Try to save you (One Direction)

This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book


4. Oh My God

Vielka's POV 

OMF she just had a mental breakdown and her hands were glowing oh no it's time. I have got to tell her sooner or later about It. I knew her mom before she left Acacia in the adoption center her mom gave me her powers and told me that when Acacia turns 18 that she already did she would become the most powerful one of all and her brother would be third in line cause im second. And also that I know who her brother is not to be a spoiler but it's Louis and I know that I shouldn't be doing this putting them two together cause Acacias gonna get really mad and her powers will unleash.Okay enough with stories let's go back to the present. Okay we where on our way to the backstage area. And a body guard asked for our passes we shoed them to him and passed right thru him. And once we passed some curtains there they were all looking at us. I saw Louis i looked at his arm and he had his bracelet on. I went to him grabbed him and went to a corner where I knew they couldn't hear us. 

"Louis do you know what u are" I asked in hope

"Yes im a wizard im the third of the most powerful" He told me non-hesitantly 

"Okay im the second most powerful do you know who's the first most powerful" I asked hoping for him to know.

"My sister" He says kinda sad

"Wait don't be sad I have something for you" I said happily her looked at me 

"And no it isn't carrots it's something even better" I said extra happy but his grin turned into a Cheshire cat.

"Look" I said and pointed to Acacia and her arm once i saw Louis he was shocked and crying. 

"But Louis once you tell her that your her brother and show her prove she will get so mad that all her powers will be unleashed and that is exactly what we need" I told him. And with that eh left and I behind him.

Louis POV

   Here goes nothing.

"Acacia." I told her 

"How do you know my name" She said kinda creeped out.

"Cause it's me your brother" I said and put my bracelet 

"Oh my God" Acacia said

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