From #1 Fan to #1 Girl

Jade's cousin Niall Horan from One Direction invites her to go on tour with them, and he introduces her to the rest of the boys, and to someone who never knew she existed up until now, someone who means the world to her. Jade has always been a fan, but never thought that they would end up meeting and falling in love. For 5sos fans too xx


1. Introducing Jade

Hi, i'm Jade, i'm 15 years old, and live with just my mum, in a small town in the UK. I guess i'm quite an average girl, brown eyes, dark red hair, fairly small. Oh, and Niall Horan from One Direction is my cousin.  Although i've never actually met any of the other boys from 1D, we've all talked on the phone and been introduced on video chat. Me and Niall haven't seen each other since they finished their Up All Night tour, which feels like a lot longer than it has been, as they were now getting ready to kick off their Take Me Home tour at the O2. I am so proud of Niall, and hopefully i'm get to see him at some point. I can't wait to find out who their opening act is, too. 

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