I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


10. The meeting.

A/n: how are y'all liking the story so far?! Comment if you have suggestions! I would love to answer questions and such! Love yah my babes! :)❤
Since i didn't have practice today i was out of excuses not to go see harry. so I was walking down the hallway that I was suppose to meet Harry in when I was pulled into a class room. 

"You know we don't have to be so secretive if we get in trouble I'm sure I could get us out of it." I said looking at Harry. "So what did we need to talk about?" 

" I just wanted to say sorry for telling everyone... You know.." He said 

"It's fine now but I was just pissed before. You know I am actually a reasonable person when people come and talk to me." I said with a smirk.

"Well that's good to know." He said.then we heard yelling. 

"Looks like we aren't the only ones here." I said softly. 

"Shhh! And get down it sounds like they are coming in here." He whisper yelled at me. So I did. I don't know why I don't take orders from people. Just then the door to the class room burst open and we heard yelling. I mean they were not quiet at all. 

"Well it's not my fault you cheated on her!" Some girl said. It sounded a lot like...Keaton?

"Yes it is! Are you kidding me?! That whole story on how 'your car broke down and it needed fixing?!' Complete and utter bull shit!" And that voice sounded like my ex. Great so now me and Harry get to hear the story on why me and him are over. 

I silently cursed at the start of the story. Harry gave me a questioning look but dropped it and went back to listening.

Keaton said more quietly "I didn't force your little friend down there into me. That was all you." And even though I hate the bitch she had a point. 

"Aly was the best thing that happened to me you bitch!" My ex yelled. And there it is Harry looked at me with a look that said what the fuck?! And I gave a small smile. "I can't tell you how many great times we had and what I know about her! She didn't start here 4 years ago sh-" he got cut off by a teacher coming into the room. 

"What are you two doing here?! Get out now! And go to the principles!" The teacher yelled. And the three walked out. I let out a breath when the door clicked shut. "Fuck." I muttered. 

"So are you going to tell me what that was all about?" Harry said. 

"Umm.. Well.. You see.." 

" just tell me." He said. 

"Ok. I was best friends with that bitch Keaton in elementary school and we did everything together. But when we went into the 7th grade things changed I was going through my awkward phase and she had out grown hers. In other words she is as gorgeous as she is now and I had thick glasses frizzy brown hair and no make up. Anyways she started to make fun of me and once she did everyone else did because well she was KEATON. Then it got worse and emotional abuse turned into physical and by the end of eighth grade I decided I had enough. So I went out and got make up, new clothes, lost a couple of pounds, got contacts, and bought a hair straightener.  Then told everyone I moved to San Antonio from Dallas. And since I have my own house-which ill tell you about that later too - it worked out." I finished "oh and the whole cheating thing yah that was my ex he cheated on me with her.." I offered a smile. 


she offered me a smile when she was done and I just looked at her and finally said "so you didn't always look like this?" 

"Nope" she said popping the p

"Wow... It looks so natural." I said truthfully 

"Thanks.." She said then looked at the ground. I picked up her face by her chin and said "don't hide that face love it's too pretty.." Wow where did that come from?

She started leaning closer and so did I. We stopped millimeters away from each other. I couldn't take it anymore, I crashed my lips into hers. 


Our lips moved in sync. It was like fire works where going off and someone let a zoo run free in my stomach. It was perfect. Then the kiss got heated. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat me down on a science table. He then moved his lips to behind my ear and I moaned. That's my soft spot. I felt him smile against my skin then returned to my lips. He softly bit down on my lip asking for entrance and I let him explore my mouth. He then climbed up on the table and laid over me never breaking the kiss. We made out for about 5 more minutes when I broke the kiss finally realizing what was happening. 

I immediately apologized and said I had to go. I started walking out when he called me name. I turned around and he said "hey Garcia, party at my house tonight text me for my address" he said smirking

"But I-I d-don't have y-y-your number?" I stuttered. Shit I don't stutter? WTF? 

"Yes you do it's under 'Harry is sexy'" he winked and I walked out. How the hell did he get my phone let alone get into it.?

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