I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


1. Chapter One

Never thought that waking up in the morning at 6 could be fun. But that day it actually was.

Well, one usually feels kinda excited when it comes to special events occurring on a particular day, like leaving for holidays or meeting special people but... this was different.


I got up and dressed myself within ten minutes, a personal record considering it usually took me almost half an hour just to leave my beloved bed on normal days. Feeling completely fresh, as if I had just slept for 12 hours in a row, I drank my coffee and finished getting ready for another day of ordinary university life: me taking the bus to Udine, meeting friends and spending the whole day studying. Exams were getting close.

Just ordinary university life, true, except for the little fact that it was the day before One Direction concert. The very thought of it just brought a huge and unconscious smile on my face, as I took a seat on the bus.

I still couldn't believe it: after two years of crazy obsession over those five boys I could finally prove to myself that they were real! Yes, perfect but real. Staring at the ticket for the past months just couldn't avoid the sensation I had that it wasn't true anyway.


I was brought back to real world as my best friend Irene sat beside me, a happy look on her sleepy face: “Hey chick, how are you doing?”
“I just cannot wait for tomorrow night and don't give a shit about anything else” I answered in a serious tone. Irene giggled and agreed with me.

We were friends since Kindergarten and time only brought us closer and closer: we almost read our minds now. Besides, we both caught 'One Direction Infection' and were hopelessly in love with them, fangirling all night together from time to time and talking about them on a daily basis. Regular Directioners' life. Not mentioning we were Tumblr abusers.

Right before the bus stopped, I was checking on Twitter but no news to be found” she informed me in a sad tone.

Do you think they'll arrive today? Or tomorrow? They had a show in Austria so they're pretty close anyway..” I asked

Don't know! We'll probably find out just this afternoon... But, you know, I hope they'll take advantage from the fact that most fans will arrive in Udine tomorrow, so today they could check in at the hotel and relax”

Yeah it makes sense... But the idea of them walking around Udine while we're there just kills me!” I said in a higher voice trying to control myself as there were other people around.

Don't even say that!” Irene looked at me with her eyes opened wide, a terrified look on her face

I laughed at her reaction, yet feeling too excited to calm down.

Remember? Last time they were in Italy we managed to see Niall, Harry and Liam even though we had no tickets... But this time I will see Zayn Malik for fuck sake!” Irene almost shouted “Don't know if I'll be able to handle that. If I die, remember I loved you my friend...” She put a hand on my shoulder to underline the dramatic moment.

I quickly replied “No don't die! Or I'll have no one to talk to about their show, and especially about me seeing Louis for the first time! Please...” and pretended to cry

Ok ok no dying, I got it”. We both burst out laughing. We acted like stupid little girls when we were together, no matter the time or place, or the insignificant fact we were 21: this 'One Direction in Italy' thing made things even worse.


We spent the whole trip discussing about the song list, the hotels they might have chosen, the possible ways to meet them around or just to see them at their arrival at the Stadium on the following day. “I just hope there won't be too many fans around! I think they are more likely to go to Milan or Rome shows, since they're bigger and more interesting towns”

Yep I hope so too... Now that Perrie isn't with my love anymore I want to get the chance to meet him even more!” said Irene cheekily, and added “And I know it's the same for you with Louis! I'm sad about Elounor break up thought...”

Me too. Despite I like Louis, I kinda liked them together as well... I was rather shocked when the news came out!” I said “I guess that when you are in a long time relationship, you change along with the other person, and sometimes you unexpectedly take different roads...”

Yeah... Perrie and Zayn saud they were too busy with each others' bands... I was so glad she left him! She has to find other ways to promote Little Mix now...” Irene had a hateful note in her voice

You really couldn't stand her, ha?”

You can say that! Zayn is meant to be free so he can fall in love with me marry me and father my children”. I laughed so hard I almost had tears in my eyes: One Direction always made us cheerful.


We finally were at University bus stop, so we got off and waved goodbye.

See you in four hours for lunch!” I said as I started walking to reach the university library that was a few meters away

Yeah see you later chick!”





Two hours had passed, and I wasn't even able to finish studying the topic I started that day – I found it hard to concentrate – when I got a text from Irene.

< Hey I just can't pay attention to the teacher! So boring! And I'm way too excited Alice.. I just think about THEM <3 Why don't we give up on school for today' >

< Ahaha I totally understand! Exams can wait! When your teacher takes a break meet me at the main entrance ok? >

<Sure lady see you there in 20 mins >

I smiled and starting packing my things: two days without studying weren't too bad, I was preparing an easy exam and was quite relaxed. Maybe too much but I tried not to stress myself with no reason: I had many years ahead and wanted to survive them.


I spotted Irene's red hair as she came by to meet me, and we decided to reach one of our favourite places in Udine: a small pub where they served Guinnes (which I loved) and on Saturday nights live bands usually played.

While walking around Udine, we kept on speculating about the boys' hotel and couldn't help but to look around, probably because our inner selves wanted us to believe we could meet One Direction by accident.

We are so lucky Irene! The boys coming just in the town we live by! But I know I need to keep calm 'cause we'll hardly see them outside the concert...”

Yeah but.. Hope is strong, so don't stop looking around”


A few meters and tons of words later, we arrived at the pub and stepped into it. As we sat in our usual table we ordered two cokes without even taking a look at the other customers, which was quite strange since we both liked to stare at boys, but that day our conversation topics and full attention were all focused on one thing.

Twitter is still silent, no picture of them: they're nowhere to be found...” Irene informed me

We can take a deep breath then, okay? It'll be hard enough tomorrow night”” I answered with a big smile looking at my friend, who smiled back and pretended to meditate like an oriental monk.

Seriousness didn't really belong to us sometimes.


We were so busy talking that we didn't notice the tall guy approaching to our table and standing by while, before asking “Sorry, ehm... Do you girls speak English?”

We immediately turned our heads to face the guy with a deep voice: he probably overheard us talking about Twitter and stuff and assumed we knew English - unlikely the other people in the pub - , so we were eager to help him.


As we looked up, we caught our breaths.

Standing right in front of us, with a plain white T-shirt and skinny black jeans, there was Harry Styles.

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