I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


18. Chapter Eighteen

The room was filled with bright sunlight coming from behind the curtains: I perceived it through my eyelids, so I decided to slowly open my eyes, wondering why my mum had opened my windows. She never did that.

I stared at the wall in front of me and a slight sense of panic hit me when I didn't recognize my room, no desk, clothes or posters around.

You idiot. You're in Udine. You met the boys yesterday. I didn't know why I addressed to myself while thinking but I always did it, as if someone else was talking to me. That's 'cause you're weird.

I met the boys! A smile spread across my morning face as I recalled their faces, their laughs and their words from the night before, along with the excitement for the day we were spending together ahead of us.

I started stretching my legs when I realised there was something warm a few inches away from my back, and slowly turned around, carefully trying not to hit him or pull the sheets too fast.

Louis was still sleeping, laying on his back, his head turned to my side of the bed, breathing silently at a regular pace, one arm bent touching his chest – the one that had held me most of the night –, the other one placed over his head. I could have observed his perfect peaceful face for hours, not even wanting to take a picture because I would have only wasted time and got distracted from that amazing sight. I just woke up near him and I already wanted to hug him, was that even possible?

My body was telling me it was, but I didn't want to wake him up too: the clock hanging on the wall told me it was ten to eight, so there was no hurry at all, and I kept looking at him while mentally preparing to get up.


All of a sudden Louis unconsciously moved his hand down and scratched his private parts for a while, then moved his hand up again like nothing happened, keeping his eyes closed the whole time. I couldn't help but burst out laughing, and tried to do it silently, my mouth covered with both hands, but the mattress was shuddering because of my attempts to hold my laughters, and after a while Louis slowly opened his eyes, smiling and rubbing one of them while asking:

“What's the matter babe? What happens?”

I calmed down and assured him everything was fine: he was still sleepy and didn't realise I was lying.

Sorry I woke you up, you were so beautiful sleeping”

You stared at me the whole time? You did not sleep at all?” Louis joked.

“No cutie I slept, I actually had a really good night, I was just awake from a few minutes”

“If you say so...” he smiled, and patted his chest, wanting me to place my head there, and so I did, squeezing him in my arms. I quickly kissed his shoulder and unwrapped him soon after, starting to move out of bed and go to the bathroom, but Louis immediately went to grab me, stopping me by the waist while I was sitting at the edge of the bed.

I laughed and caressed his hair, that was even messier now, but since he was not letting me go I complained:

“Louis please I need to pee!”

He laughed and finally unleashed his hold, warning me:

“Be back soon and don't try to escape from the window”

“You're not in the position to order me anything, sir”

“What did you just say to me?” Louis raised his voice, looking threatening but amused at the same time, then he tried to get up and run after me to catch me. I pretended to be scared and screamed, while running for shelter in the bathroom, slamming the door behind me and laughing out loud.

You'll need to get out for food!” Louis exclaimed from the other room, then I heard him laugh too.

That guy was crazy and I had so much fun with him, even during stupid and nonsense moments like that one, when most people would have got annoyed.

I'm gonna miss you so much when you're gone, Louis.








Liam, Zayn and my friend were already sitting at their table, in the restaurant, having a real tough English breakfast, and I looked at the boys' dishes all covered with bacon and eggs, wondering how could they possibly do that. My whole life consisted in coffee and cookies breakfast, and I couldn't accept that it could have been any other way than that.

“Good morning everyone! Someone's missing here...” Louis addressed himself to them.

“Yeah... Well, it was kinda hard to wake them up. Niall kept going back to bed, and Harry hid his head below the pillow” Liam laughed, and added “They should be dressing themselves, or at least I hope so...”

We sat down with them, Irene was having a tea while I just went for some dark coffee: the boys briefly told me and Louis about the chat they earlier had with some people from the staff – they told their names but of course I didn't know any of them – since they were awake for a while, and they seemed to be really happy about the fact they could have left with us for some fun outside!

I looked at Irene several times, observing her expressions to know if she was fine, and I totally realised she was staring at Zayn with such an intensity I've never seen in her eyes, and I mentally smiled at her behaviour, starting to guess what had happened between the two during the night.

She smiled too when she met my gaze, and I quickly winked at her before looking around hoping the boys where too busy with their talking.


All of a sudden, a loud groan came from beside the restaurant door behind us, and we all turned our heads only to see Niall coming in, followed by a slightly sleepy Harry Styles, the probable author of the noise.

“Sorry people I hit my elbow on the door...” he explained, making us laugh, and we moved closer to allow them to add some chairs and have breakfast with us. Despite the tiredness – and especially the hangover –, Niall and Harry soon were into the general excitement as well, and they started planning all games and other stuff they could have done outdoor that morning.

They were forced to be back at five p.m., the band would wait for them at the stadium for the soundcheck, and Liam already asked for someone to come pick them up, so that Irene and I shouldn't drive back to Udine for the tenth time in two days. We protested but the boys were firm about it, so we agreed to bring them at least to the nearest town, so that they could easily be found.

They all had a good breakfast, then it was finally time to leave, and I couldn't wait to get there: a beautiful place into nature, with amazing travel companions.

“We'll put our bathing suits on, ok? We'll be back in a couple of minutes...” Zayn informed us as the boys started heading upstairs.

“Niall don't forget the inflatable raft!” Louis said while entering the elevator, Niall being in the other one, and Irene and I questioningly looked at each other, wondering why a touring boyband should bring a rubber boat with them.

We stood in the reception, waiting for them, and I didn't ask anything because I knew Irene would have talked to me if she wanted to. And actually she turned to me after a while:

“I did it, Alice” she said, then tried to explain, after looking around to make sure nobody could overhear us “I... I was with Zayn in all possible meanings...”

My eyes lightened up as I grinned, already starting to speak and ask some questions because I was damn curious, but the elevator's doors opened and Zayn's wonderful face apperead. Irene hit me with her elbow, so I immediately shut up and smiled at him like nothing was going on.

“Why do you girls always shut up out of nowhere when boys appear?” he asked smiling.

We laughed and soon greeted the other boys, all wearing colourful swimming trunks, t-shirts and tank tops, carrying towels and a pair of backpacks with God knows what inside of them.

“Here we are babes, let's go!” Harry yelled, and the others exulted with him; Louis put an arm around my shoulders as we made our way outside, reaching for our cars. This time they chose to change a bit and Niall went with Zayn and Irene, bringing all the bags with him 'cause we hadn't much space now, towels being everywhere.

I started the engine as soon as we were all inside, told Louis to put on something appropriate on the radio, and finally left for what I could foresee would have been one of the best adventures ever.

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