Try to save you (One Direction)

This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book


2. Bullies

Acacia's POV

The picture of me is in the top that's me. But my eyes are crystal blue it's just that it changes color when I have a headache. I was walking to school and once I was in  the front of the doors i went inside and that time my bullies came to me and dragged me to a corner of the school they thru me to the ground.


"Hey whore how have you been lately" said one of my bullies named Mark he was my boyfriend but I noticed that he only wanted me for sex I didn't let him take my V-card so now thats why he's with the gang that bullies me. 

"You are so going to regret not answering me you little, whore, ass, bitch" He yelled at me while kicking me and punching I was already seeing black but it faded away cause they left me there thrown in the floor all bloody

  I stood up but I felt a huge pain on my ribs so I went home limping and once I got home I ran to the bathroom and got my blade ad by only the sight of it I smile.


Fat *cut*

Slut *cut*

Whore *cut*

three new cuts i was satisfied with myself now I bandaged them and when I got out Vielka came in our shared apartment. 

"Hey Acacia guess what?!?!?!" Vielka said super happy

"What" I said fake smiling

"I GOT US 2 TICKETS FOR THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT AND MEET AND GREET TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said and we both jumped up and down in joy. I know I said I hated them but they saved my life and also did Vielka. Cause first I was going to do it but when I heard the song "What Makes You Beautiful"  I  believed it and second when I was also about to do it while listening to the song Vielka walked in and noticed so she ran to me took the blade, pills, and rope from me and hugged me and assured me that everything will be fine. 



So sorry that this chapter sucks but Im doing the best I can


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