look, then handed the phone to Louis, having a little shiver when his hand touched mine.

Louis looked at me for a little while, and I wished he hadn't noticed my reaction, then he started scrolling through my music and said “C'mon Harold be quiet, you can learn something”.

Harry grunted but sounded totally amused by these little tiffs, then he went discussing with Niall about simple and easily comprehensible pick up lines in English for the night, which mainly ended up being like 'you're hot, wanna go out?' and similar. I giggled and quickly thought that I would totally accept any invitation from them, being so cute and hot at the same time whatever they said or did.

As 'Live while we're young' started on the radio, I turned to Louis, who seemed to be absolutely pleased with himself, I laughed and smiled at that incredibly beautiful face, listening to that perfect party song that fuelled me with energy; the boys on the back seat started singing too, and we ended up having the loudest volume ever, shouting the lyrics out of the car windows.

I totally loved being with them!


Louis then chose some other songs, putting on some Bastille, and put the phone down, while the two guys behind kept on chatting.

“You really have interesting musical tastes, I must say” he admitted, and I felt so happy because music was something I always loved and explored: I considered myself having a pretty wide range of music genres I loved, so it always was a compliment for me. I thanked Louis and decided to take advantage of the fact we were there almost alone and try to have a little conversation just with him.

I asked him about the music he loved, and even though I knew some of it I discovered new things, plus I could see with my own eyes how Louis talked, reacted and behaved during our chat. He was so well-known for his crazy and sassy behaviour, but he was able to be totally serious about something he particularly felt as important. I was amazed by his every move and expression, and I should keep telling myself to look at the road too because Louis attracted me like nobody else.

The little exchange of thoughts and opinions we had helped me to feel less intimidated by that perfect human being, and I could almost look into his eyes and forget he was Louis Tomlinson.

While these thoughts crossing my mind, I turned right and took the big boulevard where the club was.

“We're almost there guys!” I said in excitement, and Niall yelled his joy out, soon followed by Harry and Louis of course: they stopped only when my car was finally parked in the big open space right next to the Black Out.


I laughed and got off, the guys already heading to Liam and Zayn, who were waiting for us a few metres away; Irene was there too, and by the size of her smile I could tell she had a trip just as good as the one I had.

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