Covered In Black

Alex Cooper is your typical teenage guy, except not. He's made himself an outcast at his public school and now he's being forced into private school by his religious family.


1. That's Just Great

                Alex Cooper was one of the most shut in teenagers in the world. He never went outside unless it was without a shadow of a doubt necessary.  Unfortunately attending his new private school was one of those mandatory occasions. He sighed tugging the black jacket over his orange dress shirt, he stepped back and examined himself in the mirror. He looked like private school prep, black hair with his bangs slicked straight up out of his hair, grey eyes hidden behind his black aviator sunglasses.

Alex had begged and pleaded with his parents to let him stay in his old school, sure he didn’t have many friends but at least he knew people there and wouldn’t have to face the social awkwardness when the other kids found out what he was. “Alexander if you don’t hurry you’ll make your father late for work” His mother called up the steps. “Ok Mom I’ll be down in a sec” he replied sparing his reflection one last glance and grabbing his black computer bag. His father was a pastor at a local church, and a well-respected one at that. Alex took the steps two at a time, as little as he wanted to go, he wanted to make his dad angry even less. He felt his new phone buzzing in his pocket, a compensation gift for forcing him to switch schools. He climbed into his father’s jeep and slipped the phone from his pocket, he had a new message on an online site he was subscribed to. This was going to have to wait. His parents didn’t need to know about his social life. The ride was silent as always, his father wasn’t much of a talker when it didn’t involve God, or religion. They pulled into the parking lot and Alex’s jaw nearly dislocated itself, fist off his parents had neglected to mention that it was a Christian school, and secondly that it was a boy’s Christian school. So this is what all the talk was about a better environment, Alex had recently confessed that he was an atheist to his parents. Well this was a fine mess he had gotten himself into this time.

                Damon Jacobs wasn’t exactly sure what the point of orientation was, most of the kids here had been attending  Saint Mary’s since kindergarten, but they had it every year for the few new student that would trickle through the doors looking anywhere from weary to excited. Being a senior at the school he had the wonderful responsibility of greeting the new students and helping them to the chapel. He put on a smile and welcomed the newcomers as the filed into the building.

 Just as every year they had the usual terrified newcomers and the over excited overly faithful group, one new kid stood out to Damon however, his jaw was clenched and his face was red as if he had just gotten into an argument. He stood out in Damon’s mind because every single thing about his body language scream I do not want to be here, I don’t belong here. It was just so atypical it made him wonder their school wasn’t known for stressing the religious factor, it was pretty laid back when you got right down to it. The guy brushed right past him following the stream of new comers. He was among the last and Damon managed to slip into the line behind him. He didn’t know why but he was just, interesting to him. He managed to sit next to the black haired teen, who gave no hint of even noticing the other teen was there. “Damon!” The brunette turned and smiled at Jackson sitting a few rows behind him. He had known the junior since they were babies and had always been best friends. He nodded his head in his direction and shooting  a smile over his shoulder.

 “So it’s Damon huh?” The black haired teen to his right commented, his voice was much deeper than he had expected from someone of his stature. Damon himself was only six foot and the other guy was a few inches shorter than him. He nodded, the other guy paused and looked him dead in the eyes. “Tell me something then Damon why’d you follow me?” He opened his mouth and suddenly his mind went blank,  the English language stopped making sense, his mouth ran dry. “Wha- What are you talking about man” He laughed, trying to play it cool, like he hadn’t actually followed him, observing the little details about him. He had no idea why he had noticed and stored the data in his memory, he just had. “I saw you, you’ve been watching me since I got here.” He stated coldly. Thinks were not looking god for Damon’s defense. He wanted to stand up for himself, to tell this punk he was wrong but, he couldn’t his nerves were failing him. “I’m pretty sure you’re wrong” Damon replied he can’t honestly be expected to be brave when his heart was racing like this. “Well before I start hallucinating you stalking me to find out my name, it’s Alex.” He cracked a smile at that, it was a nice one, not forced or awkward, just a smile. “So, Alex, are you always this upfront with everyone you meet?” Damon asked after a few moments of peaceful silence. He got a snort for that one “No, I’m the quiet shy guy usually.” He faced the front again as the principal began speaking to school. This year was going to be an interesting one alright.

