I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


2. Mystery boys?

A/N: sorry trying to figure this out the chapter will be up around tomorrow morning! Sorry!!


The whole class turned to look at us. 

"So what is it this time ms. Garcia?" Mr. Greco (a.k.a. My Head softball coach also known as mean home room teacher who secretly loves me) said flatly. 

"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean coach Greco..?"  I said truthfully. I had no idea what he was talking about.

" you don't have some made up story you would like to entertain us with today ms. Garcia?" He stated raising a brow. 

Oh now I know what he means! Every time I'm late I make up some excuse for it which he never buys but it always makes for a good laugh! 

" so you see sir, me and ms. Lindsay over here" I started pointing at may " went to grab our Dailey Starbucks when all of the sudden the car in front of us stops out of no where! Being the amazing driver I am try to avoid but to no avail. So I end up crashing into them! When out of the blue one direction pops out and start to serenade us and says we will fix your car! So they did but we were still late!" I finish the story with a dramatic pose and toss my empty Starbucks into the trash. 

Everyone starts to crack up. when coach says to settle down or we will get detention we all shut up and take our seats. when i realize that the new kids are still in out seats. i start to tell them that they are sitting in our seats but that's when I finally notice who the new kids were. Niall Horan and Liam Payne. From One Direction. 

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