I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


14. Chapter Fourteen

Louis was right underneath me as I started climbing down the other side, feeling really nervous thinking that someone could see us; I didn't even realise that I was wearing a dress, and Louis was not in a good position for me, but... All I cared about at that moment was no police running in there and arresting us.

“Louis move away from there! I gotta jump down” I said as I reached the lowest point of the gate where I could still place my feet onto and support myself in some way.

“Don't be silly it's too high for you, let me help you...” he replied, trying to grab me in some way so that he could have helped me coming down.

“But you jumped down! I can do that too. I know I'm a girl but I have hidden athletic skills!” I protested.

“Shut up and lean on me...” he insisted.

I've always hated people telling me to shut up, I always became immediately hostile as long as it wasn't a joke, but since it was Louis saying that I felt like I wanted to obey. And so I did.

He carefully tried not to touch my bottom – I smiled seeing how thoughtful he could be sometimes – and gently grabbed my thighs, his hands directly on my bare skin, supporting my whole weight with his arms alone; I immediately leaned on him with my hands on his shoulders, then I finally was with my feet down on the ground.

“Thank you, sir. But I could have done it on my own as well” I observed, still holding Louis.

“Yeah I know that, just wanted to act like a gentleman even though I am not one” he smiled.

I turned around and started climbing the many stairs we had ahead of us, when Louis mumbled:

“By the way, nice panties”

I went back to look at him turning my head in slow motion, only to see Louis' naughty expression for the thousandth time: annoying and lovely at the same time. That guy was the most beautiful pain in the ass I've ever seen.


We made our way up the huge stone stairway that led to the garden, there were about a hundred steps to climb, so I took it slowly from the beginning because I knew how long it was going to take; Louis chose to be a little too cocky and started climbing up at a really fast pace, and I laughed so hard when I saw him sitting down for a while a few steps ahead of me to catch his breath.

As I passed by him, I stuck my tongue out and kept on walking. After a while we both finally reached our destination, and I noticed Louis stood there for a while, admiring the big open space we were in: the so-called castle was at our right, dominating the whole space around with his imposing structure. A long and continuous stonewall surrounded the garden, and it was low enough to allow people to see beyond it, so that the view was interrupted just by the Alps, far away on the horizon.

“This is wonderful...” he mumbled.

I silently took his hand and gently brought him closer to the stonewall, so that we could see the whole valley from up there; the garden was about 500 feet wide and we walked across it in complete silence: I was really calm now, nothing wrong had happened when we went into the park - so I could relax, and the unreal peace around us contributed to slow my thoughts down.

Louis was taking deep breaths, inhaling the fresh breeze that was flowing up there, and for a moment I completely forgot we were in the middle of a town. All we could see were the short dark green grass covering the whole surface we were walking on, and the distant lights of other towns and villages scattered in the valley and, a little further, on the hills too.

We reached the wall and I let Louis go, placing my hands onto it and gazing at the outlook in front of us, then up in the sky, where very few stars could be seen because the city was way too lighted up. I looked at Louis, and he was just as amazed as I was: the low light of the street lamp near us made his perfect face even more perfect, giving him an angelic look that could have killed everybody with its beauty. I loved his profile, I thoroughly observed his jaw line, the way it led to his little chin, and my look unconsciously stopped on his lips. I was able to look away only when I realised those lips where now opening in a smile towards me, Louis being amused with my obsessive staring: we looked at each other smiling, then I shrugged my shoulders as if nothing happened.

We stared back at the panorama, and I tried to recognise some of the villages that were around the one I lived in: they all had their own bell towers, some of them were really peculiar, and even if it was dark we could see them clearly because of their own lights. I shared those things with Louis too, pointing at the places I was talking about, naming some of the mountains too, along with proverbs and sayings about them I used to hear when I was a little kid, like that the clouds of a certain shape on one of them surely meant that it was going to rain. I knew all of that useless stuff because I literally grew up there, and I always found it funny to share it with people from other places.

Louis listened to me the whole time, laughing from time to time and asking me for clarifications like a diligent student. Those were definitely the moments when I liked him most, when he was being himself, the self we fans didn't get to see much often.

“I wish I could take pictures... It's unique in here, I really like it. Breaking the law was a good idea after all” he observed as I finished my rambling speech.

“Yeah I must admit it was”


We went back in a religious silence, both of us being alone with our own thoughts, and I just kept repeating myself I shouldn't stare at him again, even though he was the eighth world wonder to me.

All of a sudden, I saw a movement with the corner of my eye, then two arms were next to mine, enclosing me: Louis was right against my back, holding me like that again, and I knew this wasn't going to end up well for me.

“It may sound stupid but I missed you” he whispered “I missed being so close to you”

“Bullshit. You just want to tease me...”

“I think you really have trust issues, my dear girl” he replied, tightening his hold and caressing my left arm with his hand. He was warm and soft, and I felt so damn comfortable in his arms, resting against his chest, that I could think of nothing else but staying in there for the rest of my life, no worries or problems bothering me at all. I closed my eyes and sank into the silence, while my body was sending me tons of different sensations and my brain was having a really hard time processing them all.

