A Best Friend's Guardian

Harley could always count on her best friend Lizzy to not let her text and drive.
And Lizzy would never text Harley if she knew she was driving. Lizzy's married to Louis Tomlinson and goes along on tour with One Direction. Harley is engaged to Harry but she has to stay at home because they're not married yet. But what happens when Harley gets in a car crash over a text that Lizzy sent when she didn't know Harley was on the road? What will Lizzy do without her? What will Directioners do when concerts have to be rescheduled? What will Harry do without the love of his life? And what miracles happen when you think it's all over? Characters: One Direction/ Harley Styles/ Lizzy Tomlinson/ Makayla Lane /Paul Higgins/Lou and Lux Teasdale


10. Tell You The News

    Harley's P.O.V.


                                     Harry and I have been keeping this secret for about 2 months now. We've decided that today we would go to the hospital today and see what gender the baby is so that we could tell everybody. We got out of the car and Harry grabbed my hand. I had seen my belly growing a little. So has Lizzy and Makayla. I just say I eat a lot. They believe me because of all my food cravings. We stepped inside and the doctors took us to a room. I laid down on the bed and they hooked me up to a bunch of stuff to me. Harry sat in a chair beside me and held my hand. They rubbed cream all over my belly and our baby popped up on the screen. I felt a happy tear roll down my cheek. Harry caught it and kissed my cheek. I could see tears in his eyes. We have a little Styles. "Aw look. It seems you guys have a little baby girl. Congratulations," she smiled. "I have a baby girl. We have a little girl. I'm a little girl's daddy," Harry kissed me. "I'm mommy," I whispered. We left the hospital and went to the hotel. It was a new hotel. We were in America now. We told everyone to come into our hotel room, so they did. "Okay guys, well, a little girl's coming," I hinted. "Oh yay! Lux!" Lizzy cheered. "Nope," Harry smirked. "Then who?" they were confused. I looked at Harry. He nodded. "We're pregnant!" I threw my hands up. "Really?!" Lizzy stood up. I nodded excitedly. She attacked me in a hug. The boys cheered and basically attacked Harry. Then me. "Okay guys. She does have my baby in her stomach," Harry warned. The boys let go.  Louis put his arm around Lizzy. "We are too," he laughed. "Really?" my eyes widened. She nodded. "Yay!" I cheered and hugged her. 



                              Lizzy's P.O.V.


                                          After we got back from Harley's room, Louis called Modest Management! "Hello, can I speak to the boss?" he spoke into the phone. I sat on the couch nervously. He was going to tell management about my pregnancy. Harley and Harry were doing the same i their room. "Um.. my wife..is um.. she's pregnant with my little boy," he rubbed the back of his neck. "Um okay. Okay. Okay thank you. Bye," he hung up and looked at me with sad eyes. "They said you have to go home so you're not a distraction. One month from now," he broke it to me. I started crying. He held me close to his chest. "So they're going to send your 2 month pregnant wife and her also 2 month pregnant friend home away from their husbands where the have to take care of each other?" the concept was just to unbeliveable. He nodded. "I'm scared," I confessed. "I know, baby. But you're going to be okay"



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