I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


15. Chapter Fifteen

Louis and I spent the following minutes hugging and cuddling: it was like after sex cuddles, just without the sex. We both tried to slowly calm down from all the excitement and sexual frustrations we caused each other, and I was slightly mad at myself because I hadn't been able to let myself go with him: that could have probably been the only chance I had, but that thought didn't help me in any way, I've never been good at those kind of things and hated myself for it, sometimes. Especially in times like that one!

I really wanted Louis to take everything I could give to him, but I also knew I needed to feel completely comfortable about it, otherwise it would have ended up being a disaster.

He seemed to be understanding, and definitely treated me like nothing happened: well, not exactly, because we now sought each others' physical contact much more, finding it completely natural and normal too.

“How's it going babe?” he suddenly whispered, looking down at me.

“I'm fine. I'm super fine, let's say...” I replied, then added after a while “Seems like you know me really well”

“Why do you say that?”

“Don't know, it's just that... You knew what to do to make me go crazy, and when it was the right time to do it too... Doesn't happen that often” I admitted.

“I didn't think about it and planned it, I just did it” he smiled, slightly proud of himself “That's something that happens when you feel the other person, not just with touch but... with something that's deep inside of you”

“I love the way you come up with theories every once in a while...” I mumbled, lifting up my head and finally meeting his gaze, letting myself go in a huge and loving smile towards that nearly perfect human being that was making me feel the most powerful and strong girl in the world.

He looked at me for a while, then stroke my head and kissed me so sweetly my heart started racing again.

All of a sudden I felt a buzz coming from my purse, realised it was my phone but didn't care, I just wanted Louis never to leave me.

“Babe you should look at it, maybe it's Irene or one of the boys...”

I grunted when he unleashed me, but I soon knew he was right: Irene texted me to know if everything was ok, telling me they already were at the pub waiting for us. I checked the time and it was 3 in the morning: I totally didn't think it was that late already!

“You're right, they're out of the club... Wanna join them?” I asked

“Yeah don't want them to worry... Let's go sweetheart”

I pecked him on the cheek and we started making our way to the exit.






“Love birds are here!” Liam greeted us as we finally spotted them inside the pub and went to sit with 'em, laughing at the way he called us. Considering it was kinda late, there were many people around, and there still was loud music playing inside: I guessed it was some rock'n'roll band from the '70 – Black Sabbath or something like that – since that was definitely the kind of pub that used to spread that music.

Everyone was there with a drink in their hands: Liam, Niall and Harry all speaking and shouting, Zayn and Irene being a little quieter in front of them, but still joining the massive noise the other three were producing. Luckily the other people in there were screaming as well, otherwise they would totally be noticed, 'cause they were really really loud: alcohol sure played an important role in it. Louis and I sat down and we were immediately assailed by questions, which started from a general 'how are you doing' up to more direct ones such as 'what did you guys do', strangely coming from that little mischievous adorable idiot that's Harry. I knew I was getting all red on my cheeks, remembering what happened between Louis and me, and my tongue was literally stuck; Louis waited for Harry to finish his questioning, then just answered with a 'mind your own business', which probably wasn't the best thing to do, since all of them started making noises and faces at us. I laughed and looked at Irene, who was clearly observing my face in order to trace the tiniest clue about it, and I knew she would have found it: she knew me better than anyone else.

“Ok, so.... Let's move on then, we'll never get any info from Louis” Harry finally gave up.

“Thanks pal, you're not that stupid after all...”

“Fuck you Lou” Harry said smiling.

Niall patted him on the shoulder:

“You should know that Louis is a gentleman, he won't spit a thing”

Liam and Harry looked at each other, then at Niall, and they all finally burst out laughing, followed by Zayn who tried hard to hold his laugh but didn't manage to.

“All teamed up against me? Ok ok I'll remember this, don't worry” Louis angrily said “You should all start sleeping with one eye open”

“C'mon Lou just kidding! You know we love you” Liam immediately replied with a big grin on his cute face; Louis stopped wearing a frown on his face and laughed: it was unbelievable how much he loved to act out every time! His bandmates obviously knew it, but he would definitely be a hell of an actor.

He turned to look at me and gave me a cute smile, and I felt his hand seeking mine under the table, soon finding it and holding it tight: I wanted to hug him but didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Shit why was I always like that? I decided to get closer to him and slightly lean on his arm instead; he straightened up so that I could be more comfortable, and my desire to hug him increased even more. He would have been the perfect boyfriend, really.

“Did you guys have fun at the club?” He asked

“Yeah sure! It was really cool! We danced with no one bothering us, or taking pictures every two seconds... It was cool” Niall repeated, looking at Liam for confirmation.

“Yep that's right. It's been a while since I danced that much”

“There were nice girls to stare at, too” Harry stepped in, smiling, then looked at me and Irene before adding “starting from you two...”

“Aaaw so nice!” I screamed in a very high tone.

“You're such a cupcake!” Irene mocked him, and the boys laughed out loud. Zayn surprised everyone giving Irene a peck on the cheek, as a reward for her joke, and the rest of us started clapping hands like a bunch of idiots.

