I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


4. Another one?

I walked into biology to hear 'omg he's in this class!' 'Do think he will sign my boobs?!' ' I wonder if he will check me out!' And a bunch of other bull. 

I started walking towards my desk when I looked up and there is a crowd around my desk. Not again. I walked up to my desk and looked down at a boy with brown hair and a striped t-shirt on and said " you know I really don't know what it is with you one direction boys but you all seem to like MY DESK." I emphasized the last part. 

He replied with a smirk and a quick look down my shirt and said" I'm sorry love ill sit right here." He pointed to the desk next to mine. 

The first part of class was boring. And I was about to fall asleep until a note hit my eye. "Ow..." I said then opened the note

Wake up sleepy head! I need someone to talk to. -L

I looked at louis next to me and he was smiling. So I wrote back....

I am awake.. But that doesn't mean I will talk to you.-A 

I threw it back at him then tried to pay attention. I was getting my notebook out to take notes when another note hit me.

Ouch that hurt! I get the sense you don't like me. -L

It's not you as a person-A

Then what is it? -L 

The whole 'I'm in one direction so bow down to me' act. -A 

Talk to me at lunch-L 

What lunch do you have? -A 

I looked at him and nodded my head and said ok then went on with class..

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