Try to save you (One Direction)

This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book


1. Prologe



   Hi guys my name is Acacia Tomlinson (think of her as Acacia Brinley). I have red hair with crystal ocean blue eyes with golden flecks on them, I also have dimples which I love. I am 19 years old. I live in England with my best-friend, Vielka. And yes I know "OMG BUT DOESNT ONE DIRECTION LIVE THERE?!?!?!" yeah they do I like them. Also when I was 5 five I remember having a brother but whenever a memory of us comes his face looks blurry. But my mum gave me up for adoption because she couldn't handle me. But before my mum could give me for adoption me and my brother decided to get matching charm bracelets which I NEVER take of it's really pretty he has the same but in green mine's in red for love. But I get bullied so I cut. Nobody knows.




Sorry it isn't going to be about kidnapping anymore I wanna do a love story.

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