                Alex typically wouldn’t have even looked at Damon, to him he should have been just another body sharing his oxygen. Yet, he had managed to knock him out of his little isolation bubble in the sky and he hadn’t been able to ignore him. The rest of the day had passed without event, he had been given a tour of the school, by a much less interesting student. And had received his schedule , he had no idea how classes were going to go at this rate. He had chosen not to continue the fight he had started in the car this morning. He didn’t need his dad confiscating his computer and cellphone. Speaking of which, he slid into his desk chair and booted up his desktop to finally read that message. Hello Alex, this is Chris. Remember from yesterday? Ah yes, Chris the creeper from the chat room he had been on last night. He must have forgotten to hide his friend code, well isn’t that just great. There was not law saying he had to reply though so he ignored the message. He then just sat at the monitor browsing the web not really thinking about anything until he wound up on Facebook. It was free and most teenagers were moving over to it anyways. He signed up and skipped all the find friend junk, he didn’t add people, people had to come to him. He grew bored of just sitting around doing absolutely nothing. He got up and announced he was going on a walk. About half a block away from home his mind wandered back to Damon, about how he alone had managed to start a conversation, without even meaning to. It’s as if Damon was the kryptonite that would knock him straight out of the sky. He doubted they would ever talk again though. That’s just the way Alex’s life went these days, if he wanted it, it wasn’t going to happen.  

                Alex had gotten home the night prior and had almost overslept, again he got up and put on his new school uniform.  He combed his hair leaving it flat today, his bangs hanging in his eyes only slightly. He walked out to the jeep again head resting against the window not looking at his father and instead focusing on his new schedule, albeit a little torn in places he still knew where he needed to be or at least he though he did. It’s hard to focus on a place you don’t want to be in surrounded by uninteresting people. He got out of the car without a word and quickly dissolved into the crowd of black and orange. Several wrong turns later it became pretty evident that Alex had no clue where he was going. He mentally slapped himself for not paying attention yesterday. He turned around once again severely frustrated with himself and the situation. “Alex?”  He froze and he felt his heart rate increase. “Oh yay stalker man here to the rescue” He smirked, unable to help himself. “I’m not a stalker ok, if anything you’re stalking me now” Damon shot back eyebrows arched in surprise. “How am I stalking you, I’m lost in this labyrinth you call a school”. Alex sighed massaging his forehead, he could feel the migraine coming on. “Well where do you need to be?” Damon asked walking over and snatching the crumbled piece of paper from his hands. “Biology huh?” Damon muttered looking around the hallway. Alex nodded grey eyes fixed on the teen before him.  “How about this room right here?” Damon asked spinning the younger guy around to face a door not three feet away. “Not a word” Alex grumbled hearing the smirk in Damon’s voice. “Me, pick on the freshmen? No never. Well have fun don’t get lost on your way out of the room. Some of the desk arrangements can get pretty tricky.” With that Damon retreated into a classroom a little further down the hall. Alex let out a sigh before he opened the door, since when did walking such a short distance make his legs feel so weak?

                Damon slumped into his chair, it was definitely easier to breath now that he had taken a few steps away from Alex. He had felt frozen for a split second like he was breathing in ice water. This wasn’t like anything he had ever felt before in his life. He really didn’t know how exactly to describe the way this felt or why it only was happening around Alex. It was really starting to bother him, he knew this feeling yet he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Damon groaned and buried his face in his arms. He really just needed to get Alex out of his head, it had been bad enough he had been in his dream last night but now he was beginning to get distracted around him in school as well? It was too much.

                Alex hated this school even more now. At least at his old school the teachers could have a sense of humor and there were girls he could pretend to like. Here it was cut and dry by the book education, at least when it came to science classes. He was zoning out again he could only take so much monotone lecturing for one period. He began thinking about Damon again, about how he could make him smile so effortlessly. It was maddening, Alex didn’t do chit chat, ever. So what was different about this guy? He had felt this way before but, that had been different he had known the person a lot longer than he’d know Damon. But it had all the same signs. Which wasn’t exactly a positive thing, and admitting what he was here would be about a hundred times worse than it had been in public school.  Admitting you’re gay is one thing, admitting it in a Christian school was another monster entirely. Besides, Damon probably wouldn’t ever feel the same way judging by where he went to school and all. No point in sticking his neck out for no reason and having his dad find out on top of everything else. Alex was definitely going to pass on that.

                When he got home Alex was surprised to see he had a few pending friend requests on Facebook. The majority of them were kids he knew from his old school, but one stood out to him. Damon Jacobs. He blinked, hard, several times. After deciding it was probably the Damon from school, or a body snatcher, he shrugged and clicked accept. It was just a friend request, no harm in letting Damon see what he posted about. He actually might get off his back when he saw what he was like outside of school. This was fine by Alex, the less awkwardness and the less heartbreak he had to suffer. And that was never bad things in his opinion. Even so Damon had been able to do something he had always secretly wished would happen. He had managed to break through his shell and force him to make the first contact. It’s the one thing Alex had always wanted someone to be able to do and it seemed Damon was that one thing. 

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