I felt Louis moving a little, and his mouth was on my cheek soon after: he kissed it really slowly, probably knowing that was already enough to start me up. I kept being completely motionless, with my eyes still closed, choosing to see what he was trying next, because I didn't want to give up that easily again.

Louis moved my hair away from my neck, and slowly went down to kiss it, following my jaw line first, then going down. No, not on my neck, no please. I lifted my head so that he could have more space, and I was really beginning to feel sick from all the pleasure he was giving me. I leaned on him with my whole body, fitting against him like a glove, following his movements and shivering at his touch on my arms and shoulders, his mouth not leaving my neck yet.

His hands then grabbed my waist while he kept kissing me, so that I was completely trapped in his strong grasp, not having the space or strength to move, and after a while he started moving them upwards, pressing them against my stomach with fingers wide open. I knew where he wanted to go with them, and I started longing for his touch as soon as I understood it: I pressed myself on his body even harder, arching my chest and breathing deeply. He quit kissing me and concentrated on what he was doing, and when he finally reached my breast with his hands I let out a suffocated moan, allowing him to go where very few went before. I lifted up my arms behind my head, caressing his hair, so that my chest was completely at his disposal, and I was literally quivering under his eager touch. I desired him so much and he always seemed to know what I wanted him to do, as if we already did those kind of things a thousand times before.

Louis gently caressed my breasts with his fingertips, touching them so softly I only wanted more and more; I leaned my head on his shoulder, causing him to apply more pressure on them and hold me closer, finally grabbing them with his entire hands and fondling them hard, filling me with desire.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I violently moved his hands away and turned around, seizing the shirt collar coming out from his jumper with one hand and pulling him hard onto me, finally kissing those lips I loved and hated at the same time. We shared a long passionate kiss, our tongues meeting and dividing again and again, and our bodies connected by that strong attraction we were experiencing. Louis wasn't sweet anymore: he wanted me just as much as I wanted him, and I could feel it from the way he was kissing me and grasping me, his hold always firm and tight.

As the urge increased, he placed his hands beneath my thighs, scooping me up with incredible easiness and putting me down on the stonewall just behind me, so that I could sit there and wrap his waist with my legs. I immediately felt his hard-on against me as he let my legs around him, both having another rush of excitation: Louis pulled me close to kiss me, then went down to rub my thighs, moving his hands up under my dress trying to reach for my hips. I widened my legs and slowly went down with my hand to his belt line; he stopped kissing me and stared at me with an astonished expression on his face, so I knew it was the right thing to do.

I delicately stroke his erection, moving my fingers up and down slowly and looking directly into his wide opened eyes: now it was his turn to give up, and he kissed me again, moving my hand away. I grabbed his back instead, and he reached my neck again, this time going down to my collarbones, tracing them with his mouth and tongue while moving my dress away and touching me in every single part of my body. After a while, I suddenly realised that he was no longer onto me, so I opened my eyes, but then I felt his lips on my bare skin, just below the skirt's border on my thigh, and he definitely seemed like he wanted to go up: he was slowly lifting up the dress and moving on the inside of my leg, almost causing me a nervous breakdown for all the sensations that was giving me.

I liked it so much but I wasn't ready to face something so powerful:

“Louis please stop or I'll die” I barely mumbled, caressing his head still down on my thigh.

“You sure babe? I won't hurt you in any way”

“I know I know, and I like it very much, but it's too much for me right now, I'm going to explode if you do something like that” I replied.

“Ok ok, don't worry”

I hoped he didn't take it as an offence, but I was terrified of what I was going to feel: that wasn't the right time and place.

“I'm sorry Louis, I... I didn't mean to be a bitch but... It's not that I don't want you too, I just... don't think this is the right place”

Louis came closer and hugged me, caressing my head while saying:

“Hey shut up, nobody's upset here ok? I enjoyed it very much anyway, everyone has his own rhythm so... I understand”

He smiled at me, and added:

“You were pretty good indeed” with his usual naughty expression.

“I didn't do anything! I was just under your spell, you did all the stuff and I...”

He shut my mouth with a sweet kiss, then we both laughed together.

“I... I really like you Alice, you know that? I mean... I'm not like this with everybody. You are able to... attract me in a powerful way, don't know why...”

“It's because I'm super hot, that's why” I said joking, pretending it was the most obvious thing on Earth. I was really overwhelmed by what had just happened and... I couldn't think clearly.


I stared into his wonderful eyes, feeling like we had been together for the past years, while our acquaintance was just a matter of hours. We both had just seen a really personal side of each other, and it was amazing to think that I wasn't afraid at all. I didn't feared him to make me suffer, I wasn't scared about him getting to know the real me, ours was a relationship with a predetermined deadline, we were both well aware of it, so there was no time for the usual mind games and tricks people play on one another: we simply wanted to be together for a while, share some happiness and then let each other go. This could only make me feel good and safe, knowing I could trust Louis probably more than any boy I met in my past.

I stretched my arm to reach for him, he understood it and got close, so that I could hug him: I've never felt so happy in my whole life.




** Author's note **
Hey everybody :D I didn't know if I should warn you in advance that there were some erotic scenes in this chapter, since this movella is already rated 'Y', but... let me know if I should do it for the future, ok? :D
thank you, bye! (:


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