Everlasting Love~A Niall Horan Fanfic

Mikeala Brown is 18 year old hockey player from Ontario, Canada. One day, Mikeala and her BFF, Nevaeh, go to the mall. There, she runs into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and his 4 friends. Was it love at first sight? Will they fall in love? What will happen in the future?


4. VIP Tickets and Backstage Passes

Everything is dark. I hear voices, but I cant see anything. They dont sound like familiar voices. I cant tell who they are. Wait....I see a light. I can see!!! Well not anything yet. The lights are so bright. I-I-I see someone!!! I see.....5 boys? I dont know them. One has blonde hair, you could tell it was bleached, and blue eyes. He looks like the guy off of the billboard!!! And another one has black hair with little streaks of blonde. He looks like a badass. Then another has brown hair and he is hugging a guy with really curly hair and really cute dimples. Then the kast one has a little bit of hair. But....where's Nevaeh?


"Hey Doctor!!! Shes waking up!!!"


The blonde one yelled at the doctor. He has an Irish accent. That must be Neil. Wait... NIALL! Thats Niall! Then they must be the other guys...I dont know their names though. All I know is one is named Niall and another one is named Zayn.Theyre from.....One Direction!!! But why is a famous boy band at the hospitol with ME?? Wait....that why there was a mob of girls!!! They were trying ti get close to One Direction. They must of saved me when I fell into the fountain....its just....which one saved me?


I need to find Nevaeh...I'll just ask Niall.


"Are-are you Niall?" I asked. God I hope it was him.


"Uhhh...ya. Ya I am. And you are?"


Wow. His voice was just...amazing.




"Well Mikeala. Nice to meet you. You probably know the names to these fine lads, so I wont need to introduce them. Am I right?"


"Actually. You arent. I only know your name and that one is named Zayn. Thats it." I was so embarrased. My cheeks were bright red.


"Oh...well thats OK. Well this is Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam."


"Oh. Hi guys."


"Hello Love." Louis said. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.


Harry slapped him.


"Louis!!! I thought you loved me!" I laughed a bit.


"No Harry I do its just that-"

"NO Louis. You broke my heart. YOU BROKE MY HEART!!!" He ran across the room and sat in the corner.


By that time everyone was laughing. I could tell he was too.


"Uhh Niall. Do you know where my friend Nevaeh is? We went to the mall together...but I dont see her here."


"Well, we contacted your parents and they said they were going to tell her your here. That was about an hour ago so she should be here-"


"MIKEALA!!!!!" I heard Nevaeh yell my name and then run into the room.


"Now" Niall finished.


"Your OK!!!" She ran over to me and hugged me.


"Ca-cant-br-bre-breathe!" I was struggling to speak, well in that matter BREATHE, but Nevaehs grip was too tight!!


"Oh sorry. She let go of me, finally and turned around to see who else was in the room. Uh-oh.




"One Direction!!!" Zayn yelled!!


"AHHHHHHH!!!" Nevaeh squealed.


She ran up to Zayn, her ultimate celebrity crush, yelling his name. He opened his arms yelling her named that he had just learned literally 1 minute ago. They gave each other a huge bear hug.


Harry was the next to speak.


"Well, we had better getting going loves. We have a concert tonight. Im guessing you fine ladys dont have tickers, am I right?"


"Well, yes...yes you are," I said, since Nevaeh isnt able to speak.


"Well, it seems I have 2 VIP tickets and 2 bcakstage passes with me here today. You wouldnt want them would you?" Harry said, passing the tickets and passes to us as he did.


"REALLY!!! OH MY GOSH!!! YESSSSS!!!! THANK YOU HAZZA!!!" Nevaeh screamed so loud I bet my oarents could hear her. She ran up to Harry and gave him a bug hug and a kiss on the cheek. 


"Excuse me miss. There has been some complaints from some of the other patients. Could you please keep the noise level down?"


"Oh yes. Sorry Doctor"


Nevaeh was so embarrased. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. Once he left, I couldnt help it anymore. I started laughing my head off, so did the other boys. Nevaehs cheeks were dark red.


"Well Harry, Liam. Zayn, Louis I think we had better keave now. Would you girls also like to join us for breakfast tomorrow morning?" Niall said.


"Uhhh sure. I dont think we have anything planned. Right Nevaeh?"


"Yup. But where would we sleep?"


"You could stay at the hotel with us!" Louis yelled.


"Then its a deal." Nevaeh said.


"OK Starbucks at 930am. See ya there. Bye!!" Niall and the boys said, and with that they left.


Nevaeh's POV:


Holy CRAP!!! I get to go to a One Direction concert, go backstage, stay at a hotel with them and go for breakfast with them all in 2 days!!! And I got to hug Zayn!!! Its like a dream come true!! The boys left and so did we. Them we went to the hotel, got a hotel room and got ready for the concert.







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