“Now it's you being a cupcake, Zayn!” Harry laughed, lifting his hand to receive a high five from Liam, who punctually did it. As a reply, Zayn placed his arm around Irene's shoulders, staring at everyone with a challenging look on his perfectly pencilled face.

“You better don't mess with Zayn, you should know that after all these years...” Louis observed.

Niall suddenly cut it all out and asked:

“Hey girls do you know if they still cook something in here, even if it's this late? I'd like to have some French fries...”

“Yeah I think so! We always come here for an after-midnight sandwich, so...” I replied, then suggested “I'll go ask, ok?”

“Thanks Alice! Ask for some Guinness too, would you? I'm an Irishman and I gotta keep up our good name”

I giggled and got up to reach for the pub counter, ordered and pointed at our table, then went back to sit down, Louis moving a little to leave some more room for me. I was almost leaning down to kiss him when I remembered where we were.

After a while or two, the air was filled with the smell of fried food when our order finally arrived, and Niall was not the only one being hungry: the five boys all threw themselves on it, starting a big fight over fries, Harry and Zayn contending one of them, the others arguing about what sauce to use, mayonnaise or ketchup. My best friend and I looked at each other in disbelief, then let out a loud laugh, almost with tears in our eyes: the show we were watching was a peculiar one!

When the food was over, the boys finally calmed down and sat back at their own places.


“What's up lad?” Zayn asked out of the blue, addressing himself to Liam, and we all turned to look at him.

He actually looked a little sad, his light brown eyes weren't as shiny as usual.

“Nothing guys, really... I'm just.. I'm just thinking that tomorrow we'll have to spend our whole day locked up in our hotel rooms, and I.. just realised we had a really good time tonight, probably for the last time during our tour, or at least here in Italy...”

“We know that Liam but don't let this put you down, c'mon. I would like to go out and do something too but we're not allowed” Niall tried to cheer him up.

“I'd like to stay outdoor too but we'll end up jamming all the traffic in the whole town, with fans running after us... That already happened” Zayn added, a slightly annoyed look on his face.

I suddenly had an idea, a crazy and silly one, but... It hit me and I was convinced it could have been a good one. I looked at Irene and we briefly spoke in Italian, so that the boys could not understand us. I wanted to explain my plan to her, and she immediately agreed with me, lending me her hand so that we could congratulate each other like we were used to doing.

“Hey what's happening between you girls? Don't play the 'we speak Italian so you don't understand shit' card ok?” Harry said.

“What kind of things would you guys do, if you could step outside from you hotel tomorrow?” I asked.

“I'd like to chill out everywhere except from our hotel, that's all...” Zayn replied.

“Something that doesn't involve screaming fans” Liam suggested, adding “It's not that we don't like fans, but... sometimes I'm really afraid I'm going to loose my sense of hearing”, and he frowned his eyebrows massaging his ears like a cute little child.

“What about some swimming and sunbathing where there's pretty much nobody?” I suggested.

The boys all turned to look at me with interested expressions, so I went on:

“There a nice place near where we live, that... basically there's a river and people all go there for some swimming. It's pretty much hidden among the hills, with plenty of place to lay down and swim too. During the week it's not much frequented, so...If you wanna spend your day outside, it could be a nice place” I concluded.

“It's not a beach or anything much cool but... we'll have it all for ourselves, that's for sure” Irene added. The boys looked at each other for a while, then Harry finally spoke:

“Ok I think it's perfect. Who's in?” and raised his hand. The boys all did the same without saying a single word, except from Zayn:

“No swimming for me but I really wanna lay down in the sun doing nothing”

“So it's planned! We'll have to inform our staff but... as long as we'll be in time for rehearsals no one can stop us!” Liam observed.

“We'll count on you girls then, for the road and everything else” Niall said smiling, but then suddenly his expression turned into a worried one:

“So you now have to drive all the way down to your houses, and then be back tomorrow morning, just to pick us up? And we'll all drive back to your towns?”

Irene and I both nodded, realising it was a little awkward but... we were bringing One Direction with us, that was enough.

“Why don't you sleep here, at our hotel? We have a whole floor reserved for us, so there's surely a room for you” Liam suggested, smiling, and the boys all nodded in agreement.

“That's true! You'll get your things on our way to the... to the river tomorrow morning” Louis said “And you won't waste time and fuel”

“Sounds right... I guess we can do that” Irene observed, and I agreed, already taking my phone out to text my mum, so that she wouldn't worry in the morning, not finding me in my bed.

“Perfect! I can't wait to see the bodyguards' faces when we'll take two girls inside!” Harry cheekily said, and we all laughed “Plus, I've never swum in a river before!” he added.

“Ok everyone, we could definitely leave then... We'll have to wake up pretty early if we wanna enjoy 'the river'! ” Liam exclaimed.

“Yep Daddy Direction, let's go!” Zayn replied, holding hands with Irene as soon as they were both up; we all slowly made our way to the door, the boys walking perfectly straight ahead despite the alcohol they drank, and we finally were outside. Louis grabbed my arm and let the others all pass by, so that we were the last ones of the group, then quickly kissed me, smiled and started walking normally again behind the others, without letting my hand go.

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